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Welp, @destatree finished my celeb AU chapter…

….as promised I’ll be doing a double promptis post for her! Here is the first one; boys in their ugly, disgustingly sweet and very accurate matching hoodies that is well heavily inspired by her Ludic fic instead ahahaha! I found them on pinterest and went for it! 

summer hinoka and takumi doodle~

It’s Saturday and I decided to draw something that makes myself happy :D

Not sure if you had played paper doll dress-up when you were young, but it was a really common game among my friends back then here. So I think “hey why not draw a Tony version?”

Hope you like it ;D

(Below is the template that you can print out to play if you are interested ;D)

“Dear younger me,
If I knew then what I know now
Condemnation would’ve had no power
My joy my pain would’ve never been my worth
If I knew then what I know now
Would’ve not been hard to figure out
What I would’ve changed if I had heard…

Dear younger me
It’s not your fault.

You are holy
You are righteous
You are one of the redeemed
Set apart a brand new heart
You are free indeed

Every mountain every valley
Thru each heartache you will see
Every moment brings you closer
To who you were meant to be!”

How wonderful it is to discover that you are loved!  When you thought you were alone, to find that you are wanted!  To know that all along there were those who believed you were great!

@merlinsmushrooms had this song on a playlist for Cedric and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it so have some art.


red lips, nasa eyes 💋💫💙

Some Rohan pen+pencil doodles I did in class ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ because if linear relations are more important than anything, it is most definitely not Rohan mcfreakin Kishibe


Some Queer shirt designs I made for Pride Month (and my queer friends :3c)

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Bi Felicia  ||  Bi Bi Miss American Pie

My Girlfriend Is A Literal Goddess  

Things I Need: •Food •My Dog ♡My Datemate

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OT5 Fave Appreciation - Louis-centric
5/5. Because everyone’s favourite deserves love

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available as stickers if you’re interested ;o

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@herebelife idk why it won’t let me tag you! Here’s an update on Lily’s heel! We’ve practiced A LOT just initial position and now I’m having trouble teaching her ‘front’ because her default is to automatically swing to my side 😂 she does NOT do anything normally so I had to incorporate a ‘touch’ to get her to be finally straight. She is immensely enthusiastic about this command, as seen by the literal punch!

Also she works for sausage links in this, can you tell?

Getting told that having a tattoo will lower my chance of getting hired places gave me equal feelings of “im going to get 50 more” and “ :( ”