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Allure Korea July 2017 | Choi Minho

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost/erros in the translation. Also, there are sentences that got paraphrased. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: You’re about to leave. Did your visit to Maldives meet your expectations?
Everything is nice. It was nice to see turtles when snorkeling. Following manta ray and scuba diving were fun. Lastly, taking seabob was pretty fun too. As expected, it was good to have mojito in Maldives. When I did the photoshoot, the weather was pretty good that I got drawn by the atmosphere when doing it. Everything is just a good memory. It’s unforgettable.

Q: Originally, your nickname was flaming charisma, right? I wanted to call you flaming stamina. Your tanned skin is visible after doing water activities.
I actually wanted to get tanned. I should’ve gotten more tanned, so it’s too bad I wasn’t able to. I think my stamina is certainly better than others. When I’m with other people, they all are tired although I don’t really feel tired. It may be because we do performances many times that our stamina naturally becomes better?

Q: You came here with Onew. How was the other members’ reactions?
We both talk a lot, and it was great that we both came here together. I asked him to come here again next time. I didn’t show off to them, but they must be jealous inside. Haha!

Q: You’re in the middle of concert tour now, is everything going smoothly?
It’s a very long tour, but it’s nice to meet fans from concerts. I gain strength when I perform, so I’m always thankful to my fans.

Q: Do you see your fans’ face and expression from the stage?
I can see them very clearly and we make eye contact too. I put on in-ears, so I can’t hear what they say well. I take off my in-ears during performance when I really can’t hear or when I want to hear my fans voice. There are a lot of times when I want to hear my fans cheer louder so I take off my in-ears.

Q: It’s been 9 years since you debuted together. Isn’t it amazing?
We didn’t really think that it’s amazing, but the people around us said that it’s a big thing. There are words that idol’s life-span is 5 years or 7 years. Without troubles and worries, we have passed that phase safely. If you ask what are the tips, honestly there is nothing to say. We know what we are good at and what we don’t like, so we understand  each other and are considerate of each other.

Q: Your 9th year anniversary happened on the day when you’re here, right?
Ah, I was very touched by the cake. May 25 is a very special number to me. It’s like a day I was born again? I always think of it as my 2nd birthday. My debut day is unforgettable.

Q: What did you say to the members?
Before we came here, I asked them to go for a drink together and we all had the same thought. We said something like, ‘Although it’s hard and it can be exhausting, let’s work hard’. We don’t really do cheesy talk. We already understand without needing to say it to each other.

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A Wholesome Queer Post

Roses are red
Gender is Performative
Mass-produced romance
Is Heteronormative 

Violets are blue
Diversity matters
Representation in the media
Is in complete tatters 

Sugar is sweet
Queer people too
I’m currently having
Some lovely fondue 

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I am not Straight
And neither are You 

Little jinxes

May you stub your toe twice this day.
May you fail that interview.
May you not have enough money to pay for your order.
May you not have enough cash on you.
May you not have enough money to pay for your groceries.
May you fail your quiz.
May you fail at finding creative muse.
May you have writer’s block.
May you forget to charge your phone overnight.
My you get stuck in traffic on your way to work.
May you forget to charge your laptop overnight.
May you not have enough to get to school/work.
May your sock always fall down in your shoe.
May your pet pee on your floor.

Allure Korea July 2017 | Lee Jinki

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost / errors in the translation. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: This is your last night in Maldives. What are the most memorable things?
First is playing outside. The nature is very very beautiful. Thanks to the villa I’m staying in I could see the ocean just by sitting leisurely, and I also could see it just by opening the curtain. In the morning or at night, my mind got calm when I saw the ocean from my villa. Next is doing sea activities. I didn’t know I could see a turtle this close!

Q: The villa is nice, right? Although the wind sound is a bit loud sometimes due to monsoon.
I saw stingray come and go. The water level changes every hour. I get to know how deep is the water.

Q: What’s a good point of Minho as your travel buddy?
As you see, Minho is always full of energy. I don’t know what I should do so I can’t decide. But Minho organizes the things that he wants to do. Minho’s good point, but also a weak point is that he has too much energy. (laughs)

Q: What did you put inside your suitcase?
I brought four white t-shirts. I always leave some space.

