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Here’s the first oneshot and the opening for my announced Smut Week :) I hope you’ll enjoy :*


On the evening of the 24th of december, BTS decided to watch an older christmas-movie to celebrate their few days off. After Jin cooked a full traditional meal for him and his bandmates, Namjoon and Hoseok started cleaning the table, Yoongi and Jimin prepared the snacks as Jungkook and Taehyung threw all kinds of pillows, blankets and plushies onto the sofas.

“Guys hurry! I’m bored!”, Jin screamed as he sat in his favorite seat.

It didn’t take long until all seven members have finally settled down, the eldest starting the movie. Everybody sat down, Namjoon, Jungkook, Hoseok and Jimin all on one couch, Jin in his single sofa as well as Taehyung and Yoongi on the third one. Wanting to get more comfortable, Tae placed his favorite fuzzy blanket over his and Yoongi’s legs as he leaned his head against his hyungs shoulder. After Yoongi shifted uncomfortably to get in a better position, he placed his right arm over Tae’s waist, pulling him closer. The film played loudly, the light of the TV the only thing that lit up the room around them. Taehyung was actually enjoying the movie almost as much as being cuddled up into his beloved hyung. Maybe he loved him even more than he wanted to admit, because the only thing he could focus on was the smell of Yoongi surrounding himand the steady beating of the elders heart against his back. He tried to concentrate only on the playing movie and somehow managed to, but as soon as Yoongi’s left hand brushed against his crotch, both of their bodies instantly stiffened up.

“Hey… Tae relax…”, Yoongi whispered softly into his ear.

And so he did. Just when he relaxed again, the elder’s hand brushed over his crotch once again, this time resting on top of it. Tae could feel the warmth of his touch seeping trough his two layers of clothes, slowly feeling himself hardening under the elder’s touch.

“Tae-ah. Tell me something. Tell your hyung something. Do you like me?”, Yoongi whispered, his hot breath tickeling Taehyung’s ear and causing goosebumps to run down his back.

His body stiffened up once again.

“Tae… Tae-ah… answer me…”

Instead of answering, the younger lifted his hips a little, pressing his growing erection even more into the elder’s palm.

“You’re such a pet sometimes, Taehyung-ah…”

“Yah Yoongi! Shut up, we want to hear the movie!”, Hoseok screamed mildly annoyed.

“Yoongi… I…”, Tae didn’t continue because he wasn’t sure what to say exactly.

“You know why I was asking? Because I do like you, Tae-ah.”, Yoongi whispered again, voice so innocent as his hand moved it’s way to grab Tae’s stiffened dick skin on skin, no layer of clothes in between.

“I dreamed about you so often while you were sleeping next door. You can’t even imagine how many times I almost came over to do this to you. And then, as if you knew it, you kept behaving so sexual… Did you tease me, Tae-ah?!”

“No hyung, I… I didn’t know that…”

By the time he answered, Yoongi started moving his hand up and down slowly, his gliding getting easier by lubricating his hand with Tae’s precum. The younger knew that now wasn’t the time to speak anymore. He had to stay quiet even though a heavy moan was building up inside of his throat. As if Yoongi was able to sense Tae’s restraining, he started pressing his thumb onto the younger’s slit, practically forcing him to spill a sound. When he realised that Tae was still able to keep quiet, he picked up his pace. But still, Taehyung endured all the stimulation silently. Even though to Yoongi it seemed like Tae was not at all struggling to keep quiet, the younger was fighting against the reflexes of his body hard. He wanted to moan, to scream, release low grunts, he had the urge to kiss Yoongi, make out with him, slide his slender fingers through the elder’s mint hair. But he couldn’t do any of that, not if he doesn’t want the other members notice their actions. He had been teased by Jungkook often enough about liking “Yoongi-hyung” a little bit too much. Anyways, now the same hyung he was apparently showing too much affection to, started pumping even quicker, flicking his wrist in a way that had Tae gasping for air. He was close, so close. Still, from the missing communication of moans and grunts, Yoongi didn’t notice until Tae was spilling. Spilling his hot seed all over Yoongis hand and the insides of his now ruined boxers. After riding out Tae’s high carefully, the elder freed his hand again to clean it with a tissue he got from the desk next to them. Taehyung cuddled back into the form of his hyung, clearly feeling uncomfortable with his sticky essence in his boxers.

“Yah Tae-ah. You better come to my room tonight once everyone is asleep. You need to pay be back big time for that.”, Yoongi whispered in his ear, Tae being able to hear the slight smirk that was forming on his hyung’s pretty lips.

He will make Yoongi pay for not being able to even breath heavier. He will definetly punish him. Or at least make him regret that he wasn’t able to earn one of his moans. Because Taehyung knows damn well that only his voice can fuck people up, Jungkook told him often enough. 


I hope you enjoyed some cutesy Tae feauturing naughty Yoongi scenario ;)

Tomorrow I will finally post the next part of “Spa Weekend” ^^

I hope you all have a very merry christmas! Celebrate with your families and cheerish the time together!



Cashew, we’re going out for an hour! Can you watch little Kabuki while we’re gone?

Yeah, sure whatever.

And go take a shower, too!

Yeah, whatever dad.

Bye honey!


Oh, there you are little bug.

Hello to you. Hm? What’s that you’re holding?

Ah! Learning your words already? What a bookie! (haha, that actually sounds like his name, cool.)


Haha, man you’ve got the brains.

Let’s see… what about my name? Can you say my name? See, It’s C-A-S-H-E-W! Pretty easy right?




……Good job, little guy. You totally nailed it.

((purr purr purr purr))