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  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*

Jack’s reply on @jacksepticeyeandegos‘s post (Anti won’t be back for a while, and he isn’t setting anything up- which is why he’s being more vocal about it) is honest and open.

I know some will still question it, and by all means CONTINUE the theories and ideas of recent times (I’m not saying stop all together), but just know that we won’t be seeing Anti himself soon.

This storm is over. 

Just a little something I noticed in Mark’s last video...

So normally in Mark’s videos, he adds a little side note, a subscribe link, the link of the game, his social media, and outro music. Take this example from his Wendigo video:

But in “Don’t Play This Game”’s video, he only featured an “I warned you…” like it was coming from the creator, along with the link to the game, as seen here:

I included from the title to “SHOW LESS” for some proof of nothing else. The links from social media and the outro music–the outro was also not in the video at all–are missing from the normally informal video.

I don’t know if this means anything at all, but I hope I am of some help to anyone trying to decode this data suddenly given to us. Enjoy your Easter Eggs~


Evey time I talk about LOST there is someone who ask some of these questions so I decided to make a frequently asked questions post:

- How did a polar bear arrive to a tropical island? The Dharma Initiative brought the polar bears among other animals for their experiments. After the Dharma Initiative was destroyed all the animals started to live free in the jungle. The Dharma Initiative got this kind of bears genetically modifying regular polar bears, that’s why they can survive in a tropical climate.

- Why is there a bird that says “Hurley”? The bird has an unusual appearance and is bigger than regular birds because is one of Dharma’s genetically modified animals. The bird does not say “Hurley”, the fact that its caw sound similar to Hugo’s nickname is just a coincidence. Note also that the other characters in that scene don’t think the bird’s caw sounds like Hugo’s nickname, only him.

- Why do pregnant women die in the island? This is a consequence of The Incident. After a huge amount of electromagnetic energy was released from inside The Island a residual energy was left in the surface which over the years caused the immune system illness that kills these women. This is also a paradox (both time and literary) because Juliet was the one who detonated the bomb that caused the energy leak (the leak caused by the Dharma perforation was small). Juliet’s reason to be in The Island was to fix a problem that would have never existed if she never went to The Island in the first place.

- Why have they to push the button every 108 minutes? After The Incident an electromagnetic charge is continuously accumulating at The Swan. The Dharma Initative designed a system in which pushing that button discharges the electric buildup before it becomes dangerous. It has to be done every 108 minutes because that’s the time it takes for the buildup to reach dangerous levels. If the button is not pushed the energy is released which in big amounts would not only affect The Island but the entire world. The Dharma Initiative also installed a false-safe mechanism to use as an emergency in case pushing the button failed. This is the mechanism that Desmond activates at the end of season 2. The false-safe mechanism was meant to seal the leak of energy coming from inside of The Island but its creators were unsure which could be the consequences or if it would safely work out.

- Why was Walt special? He was born with psychic powers, he can summon animals and have premonitions. He probably has more powers that weren’t shown considering that Walt himslef seems to not be aware of his own powers. These powers are why The Others were so interested in making him one of them but Walt didn’t want to join and was hostile towards them. The Others became scared that Walt could hurt them and decided to let him go with his dad (after using Michael to get Jack, Kate and Sawyer).

- What do The Numbers mean? Jacob assigned one number from 1 to 360 to each candidate to Protector Of The Island. The Numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) represent each one of the last 6 remaining candidates. The Numbers are just Jacob’s method to organise his candidate system and have no special meaning.

- Why did The Numbers bring Hurley bad luck? They didn’t. Many characters tried to explain to him The Numbers weren’t cursed and weren’t related to his bad luck strike. The Numbers only had power over Hurley because he belived they had, is psychological. Hurley was destined to be in The Island and he would have end up there no matter what. If he had ignored The Numbers that wouldn’t have changed anything.

