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anonymous asked:

I wish I had said this earlier... but what is your next blog? I'm kinda stupid at tumblr and stuff, so I don't know how to see the rest of your amazing work. The truth is, I had just tore through the entire blog in an hour. I hope this isn't too demanding, but I want to see the rest of your amazingness. (Less meaningful question that probs won't be answered : Why does Asriel like Beyoncé?)

[ hello, i’m glad you enjoyed my content even a year after i’ve stopped using this blog! it was pretty fun while my interest lasted but sadly it died out pretty quick ;;

the rest of my stuff is on my main blog @soupery , currently i’m not running any comics/askblogs because i’m in college (gasp) but i recently got into ace attorney and i might do something for that once i finish all the games :0!

all that aside, i think i’m done with undertale for now, maybe forever

and simple answer: because she’s the best

cheers, and happy easter! ]

starsfates  asked:

I love reading your roleplays. I can actually hear finn when you write. Your theme is absolutely beautiful and fits him so well. And your playlist is to die for and im enjoying just listening to it. Keep up with the amazingness that you are a human beind and have a lovely day / night ♥

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New to the Fandom, but not Really :)


First things first, HUGE fan of Arrow and practically a goner for these two adorable idiots (or nincompoops as I prefer, I dare you to say it without at least smiling).

(I mean how can you resist, really now?!)

I’ve been a very silent fan (for almost two years now) for a multitude of reasons personal and otherwise. Mainly though, I felt like I had nothing to offer because I don’t make gifs, manips or fanvids and writer’s block has been going on for YEARS. However, I realized that I don’t need those skills to offer a lot of positivity and support as I continue to enjoy all the wonderful work you all put out there. Also, I’m never short of gushes and rants about this show so there’s that too. 

Thank all of you amazing Olicity people out there for the love you put into what you do. jbuffyangel, the amazingness and positivity of your blog got me to think seriously about coming out of my online shell. I have been on the crazy train ever since the first post. #Choo Choo Motherfuckers (Usually a prude about this word but just this once ;)) louiseblue1, you make laugh so hard and I cannot even begin to tell you of my love for the side-eyeing llama gif. supersillyanddorky06, your fics are an absolute gift so thank you! dust2dust34 and dettiot, you kill me with your work in the best ways possible. 

There are so many beautiful people out there who have had such a positive impact on me, you all helped shape this beautiful fandom that I desperately want to be an active member of. And you all kept me sane because your work constituted the best breaks I could get between my crazy hours. (I’m a junior in college studying environmental engineering, the work load will kill me but I absolutely love it.)

I’d love to make some friends who are as ridiculously in love with Olicity’s love as I am. Please?

In the meantime, I’ll be here reblogging all the amazingness, gushing about the nincompoops, and drowning in textbooks and assignments while I desperately await the premiere.

Peace and Light.


(pronounced Leeza ;))

After a little bit over about two months on this blog, I've gained and lost so many followers, and I can proudly say that today I reached 325 followers, which is crazy to me because I'm really not all that great. I'm actually a total loser, and I feel so sorry to anyone and everyone that follows and/or talks to me, because you have to deal with my annoying-ness. That being said, I decided to make a forever follow post, to show my gratitude to all 325 of my followers, and to show some thanks to a select few that really shine on my dash not that you all don't shine, I'm just too lazy to tag all 325 of my followers tbh.

These Are The Nastiest Skank Bitches I Have Ever Met. Do Not Trust Them, They Are Fugly Sluts

smithrps - bae, ilysm. i don’t really know what to put here, because i’m horrible at typing my feelings and such, but you mean a lot to me and all that jazz, and yada yada yada. you already know all this. :)

eriofrp - dOBBYYYYY. so we met like two months ago and at first i was like v intimidated by you, but then i figured out that you’re a little shit. we stopped talking for a few weeks, and then we got reacquainted so we could do another plot about a polyamorous relationship, and even though we haven’t even started that plot yet, we talk pretty much everyday, and that’s pretty cool i guess. and i guess you’re pretty cool too. ily

nialler1x1s - rozaaa, you beautiful human being. you’re literally the sweetest person ever, and ilysfm. you make me smile, and you’re cute, and you can saaang and your accent is v adorable and i enjoy our conversations about zayn and about how cute niall’s booty is <3

marzofrps - listen here u little thottie, ily. i enjoy our conversations even though u always ditch ahem and u make me laugh and u relate to me on a spiritual level. ur the only person i can really rant to about my dislike of ships and celebrities that everyone seems to love, and u listen to me lose my shit over zayn and u match my enthusiasm and batshit craziness over him, so god bless u bitch

