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Ten Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Ah, Halloween. A day of mischief and mayhem, candy and carnage, fun and fright. A day where the streets are littered with children dressed up as their favorite monsters and madmen, hoping to take the title of “scariest kid on the block”–the one who returns home at the end of the night with the biggest collection of candy.

Or at least, that’s how it used to be.

Let’s face it: Halloween has become unappreciated in today’s politically correct society. To be perfectly blunt… it sucks. Nowadays, each costume is “cuter” than the next; princesses, superheroes, fairies, popstars and Disney characters. Sure, there’s the occasional cool kid who will come knocking on your door clad in Michael Myers’ trademark white mask and baggy coveralls, but they’ve become the exception to the rule. Gone are the days of Freddy, Jason, Michael, Chucky and Ghostface worshippers populating the city streets on October 31st, each one younger than the next, each child just a little more frighteningly dedicated to the role than the last.

But the good old days of the 80s and 90s that most of us cling to so lovingly laid the foundation for the increasing commercialization and overall dumbing down of Halloween that seems to get worse every year. What about the years… gaspbefore the 80s and 90s? Believe it or not, there was a time when Halloween costumes with officially licensed characters from TV shows and films were virtually nonexistent. Instead, store shelves were overrun with generic masks bearing the visages of witches, vampires, pumpkins and skulls. And if you were able to score one of those masks, you were the lucky kid on the block. The not-so-lucky kids were slaves to whatever their parents could throw together from common household items, and everything from old couch cushions to worn-out tablecloths were fair game, masks usually made out of such rudimentary material as bags or pillow cases.

But the overall moral of this story? Halloween costumes were way more creepy back in the day. In fact, many were downright disturbing.

So enjoy these ten images showcasing some of the most frightening vintage Halloween costumes and check your closets for some old pillow cases and tablecloths you may not be using… you might just have all the materials required to put together the scariest Halloween costume on the block.

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