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Hi, I really love your blog, i have one question to ask you, when zayn was in the band, he spent time with his family and friends. And now nothing, we only get staged pic or photoshop pics with his beard. I mean he did not lose all his friends. I do not believe he only hangs out with his team or gigi. He does not look like someone who is free.


Thank you! Flattery will get you everywhere with me, honestly? I mean, define what you think is “free”. I think its pretty obvious at this point that Zayn’s got issues with Sony (at the very least, promotionally), including the fact that Syco openly tried to hide that Zayn was still with the label.

 I think Zayn appearing to not really have friends outside of paid employees serves 2 parts. One is to make Zayn look like a Bag of Dicks Diva who’s disloyal, alienated all his old friends, and is really a lone wolf without a wolf pack (for the record, I don’t think he’s any of those things at all).  And the other really kind of benefits FAE. Let’s talk about it!

This got long (what else is new), so I’m putting it under the cut). 

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Imagine: Draco x Reader; Naughty Competition

/Warnings: Slightly SMUTTY, some mature terms, hand job.


“Move pug-face.” You sneered, making Pansy look at you with tears in her eyes and running away. Pansy and everyone else in the school knew not to mess with you. To the point where some professors are scarred of you.

Being your typical pureblood Slytherin, your alter ego was rather high. Some say it’s because of how your parents treated you, but it was just instilled in you.

Your parents treated you like a princess. Yet, not liking being spoiled, you liked some nice things here and there.

“Loser.” You say, referring to Pansy.

“Made Parkinson cry, that’s so lame, Lightshard.” Malfoy scoffed, as you lowly growled.

“Got anything better than bullying a first year.” You laugh and smirk.

You and Malfoy had competitions. For example, who could make a first year cry first, or who could make Parkinson mad.

“No. But I do suggest another competition.” Malfoy smirked that signature smirk of his.

“What is it?” You say, intrigued on starting a new competition.

“Hmm. What about?-” Malfoy thinks for a moment, then looks at you up and down.

“Who could turn the other person on, first?” Malfoy smirks, looking at my shocked expression.

No lie, most boys had eyes on you due to your body, hair, eyes, and rebellious attitude. So most would get turned on by the simplest thing you do.

You kind of wanted to do something exciting and daring, so you went for it.

“What happens to the person who losses?” You say.

“Nothing. But if one of us wins, the person who wins could tell the whole school that they got turned on by them.” Malfoy insists.

“OK, let’s begin.” You smirk looking at him, biting my lip, and shaking hands.

‘This will be easy.’ You thought.

~•Next Day•~

You sat in potions class with all the Gryffindors’. You had no hatred for Granger. You two actually got along but, Granger knew not to tell of your fondness with her.

Malfoy say by you. No smirk or sly grin.
‘He’s on to something.’ You thought, you looked back at the potion’s teacher and began taking notes.

After a while, you felt someone gazing at you. You look to your right to see Draco staring at you for a second and looking back at him paper.

‘What was he looking at?’ You thought, until you remembered that you forgot to button up some buttons, showing some cleavage.

‘Must’ve been slightly turned on.’ You smirk.

You and Malfoy sat in the back, so you came up with a plan.

Your hand begin at his knee. Draco saw this and shifted uncomfortably. Slowly, you began to lift it up to where his covered manhood was.

His breath hitches, looking at you. You smile innocently and look at him, sexually frustrated.

You then went for the belt and unbuckled it. Malfoy accidentally kicks the table. As attention then turns to him. You remove your hand quickly as they all stare.

“Something wrong, Mr. Malfoy.” The potion teacher asks.

“No-Nothing at all profferer. Please con-continue.” Malfoy stutters.

He lost.

You knew, but kept going. Starting at the belt again, making sure it was unbuckled. Then unbuttoning his pants.

You look at him once more as a thin sheet of sweat plasters his face.

“Lightshard, you better stop.” Malfoy mutters. You ignore it and put one of your hands in his boxers, feeling the girth of his long, hard length.

Malfoy put a hand over his mouth to stop him from moaning.

You began to move up and down slowly. Then gradually went faster. Malfoy silently moans, only so you could hear it.

You began to squeeze his length and go faster. Until, he came. The white liquid spewed everywhere underneath the table.

You silently mutter a spell to clean it up. And then the bell rings, by then Malfoy buttoned and buckled his pants.