dev1x1 - learn how to reply to your texts and IMs, you little shit. but frfr, i was really intimidated by you the first time we plotted, because i’m shy around people i don’t know, but when i warm up to people i lack a filter, something you obviously know by now xD and yeah, you’re like the only one who’s up like 24/7 and when i’m bored at 3 in the morning i know that i can text or IM you and you’ll be there when you’re answering your shit

ashtondear - i almost didn’t recognize you because you changed your url bitch, so you’re lucky i was kind enough to go through my messages to find you. but yeah, aside from that, ily bella. even though you suck at replying on kik, because you never check your kik because you’re a little bitch. but really, we have so many plots going on, and we haven’t even continued the first one we started, but that’s cool bc i can live vicariously through our headcanons <3

dxvinwrites - you’re such a qt, and idk why you think i find you annoying or don’t like you, bc i love you and we’ve plotted so many times but we never follow through with those plots, and that’s okay because talking and plotting with you is pretty awesome, so i’ll take what i can get

robbierps - “i hate you, dick face. go fuck yourself, and i hope you step on fifty thousand legos and fall on a cactus and into a vat of lemon juice.” which in swahili means ily

masondyerps - i’m so tired of u liking my shit, like who gave u the right?? but i’ll forgive you bc ilysm and i enjoy our conversations and our plots and we really need to get started on those ziam, lirry and stylescest plots okok.

nicole-rps - you’re like one of the best people i’ve ever met here on tumblr, and i love you bunches, and i love our talks on aim and i love delix and just everything and you’re fun to talk to and we talk about real shit and it’s all just pretty cool. you’re pretty cool <3

casanovawrites - ok so we never talk anymore, but i still consider you a really really good friend, like a best friend, and i love you lots and i miss talking to you, and i keep meaning to message you on aim but for some reason i don’t and i have to fix that mhmm <3

bettrps - i almost forgot to add you in this and dfkjsd i’M SORRY but i didn’t and here you are! we have two awesome-tastic plots rn, and i love them so much and dfkjsd thank you for blessing me with your amazingness, and thank you for telling me that it is possible to have wifi in a mobile home xD ily

sammyroleplays - ugh you’re such a cutie ok? never stop being cute. you’re so sweet and nice and i really enjoy talking to you on kik, and i really love the plot that we have right now and just ugh ily

spookyassists - bitchfuccckkk ily<3333 you’re literally the bae like you make my day when we talk, and you’re hilarious and we need to talk more, and you did the graphics for my blog, and they look flawless and perf and ilysm

stilinskiirps - you suck, but i still ly, even though you acting flakey and donT WANNA TALK TO NOBODY ANYMORE. stop acting brand new >.>

sammierps - baaeee, ily. you da realest mvp. i’m starting to get hella tired and sleepy, so i’m sorry for cutting this little note short, but you know that ily and you know that you can always message me on aim to chat or plot or whatever :*

My Lovely RP Partners, Or People I've Talked To A Few Times And Would Love To Talk To Again

tiffanyassists - mcqueenrps - willettrps - spooky1x1s - saraof1x1 - writingmalik - niall1x1s - myersofrp - osbornerps - ddlovatosrps - buttrps - jennaof1x1 - xavier1x1 - deathbytomlinson - teixeira1x1 - 1x1nshit - frantarps - radhelps - mellyrps - creativekaitlyn - fandomxwhores - hemmingssrps - gonzo1x1 - narryrants - tommofrps - tommoassists - gleekywolfrp - allanarps - malikofrp - hemmingsrph - hemming1x1s - georgie1x1s - cjassists - uhrps - scilestalks - shannrps

The People I See On My Dash That I Want To Talk To/Plot With, But LOL I'm A Shy Little Shit

benzofrps - harrehspeaks - laurps - wickedofrp - fionaroleplays - woah1x1s - ashleybrps - ashstymestrps - niallrpt - rayarps - pikachurps - 18rps - grimmersofrp - tomplots - ansolorps - bina1x1 - stephanierps - salemrps - rpnightingale - fistzarry - harryofrph 

This is just a small list of the people that follow me that make my day a whole lot brighter when I look at my fash. If I could list everyone, I would, but that would take hours and I've already been working on this for like an hour and a half and I don't have the attention span to do it anymore xD Buuut, I'm v thankful to all of my followers and friends. I love you all <3 OH! And credit to eriofrp for making this beautiful graphic for meee.