- Why were The Numbers being broadcasted from The Island’s radio station? The Numbers are the core numerical value of the Valenzetti Equation which the Dharma Initiative was studying. They were broadcasting them to the other members of the Initiative that were off The Island. Note: The Valenzetti Equation was made up for the show and is not part of any real scientific theory

- Why are The Numbers in the door of The Swan and why are The Numbers the code you have to enter in the computer? The Numbers were engraved in the hatch simply because that is the serial number. Then when they needed a code for the computer they decided to use the number that is in the door because is easier to remember since is already there. Is like when in the computer of your work or your school they use as a password the floor number or similar. 

- If The Numbers don’t have a especial power, why do they appear all the time? They have different meanings (for Jacob, Dharma, Hurley) despite being the same numbers to reinforce the constant theme on the show that everything is connected in one way or another. They also represent the necessity we humans have to search for patterns where there aren’t, to try to find an explanation for chaos and feel better. The Numbers appear very often in the background of the show too as easter eggs for fans who enjoy little details.

- Were they dead the whole time? No, they were not dead. They are dead only in the flash sideways universe which is a non-physical place to help them prepare for what comes after death. Which is this place exactly (purgatory/ limbo/ etc.) or what comes next (heaven/ reincarnation/ etc.) is vague on purpose as the show writers wanted each viewer to interpret this according to their personal beliefs.

- Does this mean all the characters are dead at the end of the show? No, the fact that all the main characters are in the flash sideways doesn’t mean they all died at the end of the show. Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Hurley, Desmond, Penny, Rose, Bernard and Ben are all alive when the show ends but they appear in the flash sideways with all the characters whose deaths we have seen on the show. This is because in this place time doesn’t exists. Every time a character has died in the show they (their souls/ minds/ etc. according to your beliefs) went to this place and Sawyer, Kate, Claire and co. will keep living their lives (after what we have seen in the final season) and when they are old and unavoidabily die they will go to this place too but the people who were already there don’t feel like they have been waiting despite in the physical world many years have passed.

- If Sawyer, Kate, Claire and etc. all live many years after what we have seen in the finale why their “ghosts” look young? They all look like the age they had in The Island because those were the most important times of their lifes. Their appearance has nothing to do with the age they have when they die. They could die at 90 years old and they would still appear in the flash sideways with the age they had in The Island.

My original outline for Still Star-Crossed (the book)

Still Star-Crossed (the show) ended last night. I enjoyed it so much! It looked beautiful. The cast were all fantastic. And it was more faithful to the book than I expected, but still had a lot of twists and turns. If you ever have a chance to see a world-class group of writers and actors take your characters (OK, some of them were Shakespeare’s) out for a spin, I recommend it.

It was also lovely to see how many fans loved the show as much as I did. I’m as frustrated as you guys are that the show ended on a cliffhanger (I’m just another fan! I don’t know what would have happened next season), so here’s a weird little easter egg you might enjoy: This is my original outline for Still Star-Crossed (then called Verona). Back then I envisioned it as a trilogy. Weirdly, Book 2 ended more or less where the show did last night. A LOT of other stuff also changed. (Livia was gonna turn evil? I had no memory of that till I dug this out.)

Enjoy! (Or keep scrolling. It’s long.)

Verona, Book 1

It’s the summer after Romeo and Juliet’s deaths and the city of Verona is a powder keg of fury and grief. Though their families have vowed peace, not every Montague and Capulet forgives so easily. They are obeying the truce – for now. But sooner or later one of the angry young nobles stalking the streets looking for trouble is going to find it.

Lady Rosaline of House Capulet is determined to leave such squabbles behind her for good. Her father was killed eight years ago in one of the endless duels between the families, and ever since, Rosaline, now seventeen, has planned to go into a convent where her family’s infighting can’t touch her. She and her younger sister Livia are admired beauties of Verona, but hold little social standing as their parents’ deaths left them relatively poor. The death of her cousins Juliet and Tybalt only cements Rosaline’s resolve to take the veil as soon as she can provide for Livia. That’s the only way she can escape her family – and besides, she’s secretly sure that there’s only one man she could ever love, and he could never be hers.