The corridor was empty as you walk slowly to your next class, happy you won.

“Lightshard.” Someone pins you against the wall. You recognize the platinum blonde hair, and smirk remembering your naughty actions.

“I said, turn on. Not pleasure.” He growls.

“You weren’t complaining earlier.” I say innocence ringing in my voice.

“But I believe I won.” You smirk.

“Correct. Just don’t tell anyone you jacked me off.” Malfoy stares at me intently.

You stare back, and lean closer. Then we kiss, he holds as you slightly grind on him. Mal-Draco groans and you stop.

He looks at me mad, that we didn’t continue.

“I’m not that easy.” You say, walking off.

“Tease.” Draco said, looking at you.


/A/N: Sucks, I know. Very naughty for my first imagine here, ehh 😏. I do fluffy too! Don’t be afraid to request. Thank you for reading!\

Yours (Jimin Fluff)

You loved where you worked, a dance studio. You’ve dancing your whole life, wining competitions and becoming a solo dancer. But then you met Jimin.

He was a dancer like you, but his body moved more elegant, graceful and energetic than you. You admired his skill, but of course his dancing hadn’t been the only thing that made others notice him as well.

He was a beauty, his face could make any girl take off her clothes which has happened but you watched from afar.

Those were your high school days, never taking a chance to get close to him but still grew to love him.

Sometimes you would’ve caught him staring at you and he would wink at you or blush shyly before looking away.

You missed those days, when you were close to him but now you’re both adults. He’s now a successful idol, singing and dancing to another people around the world and you could only dream of travelling.

You forgot this thoughts and focused on working a new routine you just planned this morning. The dance was sultry and sexy, resembling the tones of idol dances. You were singing in the track too, having known how to use a recording booth and mix table.

You were in the middle of restarting from the top when you saw him in the mirror. No, you were just exhausted and imagining things.

“I missed you, Y/N.” He got behind you, giving you a back hug before turning you to face him.

“Jimin? How did you-”

“All that matters is that I’m here now.” He kissed you, his hand pressing your lower back to bring you closer to him. You couldn’t fight him, and he knew that. Your hands tugged at his hair and he deepened the kiss, dipping you.

You pulled away and pushed him off.

“How did you get in here? Why did you come back to me?”

“I want you, Y/N. I only want you and I don’t know why I didn’t realize that on that day.”

How could you forget? It was his last day  at your school, debuting before you could graduate together, or maybe get the courage to confess to him.

“That’s cute, doodling in your notebook.” A guy that was always a jerk to you decided to bug you again that day.

“Leave me alone, asshole.” You weren’t afraid of anyone then, just trying to past by in school and watch Jimin from afar.

“Y/N + Jim- YOU have a crush on Jimin, did you ever look in a mirror?”

“Leave her alone, she doesn’t know that she’s ugly. Let her live alone with her cats, it’s the least we can do.”

“You’re right. Enjoy life, you pug face bitch.” He threw your notebook and it hit the face of the last person you wanted to ever see. Jimin

“Ow, watch where you throw things! Huh, this is Y/N’s?”

“Poor Jimin, even the ugly girls think they have a chance with him.”

“Y/N + Me? Y/N, what-” You snatched your notebook, tears starting to fall out of your eyes.

“Leave it alone.” He was looking at you and you ran out before he could speak to you. The class was rowdy like usual, ignoring you again. You didn’t think he would find out like that. He left and you went to school.

You finally got your chance, dancing in plays and doing what you loved. After dancing hard, you came to take a job here at this dance studio. It was quiet and slow unlike the demands and fast pace of plays and recitals.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, Jimin.”

“It does matter, Y/N.I was looking for you, this whole time.”

“Jimin, we can’t. I grew up, I went back to that place without you. I can’t like you.”

“You can’t? Why didn’t you say you don’t?”

He caught you with your own words. You turned your back to him and he gave you another back hug. He held you, kissing your cheek and you didn’t react.

“You can’t let go of me. I know you can’t” He started to kiss lower, his lips reaching your jaw, then your neck.

“But I can’t let you go either.” You turned around, facing him and acknowledging that you can’t let him go. You pulled him in for a kiss which caught him off guard before he melted into it. You pulled away, pecking his lips before speaking again.

“I’m all yours, Jimin.”

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