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The Second Official AMA has ended, and I here bring you some of the information that was dropped in there!

Let’s start with the matter in hand, the very next event we will have, Legends Assemble. The event will center around Attuma and his minions coming to attack from Underwater! That side we have so unprotected! Something serious will happen, because Director Fury decides to take action himself, using the Helicarrier, and along with our teachers and instructors, Odin and Hank Pym.
The confirmed selection of recruitable characters it’s just… unbelievable:
Fury, Odin, Frigga, Hank Pym, J.A.R.V.I.S and… Leader.
Besides them, Peggy Carter will return to join the action, with a more comfortable Uniform and outfit for herself, and Hulk will use his brain this time… and become Bruce Banner, Finally!

That’s all for the upcoming event, but there was still some pretty good information about the Game as a whole:

-Regarding Dating, they still very much want to do it, but they wanted to give first a much Bigger selection of characters for players to pair others up with. Hangouts will be the first step to it, but someday it will happen.

- Sadly, they can’t make any promises on things like the X-men and the Fantastic Four. They can’t make any promises because they are very uncertain about those materials. However, they won’t say it’s completely Impossible.

- Mandarin might turn up to be a Really big deal, since he has in his hands (or fingers) something important regarding the truth of the Academy, and might know something on Fury.

- Confirmed characters for the future! Some of the characters you might want will totally show up later on, but some of them are just hard to figure out where the hell to put them. But some names like Gwenpool, Speed, Beta Ray Bill, Howard the Duck and more have been confirmed!

- Confirmed events! They can’t disclosure much information here, however some things Have been confirmed, like an Agents of Shield event, a Runaways Event (Mixed with another team/occurrence), and other stuff related to upcoming movies too, like the Guardians of the Galaxy 2, or Spiderman Homecoming!

- They gave a pretty firm answer to this… when asked if people like Red Skull would be recruitable, Allen Warner said ‘Not Red Skull’. I have nothing against truly evil villains like him and Carnage staying in their cells forever, but I hope they do free people like Kingpin or Hi-Vo who aren’t 100% Evil!

- New Zones will be added later on, after we reach the Thor Zone, and they have figured out how to not make our phones explode, with a Storage for Characters in the work bench.

- Speaking of which, new features being worked on, like this Storage system, a way to organize the Inventory better, a Search Bar for the Database, a button to immediately store all the Non Story Decorations and Buildings and have our Schools clean to Remodel, and more!

That’s some of the things that were discussed there, you can totally go and see for yourselfs if you want, and check for more stuff I might have missed or purposely avoid to keep the secret– (I added most stuff I remember though).
Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/avengersacademygame/comments/61be3u/welcome_to_our_legends_assemble_ama_start_posting/

Hope you’re all as hyped as me! Let’s all do our best during this last Week of Monsters Unleashed, and in that upcoming amazing event!

Surprise (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which Bucky takes you by surprise while you’re walking home from class. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,289

A/N: Well here it is! The first deleted scene from “A Lesson in Love”. I imagine this happening some time between “The Unintentional Run-In” and “The Little Things (Part One)”. I hope you babes enjoy it! 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

@avengerstories - thank you, as always, for editing this like the beautiful queen you are.

Originally posted by coralineseye

The sun is nowhere to be found when you finally get out of class. In your eyes, this is the sole downfall that comes with winter - day turns into night while you’re stuck in a room with a professor who really loves the sound of his own voice.

Instead of thinking about the excessive amount of homework Professor Loki had assigned at the end of class, you tilt your head back and look up at the stars decorating the night sky. Tonight, they’re the only things keeping you company on your way back to your dorm. As soon as this thought crosses your mind, your slow stroll becomes a speed walk. You’ve attended enough of Natasha’s self-defense classes to know that being a female and walking alone at night is the worst combination imaginable. You’ve also heard more than your fair share of horror stories to know that this has a high possibility of ending badly.

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대세는 백합 (Lily Fever)
↳“There will always be people that don’t like us.  Don’t mind them and do what you can, when you can.”

I have really bad pareidolia - hearing imagined patterns in white noise. I constantly hear things that don’t exist. I sit up lots of nights, listening to these phantom sounds in my fan. 

I brought it up to my therapist yesterday, because I was hoping for some sort of ‘trick’ to ignore it and go to sleep, and you know what? Apparently, most people hear music or rhythmic, repeating phrases. Nice, gentle, calming type things. She said it’s very normal and there’s nothing to do about it, and just sit back and learn to enjoy it.

Then I informed her that I don’t hear music; I hear the screams of the damned. Shrieking, moaning, hollering, bawling… eerie screeches of agony and fear all night. The occasional voice that comes through is not… necessarily pleasant.

