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“I’m definitely going to tear that ace number right off your back!”

Sawamura Eijun wallpapers requested by @eijuhn ✩

Hey everyone!! How are you all? :D Hope you are doing okie! *hugs* So were on October already and what is October without our favorite and awesome holiday?! XD Here it is, Halloween theme with our cute Hero Girls!!! º\( >U< )/º Hehe, I was doing a version with the images our sweet BNHA guys, but wasn’t being much successful and then when I saw this new image of BNHA, I thanked to the heavens for this!! Hahaha! XD So anyways, I hope you like it :D *hugs you tight* Wish you all a wonderful weekend! AND TRICK OR TREAT!!! XD

Uhu, I do like it when my story sprouts new stuff on me out of the blue. I tend to have the good fortune of all the new stuff fitting in really well with what already exists. Like, the sword demon’s name? I came up with it a couple weeks ago while hiking, but it’s perfect. Fits in so well. This new worldbuildy detail I came up with tonight does, too.

This is honestly one of the most satisfying parts of writing for me - when something happens that I didn’t plan or expect. The writing and world itself shifts organically as the story progresses, with throwaway lines spawning entire new concepts/subplots/etc.

The biggest example? This whole thing with Kaminaga only happened because when I introduced him in chapter 8 I wrote him unexpectedly creepy and then suddenly his sword was a demon and it all snowballed from there. It wasn’t planned at all. It just…happened, and the story rearranged itself on me, and I think it’s cool as fuck how one’s own writing can do that.

Tl;dr: The absolute coolest thing about writing, for me, is seeing where unexpected things can take you.

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is get a kiss from my wife, and every night before I fall asleep, the last thing I do is get a kiss from my wife.

Let me tell you, I am a lucky lady.

Aw man, I really wanted to see Mark’s show but… Ehhhhh…
Hopefully next time… Hopefully…

I hope they give y'all more than just a good show when he comes here to Houston!!
Really bummed to miss it… :/

oh yeah I'm not sure I told everyone about this thing with my dad watching Princess Tutu
  • Dad: *circa the Freya episode* Wait, what's going on?
  • Me: They're trying to get someone to sacrifice their heart.
  • Dad: Why?
  • Me: They're trying to get it for the Raven.
  • Dad: Oh, that guy.
  • Me: *dying of laughter* Yes. That guy. Rue's abusive father.
  • Dad: He should go to jail.


For today’s daily dose of pain, I present to you these beautiful specimens from the Denver gem, mineral, fossil, and jewelry show. There were so many gorgeous rocks but I desperately wanted these gorgeous babes. However, I am way too poor for that shit.

There was also a wolf skul that I unfortunately didn’t take pictures of from a suuuuuuper old girl who barely had any teeth left that I wanted to rescue. She had been boiled and bleached, poor lady :(

“The Gods are not picky in who they choose to do their bidding.”

While in between work and commissions, I’m going to be heavily working on my greatest personal project, Eidolon. I plan on working it into a graphic novel/comic, and I hope you are all interested in the fun I have in store ahead!

As a little taster, I am preparing images of Eidolon with some basic information.

Eidolon pt 1.

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aimless sketching kinda lead me to think…. what would the esper boys’ ghost-like form look like?

aannnnnnd several thoughts started to bounce around my head so wrote them down under the cut…..

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