But two weeks after her cousin’s death, Rosaline is summoned to the great house of the Capulets. Before she can get there, she’s accosted by a gang of young Montagues at her cousin’s tomb. Before she can escape, she’s caught between warring groups of Montague and Capulet men. Her rescue comes from an unexpected quarter: Benvolio of House Montague.

Benvolio is lost. With his two best friends, he knew who he was: his cousin Romeo was the leader, Mercutio the clown, and Benvolio was the quiet one, the sensible one, the best with a sword but the slowest to use it. Now that they’re dead he’s completely unmoored. He spends his days stalking the streets of the city, hand on his sword, not sure if he wants to prevent fights or start one. When he hears a scream and finds his own kinsmen attacking a young Capulet woman, he has no choice but to rescue her – but he isn’t pleased when he finds out who she is: Rosaline, Romeo’s first love, someone who could have prevented all the strife that followed if only she’d accepted his advances.

The two part, not much pleased with each other, only to find they share a destination: the house of Lord Capulet. Because of the bloodbath, Rosaline and Benvolio are suddenly the highest-ranking young members of their respective houses, and Lord Capulet and Montague have decided that the best way to prove that they mean to make peace is to marry another Montague and Capulet together.

Benvolio, struggling to live up to his sudden new responsibilities in the family, obeys his uncle and agrees to the match. But Rosaline refuses, though the prince himself orders her to do it. She and Benvolio have a blistering fight and she leaves.

Meanwhile, strange things are happening in Verona. The great families continue to profess peace, but mysterious insults begin cropping up. The statue of Juliet at her tomb is scrawled with WHORE. A hanged effigy appears in the town square saying DEATH TO ALL MONTAGUES. No one seems to know who is sending the messages, but tempers on both sides begin once more to boil.

Rosaline refuses to leave her house. She won’t see her uncle, or any other Montague or Capulet. She does admit Juliet’s former nurse, who minded all the girls when they were small, out of sympathy, but won’t go with her to the Capulets’ house. When summoned, she sends her sister Livia to her uncle’s house to claim she’s sick. While Livia is there, she stumbles on a surprise: her aunt, Lady Capulet, supposedly bedridden with grief, has actually been very busy. It seems Juliet’s erstwile fiance Paris, supposedly killed by Romeo, was actually only wounded. Lady Capulet spirited him away before anyone could learn the truth and she’s now nursing him back to health in a secret chamber. Lady Capulet swears Livia to secrecy, telling her that if the Montagues knew Paris was alive, they’d kill him. Flighty, romantic Livia is already half in love with Paris, and she agrees to keep the secret if she can come and help nurse him. But Paris is under the thrall of Lady Capulet, whom he calls his angel.

Rosaline goes to Father Lawrence and asks him to bring her to a convent. Lawrence, who is out of favor because of his role in the Romeo affair, goes to the Prince and tells him her plans.

The Prince’s response is to hold a ball. It’s in his sister’s honor, and he knows Rosaline can’t ignore the invitation without giving offense, because years ago when Rosaline’s mother was the Prince’s mother’s lady-in-waiting, they were all playmates. All of Verona’s high society turns up at the ball, so they all witness Rosaline leaving with the Prince when he calls her away for a private audience. That would not be a problem, except that they don’t come back. The Prince proceeds to get Rosaline drunk in his private chambers so she won’t notice he’s kept her away from the party for a scandalously long time. But it backfires in an unexpected way.

Once she has half a bottle of wine in her, icy, obstinate Rosaline is gone, replaced by a playful passionate girl who blindsides the prince by admitting she’s adored him for years and kissing him. As he forgets himself and begins to kiss her back, she gets woozy and he puts her chastely to bed.

The next day, he coldly reveals his plan: She, an unmarried girl, has just spent the night in his house. If she goes along with his demand that she marry Benvolio, he will let it be known that she spent the night quite properly with his sister. If she doesn’t, he will say nothing. Her honor will be ruined and neither she nor her sister will ever make a decent match.

