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#50: ...or we could make out... - LUKE HARPER

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You sighed as you heard laughter drift from inside the kitchen. Nikki and Brie had somehow talked you into coming to Nattie and TJ’s party with them. You weren’t sure why you agreed to go. You hated being around lots of people and you hated all the cameras that came with Total Divas. Maybe that’s how you ended up sitting by yourself poolside while everyone else was enjoying the party inside.

“Some party, huh?” A deep voice asked, interrupting your thoughts as you saw someone take a seat next to you.

You looked over to see Luke Harper looking over at you.

“It’s…nice. I’m not really into this kind of thing, though.” You admitted as you gave him a small smile.

“Neither am I. Bray made me come.” He said.

“Same…I mean not Bray…Bray didn’t make me come. But Brie and Nikki did.” You said as you tripped over your own words. You had a tiny crush on Luke which made you get super nervous anytime he was around.

He gave a little chuckle at you stuttering, which made you feel a little less nervous but it didn’t make the blush any better.

As the two of you sat there for most of the night you came to realize that Luke was quiet, but he was hilarious. His comedic side was a side you had never seen. Mainly because with the exception of Bray and a few others, he didn’t talk to a lot of people backstage.

You had to hold your stomach because you were laughing so hard it hurt. As the night continued you could see the stares from your peers from inside the house, but you shook them off. You were just getting to know him better because you were both kind of outcasts at the party.

It was just after midnight when Nikki, who had brought you to the party came outside to tell you she was going to be spending the night at Nattie’s house.

“What? How am I supposed to get home now?” You asked as you looked up at her.

“I can take you home,” a deep voice said from beside you.

“Are you sure?” You asked as you turned your head to look over at Luke. He gave you a small smile and nodded.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” He said.

“See there you go! There’s nothing to worry about!” Nikki said before shooting you a wink when Luke wasn’t looking.

Half an hour later you found yourself sitting in Luke’s truck in front of your apartment building.

“Well, I should probably go inside.” You said as you reached for your purse that was sitting next to your feet.

…or we could make out…” If you hadn’t been paying attention you might have missed it, that’s how soft spoken it was.

“W-what?” You asked

“I mean, it was just an idea…you know what just…just forget it.” He said.

You leaned over the console to place a kiss to his cheek. He immediately stopped talking and turned to look at you.

“I’d like that,” you said as your lips curved into a smile. He gave you a smile of his own before he cupped the side of your face with his hand and started to lean in.

thanks for inviting me to the party. if you need me, i’ll be in the corner, drinking & trying not to make eye contact


about tarted up: a project i started when i realised most of the clothing i get in ea packs were going to waste :-( i give them small, simple makeovers that make them more useable. please enjoy!

  • from sparkly party animal to greek goddess
  • only comes in white - with gold or rose gold details
  • base game compatible
  • please don’t claim as your own!


Downright Neighborly

Fandom: WWE/TNA

Pairing: Jeff Hardy/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

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Me, before reading Nobuyuki’s route: Haha, how terrifying can he be?

Me, after reading Nobuyuki’s route:

He has some serious yandere vibes……….

Downright Neighborly; Part Two

Fandom: WWE/TNA

Pairing: Jeff Hardy/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday Crew, welcome aboard our jaunty ship once again! Tagging our usual suspects, the Prince Of Badasses @toxiicpop, Strowman’s Maestro @hardcorewwetrash and the All-Seeing Polaris @oraclegazes!

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