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Warm Me Up ch. 25

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That weekend, Will received a message that caught him off guard. He had been so focused on his conversation with Nico throughout the week that he’d forgotten about Joey. At least until his name lit up his phone screen.

Movie tonight? I can pick you up?

The message made Will feel guilty and uncertain. A week ago, the idea of going on a date was exciting and even a relief. At the time there was no possibility of one day getting back together with Nico. There was no urge to spend every waking moment texting him and smiling over stupid messages throughout the night until Cecil threw a pillow at him and told him to at least silence the phone.

A week ago, he’d wanted nothing more than to tear Nico out of his heart. He would’ve agreed to the date without mulling it over so much.

Now, though, he wasn’t so sure. Going on a date now would feel wrong. In the back of his mind, he would feel guilty because of Nico. Because Nico was trying so hard to be better. He was trying hard to be Will’s friend again. And Will didn’t want to repay it by going on a date behind his back.

Instead of answering, he called Joey and hoped to find a way out of the date without necessarily having to explain his entire situation.

“Hey there, doc,” Joey greeted.

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Things I remember from being in the Sonic fandom in the late 2000′s

  • “Rolling around at the speed of sound! Got places to go, gotta FOLLOW MY RAINBOW~”
  • terrible DeviantArt OC’s everywhere
  • half of said OC’s being poorly made sprite recolors
  • RP videos of said OC’s on Youtube made in Windows Movie Maker with said OC’s being recolors of Sonic X stills.
  • sprite comics featuring said OC’s also being fucking everywhere
  • people actually caring about sprite ripping
  • people constantly asking if Sonic X would recieve a third season
  • people posting the Nazo still from and using it as conclusive proof that season 3 was happening, even though it just turned out to be an early design for Super Sonic
  • AoStH Youtube Poops
  • MASSIVE flame wars between fans of Sonic the Comic and fans of Archie Sonic
  • the amount of shipping wars between SonAmy fans and SonSally fans being seriously the cringiest fucking thing ever
  • Ken Penders being fired from Archie Sonic and people calling for his reinstatement until he sued Ian Flynn like a dick.
  • “SnooPING AS usual, I see?”
  • every second submission on Newgrounds being one of those half-assed Mario VS Sonic flash cartoons
  • also Mario VS Sonic M.U.G.E.N. videos being surprisingly popular
  • Sonic Shorts
  • the entire existence of Chris-Chan
  • Psyguy’s terrible comics actually being popular before everyone found out what a sick fuck he really was
  • “Where’s that DAMN fourth chaos emerald?!”
  • honestly, just every single line of dialogue from Shadow The Hedgehog
  • people constantly talking about how “Sonic Adventure 3 is totally going to be a thing someday, I swear bro my dad works at SEGA!”
  • The Sonic CycleTM
  • an ungodly amount of Tails Doll creepypastas
  • people hoping for a sequel to Sonic Chronicles really badly, until EA’s buyout of Bioware nixed any option of that ever happening
  • Sonic Sez parodies
  • unironically edgy Linkin Park AMV’s featuring footage from Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic ‘06 and Sonic X (in that oder)
  • Sonic ‘06 being the catalyst for The Sonic CycleTM and a source of snark bait for YEARS to come
  • Nipples the Enchilada

Gaming Nostalgia: Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine - Covers

This concludes the gaming nostalgia series for January 2015. I hope you have enjoyed this nostalgia trip back to some of the best days in gaming. I will bring this series back soon.

If you’d like to view more of my Gaming Nostalgia series head here

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How to Enjoy S11: A Completely Unsolicited Guide to Watching the New Season of The X-Files

1.) Acceptance. Know that the mythology isn’t going to be resolved in a coherent way. Accept that you will not get everything you always wanted regarding the MSR. Remember that The X-Files has never really changed or evolved - even though 2017 television standards have - nor does it want to. Just try to love it anyway, just like you love your grandpa who drives you crazy with his stubborn ways - but you’re still glad is around. Because the good will outweigh the bad - if you don’t dwell too much on what *could* be.

2.) Let yourself enjoy the nostalgia. The X-Files has always loved its Easter Eggs, its secret codes and communiqués with its fanbase - even from back in the day. Sure, it’s easy to say, “Jesus, 1013 - concentrate your efforts on cohesive storytelling, not dumb throwbacks to the ‘90s and fandom ‘messages’!” Know these messages and reminders are placed with affection. Just embrace them.

3.) Don’t let the fandom get you down. We are notorious complainers. It’s our thing. Don’t feel bad about liking an episode - or parts of an episode - that the fandom flatly rejects. Enjoy every morsel you can extract - because this is likely your last XF meal, ever. You deserve to enjoy it.

4.) Treat every episode as a completely autonomous island. Just….go with it Trying to fight the 1013 approach at this point is not admitting defeat; it’s self-preservation.