The prince forces himself to go through with this, even though he’s beginning to feel something for her. Rosaline agrees, of course – she has no choice – but he can see her feelings for him die.

Rosaline outwardly agrees to the match, but in truth she’s more determined than ever to escape the vipers’ nest of Verona nobility. She goes to her “fiance” and strikes a deal: Neither of them truly want this match, so they will get to the bottom of who’s making trouble between the families and make it stop. If they can make real, lasting peace between the two families, there will be no need for their marriage, and they can both be on their way.

What they don’t know is that it’s Lady Capulet who’s behind the troubles. It’s she who defaced her own daughter’s statue. Rosaline and Benvolio arrive just after the statues have been defaced a second time, and Rosaline recognizes a mark left behind in the paint: it’s from the beaded train of a dress. The saboteur is a woman.

Livia and Paris, meanwhile, are being drawn deeper and deeper into Lady Capulet’s plans. Paris has begun leaving her house in disguise, picking fights with Montagues, including Benvolio. Livia, angry over the way the Montagues “attacked” him, goes to the Prince and tells him that Benvolio and the Montagues are behind the attacks.

Benvolio denies this. He believes, because of a note that he’s intercepted from Livia (though he doesn’t know it’s her who lost it), that someone in the Capulet household is behind what’s been happening, but because he’s been accused himself, no one believes him.

Things really take a turn for the worse when the nurse turns up dead. Of course it was Lady Capulet, but since the nurse has a note thrown on her body saying “thus to all Capulets” scrawled on a Montague crest, it looks bad for the Montagues. In fact, the crest was stolen by Livia, who didn’t know what it would be used for.

The families withdraw within their respective walls. Livia and Rosaline are sequestered within the Capulets’ house with the other women of the family. Rosaline’s engagement, of course, is no more, but she uncovered enough evidence with Benvolio – and she’s grown to trust him enough – not to quite believe the charges against him.

Rosaline is sleeping in her cousin’s former chamber when a desperate Benvolio climbs the balcony (yep) to tell her he’s innocent and to beg her to help him clear his name. She leaves with him, not before being seen by a sleepy Livia.

Rosaline and Benvolio flee the city and go to Father Lawrence to beg him for help. He’s withdrawn to a monastery some miles away, but Benvolio is convinced that he knows something about the true culprit. He admits he does, but can’t say what it is (Livia confessed her theft of the crest to him, so he knows it was Lady Capulet). His discomfiture is evidence enough to raise their suspicions.

On their way back to the city, a storm forces them to stop for the night, and they’re accosted by brigands. The “bandits” are actually led by the Capulets’ former servant Peter, who decided to seek his own fortune on the road. An exhilarating escape from their clutches leads to a kiss for Benvolio and Rosaline.

Afterward, they return to the city to find it in an even worse uproar than when they left. Livia has raised the alarm that her sister was abducted by a Montague, and the two families are now in open war.

Paris finally reveals himself, and challenges Benvolio. Rosaline reunites with Livia and finds out about the crest that she stole. After telling Livia how it was used, Livia admits that it was Lady Capulet who took it from her. Rosaline and Livia bring the evidence before the prince, who orders Lady Capulet exiled.

Though badly wounded, both Paris and Benvolio survive the duel. The two families once more establish an uneasy peace, but they agree that the forced marriage isn’t a good idea. Rosaline and Benvolio’s engagement is dissolved, and they both discover they’re not quite as relieved about that as they expected to be.

The prince apologizes to Rosaline, and reveals that he persuaded the two families not to press the issue of the marriage. She forgives him for what he did to her before, but still isn’t sure she trusts him. He promises to win her trust back – and, privately, decides he’s going to court her.

With Lady Capulet gone, Rosaline is now the mistress of the extended Capulet family. She decides a nunnery isn’t for her, and that she will stick around. Paris, angry and confused, leaves town to follow Lady Capulet, despite Livia’s pleadings that he stay.