Q: You’re still touring right? What concert is it?
It’s overseas concert and we want to show it in high
quality just like what we did in Korea.

Q: You’re a concert veteran now, right? Are you still nervous when coming on the stage?
No matter how many times I’ve experienced it, I’m always concerned about maintaining my stamina. However, I always fail at the first show. There is a moment where I burst out my energy explosively that I become so exhausted. Different situations also occur when I do the same performance several times, but I overcome them all as I exchange gaze with the members.

Q: Do you understand each other only by looking at their eyes now?
Not everything, but I think Minho kind of knows. (laughs)

Q: Yesterday was your 9th debut anniversary right? How was the past 9 years?
It’s short if it’s short, and it’s long if it’s long… I think the strongest point of a team is that it continues to exist. Our affection grows as we undergo things together over time.

Q: How have the members grown up?
I think everyone has grown up into a good direction. As each of us are trying to find ourselves, individually, our area of capabilities have gradually become bigger. We gain synergy because of that.

Q: It seems that you care about the other members more because you’re the oldest?
I just listen to them when they tell me something. I also whine a lot. Since we’ve been together for over 10 years, there are days when they are like the hyung, and there are also days when I’m like the hyung.

Q: When is the time when you feel it’s nice to have done this career for 9 years?
Because we’re no longer rookies, it’s nice that we’re able to match each other.

Q: Is ‘A team that is always trustworthy’ a thing that comes across your mind when you think of SHINee? They’re like perfectionist at their performances and songs.
Haha! When I’m working hard on a performance there are times when I don’t think much about it when it’s near the last stage.

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Q: Difference between 화양연화 and Wings.
YG: 화양연화 is about the pain of youth while Wings is about the temptation of youth.

Q: Upon formally starting the activities for your 2nd full album “Wings,” what is your newly formed goal?
YG: I want to complete the Wings tour in my best possible condition.

Q: What would you do if you have wings?
YG: I might not fly to any place.

Q: What did you prepare special for ‘2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour?’
YG: To manage my condition, I have been taking health supplements and in order maintain my physical strength, I have been exercising.

Q: With Episode I, II until Episode III, what are the changes that happened since then?
YG: From the group, regardless on how it was done, we have performed for many of times so our teamwork has gotten better. From myself, since there have been a lot of performances I have become more sophisticated.

Q: In your tour, where do you want to go again and what food do you want to eat?
YG: I only have happy memories with the cities and countries we’ve been to, so I’m looking forward to each city that we’ll be going to in this world tour.

Q: What do you want to say to yourself and BTS who are preparing for the concert?
YG: Do not think about anything, just enjoy it.

Q: If I was an ARMY, I want to __ at the concert.
YG: Sing (with BTS).

Q: To express your feelings for the upcoming ‘world tour,’ make a 2-lined acrostic poem using it.
YG: win - wings tour is
gs - a concert that we can enjoy

Q: A word to ARMYs who have given BTS wings?
YG: I will live with the wings you gave us, and will fly in the direction of getting higher and farther away**. Thank you everyone.

** = expanding himself
trans. by maeli (@xingyoon)


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Things I’ve said while very tired {Sentence Starters}

  • “You need to do the sleep. I need to do the sleep.”
  • “I don’t think that’s supposed to do that thing, is it?”
  • “Well, whatever floats your goat, friend.”
  • “This game tears families apart… I get to be the racecar!”
  • “I want one of those. I’ll ride it into battle.”
  • “It needs to not be cute. That’s not even fair. It’s not.”
  • “You can fight my face, then.”
  • “Stop laughing at my incompetence, that’s rude!”
  • “Yes, I just put the mayonnaise in the cabinet. Don’t judge me.”
  • “My hands stopped handing an hour ago.”
  • “Have you ever wondered about frogs? Just… frogs?”
  • “Sleep is for the WEAK! —- And I am the weak, apparently.”
  • “I’m not tired. YOU’RE tired.”
  • “I could wrestle a bear if I wanted to!”
  • “I’m ready to fight! I’m not sure who I’m fighting, yet, but — !”
  • “Can I boop your nose? Just a little boop?”
  • “Can I just sleep here tonight? Walking to my room requires effort.”
  • “I might be barely conscious, but I’m still the winner!”
  • “It’s three am and I’m making a bagel. Clearly, I have my life together.”
  • “Am I trying to science this show, again? I am, aren’t I?”
Interview with Yuzuru Hanyu

This (x) was my original post, here is the translation!