My therapist said - and I quote: “That’s not okay, dear.” Then she suggested that i get rid of my fan because, “you never know when you’ve accidentally opened a portal to Hell until it’s too late.” (I love my therapist, btw)

I bought a white noise machine on my way home, and now have a fan up for sale.

Anyone interested? :)


I’ve noticed something about us INTPs, and that is that we hate to listen to other people. Oh, I don’t mean in a conversation, but I do mean that we don’t like people telling us what to do, and that can get us into trouble.

The thing is, we have very intelligent brains. We know lots of stuff. We enjoy gathering information, and we usually have pretty sharp memories and long retention spans, so we think we are just IT. We’ve arrived.

Because of this, when it comes to “real” life, we struggle with listening to the advice of people who know what they’re talking about. Like parents.

See, having a lot of theoretical knowledge is good, but it is not the same thing as having a lot of experience, which we INTPs are usually somewhat deficient in. So, when we do stuff, we like to figure it out ourselves, but sometimes someone will see that we’re doing it wrong and want to help, and we just about bite their heads off because we enjoy doing things our own way.

And, yes, people should be courteous and understand that this is our learning style. But for goodness’ sake, guys! We need to be courteous, too. We must never expect everyone to understand that we prefer the trial and error method. Most people would rather just have to do something once so that they can get it done, and so when someone is giving you advice, they’re probably in this mindset. Yes, maybe they should try to realize that you want to understand how a thing works, so you don’t mind doing it wrong a few times. But that is never an excuse for brushing off well-meaning and kindly given advice.

Maybe it’s okay to take the advice of others now and then. It can help us to be more self-controlled, if nothing else.


The Coos County Fair in Myrtle Point, Oregon, was a popular celebration, lasting a whole week.  14-year-old Jeremy Bright and his friend went to the fair for the whole week. Jeremy lived approximately 100 miles away in Grants Pass, however his mother permitted him to attend, and he travelled down and stayed with his stepfather.

On 14 August, 1986, Jeremy called his mother from the fair and informed her that he was enjoying himself and she informed him that she would be driving down in two days to pick him up and bring him home. He was later seen at a local bar owned by his grandmother at approximately 9:40PM. His father was in the bar and Jeremy asked for some money. This was the last time Jeremy was ever seen.

Two days later, his mother drove to collect him, however he wasn’t at his stepfather’s house where they had arranged to meet. His mother discovered his house keys and his wallet and she immediately became concerned. A number of rumours about the fate of Jeremy were circulating the town - from running away to becoming the victim of something more sinister. The whereabouts of Jeremy still remains unknown.

It’s kinda interesting to note that all the trophy names in Until Dawn are all a play on the names of horror movies:


WILHELMINA “Billie” ZAMORA for @roseoakmoonsims

So, I’ve had her finished look sitting on my desktop for probably a better part of a week. Sorry, love. Also I didn’t realize how much I use my sliders until I tried not to use them at all [I MAY* have used a couple of eye sliders but when i took the sliders out of my game to test what she would look like, she looked pretty much the same!] I don’t remember her traits, but you can fiddle with those however you like!

Private download ~❤ || As a note, please feel free to tweak her however you like when you get her into your game, Rose.

Under the cut is just a piece of what Billie is like as a character. Enjoy!

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Title: ‘Vices’ - Chapter 3 ‘Choke’
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: IgNoct (Noctis Lucis Caelum x Ignis Scientia)
Rating: Explicit (breath play)
Word Count: 4250

Prompt: “What would you do if I choked you?” “Moan.”

A/N: This is the third chapter of my story ‘Vices’. Chapter 1 can be found here, and Chapter 2 can be found here. Please enjoy!

Dressed in dark grey slacks, a light grey sweater - which covers a black button up shirt and dark grey tie, Noctis enjoys an informal dinner with his father, the head of state of the Cleinge region, and various other dignitaries. Noctis had been told that dinner would be served promptly at 6pm, so he had arrived at 5:30, knowing that it would please his father. The ‘adults’ had yet to finish discussing matters, dinner turning into dessert, and then after dinner drinks and cigars. Noctis wants to excuse himself, but he knows that if he does, his father will immediately be at his throat, so he keeps an interested look on his face, as he listens to people he knows he’ll be interacting with more on a daily basis in years to come. Too bad his mind is only on one thing at the moment, which is causing him difficulty to concentrate on anything that someone says to him.

He looks at his watch as casually as he can, holding a cigar in one hand, and a brandy in the other. He sees his father give him a stern glare from across the room. Of course he’s been watching him like a hawk. Ever since that news story, he’d been pestering him to see the girl again, as it brings him such joy to see Noctis out having fun. That had caused a rather horrendous shouting match, Noctis still simmering at the thought of it. He’s tired of his father meddling in his affairs, and would prefer to just be left alone. But no - as his only son, he’s got a role and duty to fulfill. That thought has him taking a long sip of his brandy, following it with a puff on his cigar.