Benvolio realizes that he’s in love with Rosaline, but when he goes to see her, the prince is already there. Knowing it’s suicide to compete with the city’s ruler for her hand, he decides not to tell her how he feels.

Book 2

Rosaline has come farther than she could have dreamed possible. She is the toast of Verona society, she is the de facto head of the Capulet household, and she’s practically engaged to the prince. But she’s not as happy as she ought to be.

For one thing, her friend Benvolio has entirely turned his back on her. She doesn’t understand why he refuses to see her, or why he seems so angry when they do meet.

For another, her adored sister Livia has been acting strangely. Rosaline tends to think of Livia as a child, and never realized that she was in love with the exiled Paris. Livia blames Rosaline and Benvolio for Paris’s exile, and she wants revenge. She forges some documents to make it appear that Rosaline has been conspiring against the Prince. Rosaline is forced into exile herself (so much exile! But, you know, Shakespeare), and flees the city.

No sooner has Rosaline left than Verona comes under attack. A mysterious army surrounds the city and lays seige. Rosaline is presumed killed in the opening battle. Ever-loyal Benvolio is made general of the prince’s armies, but assumes the position somewhat reluctantly, since he blames the Prince for Rosaline’s death. A brutal, desperate war begins.

Rosaline, meanwhile, is not dead. When she finds herself in the midst of a war, she disguises herself as a boy and joins the enemy army, hoping to learn something that will help her city. She finds that it’s a ragtag group of mercenaries hired with the promise of plundering wealthy Verona. No one seems to know who the leadership is. Rosaline falls in with Peter, the Capulets’ former servant turned bandit turned mercenary, as she tries to get closer to the army’s leadership.

Eventually she finds that the army is being led by a trio of angry traitors: Paris, Lady Capulet, and Iago of Venice. Paris and Lady Capulet are motivated by revenge, Iago by plunder. Rosaline follows them when the army feints a retreat to Padua. When she’s wounded, she takes refuge with a relative who lives there, Beatrice of Messina, whose husband (Benedick) visits Iago with Rosaline as his “page” so that she can steal Paris’s battle plans.

Rosaline takes Paris’s battle plans and races back to the city with them. She and Benvolio, having each thought the other dead, have an emotional reunion in an army tent. They admit they’re in love with each other and decide to get married if they survive.

Rosaline and Benvolio deliver the battle plans to the prince, but they don’t realize they’re only a ruse: Paris’s true secret weapon is Livia, who opens the gates of the city sewers so Paris’s army can pour in and overwhelm the city. The prince is captured, and most of Verona’s army is cut off outside. Dun dun DUN!

Book 3

Verona is under occupation. Those of its nobles who kowtow to “Governor” Iago are left more or less alone, but those who maintain loyalty to the prince are exiled or killed, their lands and houses seized. The mercenaries run roughshod over Verona.

To give a semblance of legitimacy to the occupation, Livia and Paris are married and put in as rulers. Livia is deliriously happy at first - Paris is all she’s ever wanted. But he’s still under Lady Capulet’s thrall.

Rosaline has, to all appearances, become an empty-headed young noblewoman, content to go to balls and be Verona’s social queen as though the city isn’t burning around them. In fact, she and Benvolio are secretly working to free the prince and rout the enemy from the city. They, along with Friar Lawrence, are leading the resistance.

As Iago’s rule grows more brutal, even the mercenaries become discontented. Rosaline uses her friendship with Peter to start to sow division in the ranks.  

When Livia realizes that Paris has been sleeping with Lady Capulet all along, she decides to help Rosaline. Together they manage to free the Prince. Paris and Benvolio fight again; this time Paris is killed.

Verona’s army returns to the city. The mercenaries, most of whom have no interest in trying to hold the city, flee. The prince captures Iago. Lady Capulet runs; Livia tries to stop her, and Lady Capulet stabs her. She dies in Rosaline’s arms. Trapped, Lady Capulet commits suicide at her daughter’s grave.

