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So I took a break from draw answers to ask since college has started and I’m still adjusting, but I still wanted to draw, so I whipped out the ‘ol sketchbook and drew some doodles and stuff for the Little Assistant!

Taking a Sick Day

Hey y’all! So uh….. I tried my hand some g/t writing, based off an idea @pizsospa and myself had, so without further ado, here it is!

It had been weeks since it happened.

Weeks since she and her friends snuck into the household of the egos. Shop couldn’t remember for the life of her WHY they did it. Was a bet? Were they escaping from something? The three of them couldn’t have hidden away in a household full of mini giants for no reason…could they?

Maybe she felt like this because of where she decided to sneak into… while one friend had run off to find Wilford, and the other to the Host, Shop had decided to sneak into Dark’s domain, stupidly choosing to ignore the little voice in her head screaming how bad of an idea it was as she crossed the threshold.

At first, she thought it would work out, full of hope that Dark was not as bad as he always appeared, but she quickly found this is be wrong. Oh so wrong. While he wasn’t quite as malicious as some might have thought, he was still dangerous, and crafty at that, though Shop should have known this, given his manipulative nature.

While her friends were treated with care and spoken to as equals (as far as she could tell), Shop found herself becoming Dark’s personal ‘assistant’, which wouldn’t be all that bad, if being his assistant didn’t mean everything from being a stress reliever in long board meetings, to performing menial tasks while he watches from afar. Shop presumed this was due to her size; when compared to him and everything else in the house, only coming up to someone’s knee seems to make everything just a bit harder to do.

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“Whispers In The Dark” - Digital Oil Painting

A painting for my favorite Rumbelle author, charlotteashmore13, for her fic “The Wonder Of Love.” In it, there are often mental arguments between the spinner Rumple and the ‘caged’ Dark One inside Regular Rumple’s head, so this is what one such argument might look like. I love how the Dark One’s hair turned out!

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.