“Thank you for an pleasant evening, Father.” He goes over to the King of Lucis a half hour later, wishing that he could have gotten away sooner. “It has been rather eye-opening.”

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just once ax would like to come back to the scoop without finding marco doing something weird

(i haven’t been drawing ax as an andalite in a while so here’s a doodle dump)


Cannabis Corner | The Future of HEMP in 2017. YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/fortysixtwounityshift

Cannabis Corner is a series made for the open minded out there who enjoy positive and thought provoking information to question the current taboo of HEMP or CANNABIS.

170127 Baekhyun commented on his Instagram post

“There is lots of fine dust around, so everyone just stay at home today!

“Today I am eating until my stomach is bursting… It’s difficult to breathe”

Sehun also commented

(formally) “Are you at home?”

(informally) “If you only stay at home you will become lethargic so you should go out and enjoy the fresh air as well”

(informally) “I’m just seeing the video now but what’s up with your expression?”

“The Gods are not picky in who they choose to do their bidding.”

While in between work and commissions, I’m going to be heavily working on my greatest personal project, Eidolon. I plan on working it into a graphic novel/comic, and I hope you are all interested in the fun I have in store ahead!

As a little taster, I am preparing images of Eidolon with some basic information.

Eidolon pt 1.

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anonymous asked:

i dont know what dtmg is but i saw u tag something with it and my brain auto-completed that acronym with "down to meet dogs". just thought u would enjoy this information. U●ᴥ●U

a much more wholesome item ✌️


tbh I have a serious case of JOMO or Joy of Missing Out– I like making plans, but I love cancelling them even more.

You want to share all of my private information with friends and family? Hope you enjoy having no information at all.

So here it goes. I met this girl in January of this year. We hit it off, and got along great. The mental, emotional, and physical chemistry was there, and everything seemed peachy. Fast forward a few months, and the true nature of her being comes out. She starts flipping out at me for hanging out with my other friends even ONCE a week, she refused to allow me to have any time at all to myself, she starts saying very mean things about quite a lot of people, and to top it all off, she was a pill popper and alcoholic, both things she lied about, because I’ve had trials and tribulations with those things in the past, and don’t want to be around people like that. And she knew this. To top it all off, she was extremely rude to damn near everyone, and I was trapped because no one wanted to see her, but they wanted to see me, and I had to choose between her wrath for chilling with people, or sit there in agony as she gets f*cked up and says terrible things about people I care about. I don’t enjoy the company of people that are mean for no good reason like that at all, and I decided that it would much better for me to just be single, because I didn’t want to run the risk of her negativity bleeding into me.

Needless to say, she did not take that well. I had an account on her Mac that I used occasionally, and she knew the password. Here’s where things get f*cky.

Since she knew the password on my account, the the day after we split, she went on it and started sending VERY lewd messages and my nudes to everyone that was in my contacts, including my mom and dad (those were very awkward conversations, believe me), because she had access to everything on my phone.

I knew what she was doing, so I went into my account and booted her computer off it asap, because that is just not right. This was two weeks ago. About 30 minutes ago, I noticed MORE texts being sent on my behalf, and these are even worse than before. At this point, all my friends knew what kind of person she is, because they all know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t do or say anything even close to what she was sending. I changed my password as well, but she had access to the app I use to manage my passwords, and used the new one to log back in.

At this point, I am fuming. She is blatantly disregarding my privacy, and is just trying to ruin my relationships with everyone I care about, so I decide enough is enough. I went on find my iPhone, and located her Mac, because she signed back into my iCloud account.

I noticed a button that says, ‘erase Mac’. When I saw this, my heart fluttered, because I finally saw a way to end the madness. Basically, I wiped the ENTIRE computer of all of it’s data, and also put a passcode on it, so that she can’t even get back into her bricked computer, until she contacts me for it. Now she is stuck with a very expensive paperweight, and I can rest easy because she can no longer try to wreak havoc with my relationships, or have access to my private information and passwords.

I have never done anything like this to someone, and I can’t help but feel that I am going to get some form of karmic payback for it, but damn, does it feel good to finally get back at her for what she did, and then some.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious since a lot of artists have differing opinions on this - when someone commissions you, do you get irritated if they give you a lot of information on the character (including their backstory, personality, etc), or do you appreciate it? I would think it would help to determine the character's pose/body language and expression, but I can also see why some artists wouldn't enjoy picking through the unnecessary information.

Learning about a character’s personality can be just as helpful to an artist wanting to bring them to life as physical descriptions. Remember, as far as character design goes, the latter should always bring out the former. Backstory is less necessary. Unless their past is directly relevant to their look, like a scar, haunted eyes or a facial expression that reads “Bring it on.”

In general, I prefer too much information than not enough, but if you’re worried about irritating someone else, I guess just keep in mind what’s useful or not?