Order is restored in the city, and the Prince, back in his place and assured of Rosaline’s loyalty, assumes they’ll be getting married as they planned. Rosaline is torn - she loves Benvolio, but she cares for the prince too, and since House Montague’s fortunes suffered so badly during the war, Benvolio’s been pushing her away because he doesn’t think she deserves a poverty-stricken husband.

But the prince is also refusing to give Livia burial in her family’s vault - despite Rosaline’s pleadings, he insists her body be buried by the road outside the city with the other dead from Iago’s army. She finally gets her way by threatening to kill herself if he doesn’t allow her to bury her only family properly. When Benvolio, unaware of all this controversy, comes to lay a rose on Livia’s grave, Rosaline bursts into tears, throws herself at him, and insists on going to find Friar Lawrence right then so she can drag him home and seal the deal. Happy ending!

ask-the-fnaf-cast  asked:

Happy Early Easter, Sproing! I hope you can enjoy this basket full of easter eggs! And look, the eggs are painted to look like all of your friends! And Purple!

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What If X Gaster Appeared In Metadora As An Easter Egg And Hes Enjoying Life As A professional Grape Entrapenour salesman

AAHAHAHAHA Awww that’s so adorable!! But I prefer to not include Undertale stuff in my original work…well…maybe I could make a cameo…but totally different from the Underverse/ Undertale characters we know.

“Fro̵m d҉a͝r̕kes̸t ͏e͠yé t͢o d̀eepes͟t ͝s̨in
Th͞e v͠ir͏u̴s͏ h̨a̶s͞ in͟f̕ecte͡d͜ hi̵m̵
͡W͞i͝th͜ ͘froz̀ȩn̢ ̵t̕eàrs̴,́ ̀he̵'͢s҉ ̸t̷ra̵pped̡ ̡inside
Wa͞itìn͠g ̧f͞or ͏t͏ime̶ o͢f͏ divide̸
En̴v̴ok̷e͞ thè ̀p͘o͟w̴e̢ŕ t͜o ҉b̨ri͘n͏g ̨his̶ ra͘in
A͞nd ́ri̸d͡ ͢thi̷s̵ ͢p͞ǫor ͘màn̨ ̧o͞f h͞i͏s p̨ain”


( And here it is! After nine and a half hours of hard work, its finished! Behold, my edgy master piece! I can gladly say that this is probably the best art I’ve ever done and I’m very proud of myself and how this project turned out! I really hope you all enjoy it and don’t forget to find the secrets and Easter Eggs I’ve hidden! Peace! ✌️ )
( A friendly reminder - Please don’t repost/steal this, but reblogs are welcomed! :D )

Blessed Ostara!

This is the time of the Spring Equinox when the day and night are in perfect balance. It’s also a Monday, so I know a lot of us are busy. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to celebrate, here are some simple little ways to bring in the Spring and still get shit done.

🌱 If you’re grocery shopping today, consider picking up a pack of seeds or a small plant to bring home. Ostara is a time of fertility and what better symbol of birth than new plants? Some good options are bee friendly flowers, edible flowers, and fresh herbs. I ended up getting some garden sage and lavender.

🔮 Another symbol of Ostara is the egg. Enjoying one or two for a meal, decorating them Easter egg style and displaying them on your alter, or even burying one in your garden are all eggsellent ideas. Or, if you don’t eat eggs, seeds and nuts are wonderful snacks. I prefer pine nuts and sun flower seeds, but any will do!

🕯Because light green candles and jasmine incense are frequently associated with the holiday, these can be easy additions to your alter and plus you get the added bonus of being able to light them and enjoy them while still being productive (but please don’t leave any flame unattended!)

💐 And if you simply can’t do any of those, wearing something green or merely taking a mindful walk through nature are both sufficient, just be sure to give thanks and take advantage of this new start! Remember, it’s about intention.

