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for anti-honesty hour: who are your fav bands/artists and why

Well for starters one of my all time favorite bands is…. The Be Sharps

I mean, these are the legendary lads from Springfield, especially when on of their most popular songs was released… Baby On Board. There harmonies were some of the most beautiful ever, the style was just totally on point, and that album Bigger Than Jesus…a masterpiece! George Harrison even said that Homer was “A nice fellow!” when they met at the Grammy after party in 1984. 

To this day this pic of them on the rooftop performing for the last time still gets to me….

Also if you wanna talk about some guys who just absolutely killed it with their musical talent, then look no further than

Although the band only released a one hit single,  Gitchi Gitchi Goo, but the boys, their sister, and friends all went on to create multiple wonders from multiple genres…from rock and roll classics, to techno, to a rap song about squirrels in your pants, to country, and the blues. They’re mother was even the famous singer Lindonna, so it must just run in the family! Like these guys got a band back together

I mean what a feat to accomplish, and yes, yes they were a little young to be doing all this, which makes them even more impressive!

They’re pet platypus had his own theme song and his evil nemesis had all these catchy songs too like, those are the spectacular one in a billion things that we got to experience, so many magnificent artists of our time. 

And I would like to show off a duo that has a unique and alternative spin on music that I think is genius

Meep Moorps, what a unique and original sound this duo creates, I definitely know they will become one of the classic legends someday, just wait and see….

And finally, one of the finest composers of our time

Who single handedly started one of the most powerful bands in history…

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I highly recommend you check every one of these guys out, all are true legends