Yuzuru Hanyu was interviewed by Tatjana Flade for the German magazine pirouette in the issue May/June 2017 No.5 (Yuzuru Hanyu = YH)

Question: How do you review your season? There were a lot of highlights, but also some disappointments.

YH: When I think about the 4Lo (Rittberger), It was very suscessful. I tried it (4Lo) for the first time in competition and I think I landed it seven times in the LP and only popped it once at Skate Canada. I am pleased with the Loop, but the (quad) Salchow was a problem this season. After the two month break due to the injury at the beginning of  I feared the quad Toeloop. But in the end I did two 4Ts in the LP and I gained a lot of selfconfidence. At Worlds I could accomplish everything I wanted in my LP and this was a complete success.

Q: What is the most important experience that you will take to the next olympic season?

YH: I don’t plan to change my jump content for the next season. I tried different jumps this season and now I have the selfconfidence that I can execute them well and that I can get a lot of points for the execution. My experience was what I was expecting from this season and this is what i got in the end.

Q: How do you deal with disappointments such as the SP from the WTT, where you placed only 7th after two mistakes?

YH: I talk about it with different people, but in the end I mostly think about it myself. After the SP I could barely sleep, I woke up a lot of times at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. I had to think about how I looked on the ice and what the audience in the television must have seen there. Then I thought about putting 5 quads in my LP. At Worlds I was 10 points behind (the leader) after the SP and here 20 points. When you skate the feeling is important and I am the olnly one who knows that feeling and in t he end I need to make the decisions on my own. I decided right before the LP that I really want to go for 5 quads. Not because I failed at the SP but because I wanted to do it.

Q: What did you gain from the World Team Trophy?

YH: After Worlds I prepared myself well and trained hard for this team competition. I felt good in the training and I had a lot of selfconfidence before the SP. But I think it was too much pressure  and I expected too much from myself. I thought I can deal with the pressure but I could not show a good performance in the SP. I need to take some time and analyze what the problem with the SP is because I slowly get a negative impression of the SP in general. Before the LP the expectation was high, that I could repeat what I have done at the World Championships. I tried the 4T-1Lo-3S for the first time, it was not perfect but I am satisfied with it. I showed 3 quads in the second half of the program for the first time and maybe I am the first skater to ever do this. This is positive especially in regard at the upcoming Olympic season. I had energy left for this, but I still need to work  on becoming stronger ,physically and mentally. To be honest overall I had a lot of fun at this competition and it was the first time in along while that I was able to enjoy a competition. 

Q: What kind of programs do you want to show in the Olympic Season?

YH: I haven’t decided yet about the music for the next season. In this season I wanted to challenge myself and in this sense the season was very successful for me. The experiences that I gained this season will hopefully have a positive effect on the next season. The good thing about that is that I can show two different skating styles in the SP and in the LP. This is something I want to repeat in the next season. I am not yure yet if I will have 5 quads in my program from the beginning of the season but this would be a possible challenge. I want to have different options for difficult combinations. Yes, maybe I need to jump a lot of different types of quads, but I don’t want to change a lot in the composition of the programs. I think about the grades of execution (GOEs) for the elements, but I especially want to succeed in expressing in my programs what I want to express. Especially because of the (technical)challenges I set for myself this season, I think that I can improve my programs even more. 

Q: What do you think about the rising level of the other skaters? In the past you said that you wanted to retire after 2018, what do you think about this now? 

YH: Just because the competition is now on such a high level, training is  a lot of fun and the motivation increased. Without a comment on retirement, I can say that I am very happy to skate now.

Q: When you step on the ice the arena turns upside down, you see an ocean of Japanese flags, you hear the cheer from the fans. What do you feel in this moment?

YH: Happiness (laughter). People from all around the world not only look at me, they watch all the skaters and I am happy that I can be one of these skaters. I am happy if somebody saw me and then becomes a figure skating fan and when new fans join. It makes me happy when children start skating, after they watched us. Even a few adults start figure skating.  

Q: Thank you for the interview and good luck for next season!

Big thank you @seobiiiiieluv​ for correcting my translation!