Five bucks that the blonde hair is going to be because Natasha was undercover, and at some point, you’ll see her undercover using a fake identity and she uses the name ‘Yelena Belova’.


I mean she even has Yelena’s hair cut

Easter Bunny [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope you all enjoy the holiday to it’s fullest and find plenty of easter eggs! I made this fic especially for easter and I hope you guys love it. This is kind of a sequel to Now and Always because I’m using the same child character I made. There’s a pretty large age jump, and I know the speech is advanced for a toddler but I have a nephew who actually just turned three and is able to speak like this so I’m basing Addilyn’s speech like that. I hope you all love it!

Thank you @memento-scribet for helping me with the end! You’re the bomb!

Next Part: Baby’s First Father’s Day


Easter; a bright, warm time of year. A time little Addilyn loves, now that she’s big enough to run, she loves to go outside and play all of the time. You and Jason take her to the park almost everyday so she will let out some of that energy.

However, she isn’t fond of the mascot of this holiday. When you both took her to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, she wasn’t having it. She was absolutely terrified before you even got to the front of the line. Deciding not to traumatize the poor girl, Jason scooped her up and you both took her for ice cream instead.

This was a few days before Easter. Now it’s the day of, and Jason was getting ready to load her into the car as you grabbed some things to take to the manor. “Mommy! Zeebee?!” you heard her yell as Jason was carrying her out the apartment door. Smiling you came up behind them, the stuffed zebra in your hand. “Do you mean this little fella?” Her smile widened as she stuck her hands out for it, handing it over she hugged it tight before snuggling into Jason’s shoulder. “Mom to the rescue as always.” Jason said amused as the little girl nodded.

Following them out to the car, watching as Jason buckled her into her car seat. He’s really become quite the father, not that you had any doubts. When he pulled away from the car and closed the door he turned to see you watching him. “Take a picture it will last longer” he teased walking up to you. “What can I say, you’re a hot dad.” He laughed before pecking your lips.

After hearing a loud “ewwy” from the car you both laughed before getting in.

The drive to the manor was all around uneventful, Addilyn ended up falling asleep the moment you pulled out. Both chuckling when you peered back there and saw her fast asleep. But like magic, she was up when you pulled into the manor driveway. Bouncing in her seat, ready to see the family.

Jason grabbed the stuff you brought out of the trunk as you got Addie out of her seat. The minute her feet hit the ground she was running up to the door, Alfred opened the door before you even had to knock. “Alfred!” She cheered, running right into his arms. “Hello Miss Addilyn, how is your Easter?” he asked kneeling in front of her. “Good!” she grinned, looking past Alfred she saw Bruce. “Papa Bruce!” she cheered again before running into his arms as he scooped her up “Hey sweetheart!” he greeted her.

You and Jason greeted Alfred, you giving him a hug, before making your way farther into the manor. You hugged Bruce as Jason shook his hand. He carried Addilyn into the living room where everyone was. She jumped out of Bruce’s arms and ran to see her aunts and uncles.

“Whoa!” Steph yelled when she ran in, “Look at you, your dress is so pretty!” Addie grinned and hugged her. You and Jason came in next, seeing nearly all of Jason’s family. Tim, Damian, Steph, Cass, Barbara, but no Dick. “Where’s Dick?” you asked, brows furrowed in confusion.

“He said he has a surprise or something. He’s going to be late.” Tim answered as he was watching Steph play with Addie.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” Jason whispered to you, making you laugh and shake your head. You ended up going with him into the kitchen, watching as he helped Alfred with some cooking. Alfred asked you guys about Addie and how things were. He knew you both were talking about having another child, so he questioned if you had decided too or not. All the while unbeknownst to Dick coming into the manor.

Addilyn was still in the living room playing with the others, right now Damain was showing her a new trick he had taught Titus. “Uncle Dami, how do you do dat?” her voice small. “Firmness and superiority” he answered as Addilyn just looked at him confused. “Damian she’s still little, she doesn’t know what that means.” Tim stated as Damian’s expression fell a bit. The others in the room laughed.