5.) Surround yourself with people who actually know and love the show. Follow blogs that really want to dig in. The X-Files was a smart show and attracted smart people. Find the geezers, the conspiracy theorists, the meta writers. The slow-mo MSR gifs are beautiful and absolute gifts to the fandom, but the brilliant fan analysis will help you see all the little details you missed and generate so much wonderful discussion.

6.) David and Gillian. Know that even if you fucking despise the whole season that David and Gillian will go on a giggly (Gillian), sentimental (David), likely ridiculous press tour. Interviews. New photo shoots. Behind-the-scenes stories. Like the mytharc, do not try to understand them. Just go with it.

7.) No huge gap and apocalypse to review and explain away. We (hopefully) won’t have to sit through 10 minutes of voiceover exposition this time around. S11 can hit the ground running without having to make sense of why the world didn’t end in 2012 and other random CC blathering of cobbled together news pieces, rumours, and conspiracy theories. S10 ended in the middle of the action and S11 has the opportunity to resume in the middle of the action.

8.) Mulder and Scully. Together. Looking fabulous (and styled so much better than in S10…plus, I think we’re over the wig, right?). Working cases. It’s all we really need, yes?

9.) New blood in the mix. A few women in the 1013 club will add their input. A couple of new writers are on board. Hopefully, the show will seem somewhat refreshed. Plus, only two CC episodes. Hallelujah, amen.

10.) Always remember that TXF isn’t and has never been just about the show. You are part of something, here in the TXF fandom world. And this is your last chance to participate in it as new content rolls out. You may hate some of the episodes, but still love the fandom commentary, the jokes and memes, the gifs, the videos, the images, the fanart, and fanfic that make it all worthwhile.

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The first thing that Jumin registered as he slowly opened his eyes was the soft sunlight that illuminated the room, meaning it was still early morning, and the fact that there was a warm body next to his.

As sleep ebbed away, Jumin took in the sight of V’s sleeping form, a bit surprised to find him there. They were both busy with work, and with V’s constant trips, they didn’t often get to sleep in together. Even more rare, however, was for Jumin to wake up before V; while they were both early risers, V was usually already up and making breakfast by the time Jumin came out of the room. 

It was something he’d had to get used to, the breakfast thing. It had taken a lot of convincing from V that it was something he wanted to do. Jumin wished he could make it for V instead - still had plans to do it someday - but as long as V woke up before him, he wouldn’t have it. 

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anonymous asked:

Howdy, I just wanted to say I really love your art style and I especially love Ocu. He looks so sweet and yet dangerous! Also, how did you come up with him? I'm truly interested.

Thank you so much for your nice message! <3
Also welcome to the blog! (this goes also to everyone else who has found thisplace lately! <3)

As tumblr is a bit hard place to go to search stuff from the beginning, here’s a brief history of Oculus~
So, few years ago people were making their own characters/versions out of youtuber Markiplier’s alterego/character ‘Darkiplier’. They were OC’s, original characters, all different kind of ‘dark/demonic/etc’ but linked with that fact.
I wanted to join & make my own and as a one who loves monsters and creating themed characters. I also decided to use the character creating as a way to learn draw some things that are hard for me to draw at that time: hands. I combined elements and decided to draw a character with eyes in his hands, so it would make me draw hands (also different poses) every time I drew him. I called him ‘eyeplier’ (kinda started a a pun, fff). Though he also had his own name, Oculus, from the start, as I did&still do concider them all as OCs.
I made him a blog because ask-blogs had been my dream for years and I finally had a character to draw in one, also comical horror is my thing, and I could do that here~ XD
For almost a year I updated it daily with atleast one picture, met awesome people, did collabs, drew like mad and let the character grow.
From the start, Ocu grew and got his own persona and as I could never figure out a way to ‘link’ him to the youtuber/his character, Ocu got his own story that I have been developing since dawn of ages. :D I have so much story to tell about him and hopefully get to put that all down~ (the url of the blog was also changed for the reasons that I want to concentrate on bringing out the story of Ocu and Tres as characters of their own :D)
So, there, in a nutshell a bit of history, opefully I answered this even a bit~ XD

*forever wishing ts2 actually worked correctly on my computer* honestly the best and most iconic game I’d make a side blog for ts2 if it actually worked

I’m curious - how active is the khr fandom on here? I’ve been lurking in the tags, but I have no clue how recent the posts are. Are there any khr fanfic writers on here? I just want some people that are still interested in this fandom to talk to. 


So here we got part 1 of my favorite Mianite screenshots! I feel like most of them speak for themselves, but these are just good memories that I am very fond of. Like when Gaines made a boo-boo or the food at Sonja’s restaurant that had a very nutty taste  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)