“Whas funny?” Addilyn looked around at the family, the ‘t’ not making it into ‘what.’ Though they paused when they heard Dick come in the door. “Hellooo?!” he called. Barbara yelled that they were in the living room. Though they all burst out laughing when they saw him in a giant Easter Bunny costume.

“Hi! Everyone I’m the Easter Bunny! And I’m here to see Addilyn!” He called cheerily, and looked down at the toddler. Her eyes widened in horror before she ran out of the room screaming. “Mommy! Daddy! Monster!” tears running down her face.

You and Jason immediately ran from the kitchen, her going straight into Jason’s arms. “Hey peanut what’s wrong?” he asked her softly as you ran a hand up and down her back. “M-monster! B-big bunny m-monster!” she sobbed into Jason’s shoulder. Exchanging a look you both went into the living room.

Coming upon the scene of Dick in an Easter Bunny costume and the family confused at what was happening. “Smooth Grayson, she’s terrified of the Easter Bunny” Jason glared at his brother. “She is?” they were all shocked.

You nodded, “Why do you think nobody got a mall picture, she didn’t even make it through the line.” continuing to rub her back, as she was beginning to calm down. Dick took off the costume head and walked behind Jason to where Addie could see him. “I’m sorry Addie, it’s just me. I didn’t mean to scare you.” he apologized as she peeked up at him.

“Uncle Dick?” she asked shyly. He nodded smiling at her. “Don’t do that again!” she yelled at him, surprising everyone. He chuckled “I won’t I promise” nodding. “Pinky promise?” she held out her hand. He wrapped his pinky around her tiny one, “Pinky promise.”

She nodded before turning to Jason, “I’m okay daddy.” Jason smiled before saying, “Okay, but can I have a kiss first?” She giggled before kissing his cheek. “And your mommy” he angled for her to peck your lips, which she did. Setting her down she returned to playing, avoiding the bunny head at all costs.

Jason wrapped an arm around your waist, “Can I have a kiss too?” he smirked at you. Rolling your eyes you connected your lips to his, getting a collective ‘ew’ from the family, minus Bruce. Addie giggled at the family’s reaction to her parents. “Mommy and daddy are yucky” she commented smiling. “Oh we’re ‘yucky’ huh?” Jason asked before running over and scooping her up as she laughed. You were right behind him as you both began to tickle her relentlessly. “No! Mommy, Daddy stop!” she squealed.

The family laughed at her giggles before Barbara broke in, “How about we go look for easter eggs? You know Addie, Uncle Dick is the best at finding them and he owes you for scaring you.” She smiled as both you and Jason let the little girl breath. “Tt. I could find more than Grayson” Damian crossed his arms.

“Is that a challenge?” Dick cocked an eyebrow at the younger male. “Perhaps” Damian shrugged.

Addie laughed before latching onto Dick’s leg, “Addie’s on my team!” Dick cheered before picking the girl up and running to the backyard. Damian hot on his heels.

“Wait I want in!” Steph stood from her spot, grabbing Tim’s hand and pulling him with her. “Wait Steph!” Tim yelled but it didn’t stop her. Cass, Barbara, and Bruce were the next ones out. Most likely to keep from any injuries happening.  

You and Jason were still sitting on the floor watching as the family excitedly exited. Both laughing at the sight before looking at each other. “Hey [F/n]” moving so he was right next to you. “Hmm?” humming in acknowledgment.

He hesitated before asking,“Are you ready to have another baby?” uncertainty in his tone, keeping his blue eyes locked with yours. Letting out a sigh, you slowly connected your lips to his in a chaste kiss, which he reciprocated. Pulling away you met his eyes again and nodded, “I am.”

His face broke out in a beaming grin before he kissed you again in the most loving way. After breaking away he took your hand, pulling you up to your feet. After wrapping an arm around your waist he led you out to the patio, not before mumbling how much he loves you in your ear and you happily returning it.