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More Hogwarts AU stuff. Introducing classmates! Lucille is the bird-girl from OTGW (I just gave her a name) and Pat and Oliver are OCs of mine. Info on Dipper, Mabel, Wirt and Greg’s parents, hopefully the writing isn’t too small (more info on Pacifica will appear during the AU, as well as Wendy; Wirt’s dad does not make any appearance in the AU. He’s just there to be the reason to a problem XP

Also, Wirt’s Beast. Now ya know 8DD

Dear, Secret Admirer

Reader x Member (ft. Hoseok)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut

Words: 407

On Valentine’s Day, you receive an anonymous love letter, only to find out that your secret admirer sends you one every month. Before long, you become fond of your anonymous love interest, despite the fact that you are already taken.

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A/N: Hey babes, I’m so sorry for being a little inactive. I had a job while I’m still in school so I had no time. But I quit after like 2 months so…that means more writing from me! This will be a series and I’m so excited to write it! If you’re wondering why I don’t give a specific member it’s because I can’t reveal it yet! You’ll have to read to find out! Sadly, this is only the prologue, but I hope you enjoy! 

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Like this winter and a sweater

Ship: Jon x Sansa, background Ned/Cat, Robb/Jeyne, Arya/Gendry

‘Why don’t you come with me?’

Jon squints at her, sure he’s misheard.


‘To Winterfell. Why don’t you come with me?

or; Sansa takes pity on Jon and invites him home for the holidays, but there’s one significant catch. 10k. Fake dating. On AO3 if you prefer.

AN: For jonxsansafanfictions winter challenge. The fic is still unfinished but I wanted to get something out before christmas day. Consider this part one of two. 

Jon shoulders open the door to his small apartment and drops his keys into the bowl on the side, stamping the last flakes of snow sticking to his boots free onto his doormat. Outside the streets of Chicago are littered with fairy lights and big baubled christmas trees stand in the lobby of every department store in the city. The walls of Jon and Robb’s flat are bare in comparison, the only blinking light coming from the answering machine down the hall. Jon sighs and shifts his shopping to the kitchen before pressing play on the machine. Just as he expected, Lyanna Snow’s soft voice starts to spiral into the room.

‘Jon? Jon darling, are you there? Robb?… Jon if you’re in, please pick up the phone…. I guess you’re out.’ A sigh crackles down the line. ‘Jon, I just wanted to make sure you haven’t changed your mind. Your father and I would very much like to spend the holiday with you and I miss you, honey. Your father wants to see you. Please, Jon, just think about it. Give me a ring later? Ok, bye for now.’

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I have my issues with bioware, which I feel like is putting it maybe too lightly, but dragon age has gotten me through some of my most suffocating depressive episodes. 

Monitor (M)

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REQUESTED: Jinyoung Slytherin au

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1868

Warnings: SMUT!!

note: requested by the lovely, @athreeyeardelayedarmy! I’m a huge potterhead so this request was fun to write haha! i hope you enjoy this one, my dear! happy reading and take care -admin

You were seated in the pitch, watching the Quidditch match between your house, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. You watched as the brooms flied past you with a whoosh of wind blowing your hair to the side. Slytherin was winning and you were hoping that one of the seekers could catch the Golden Snitch to end the game so you could go back to your studies. And Slytherin’s seeker was on it.

Everyone knew who he was because of his reputation. He was the top in all of his classes, Slytherin’s best player on the Quidditch team and, known of his handsome looks. Throughout his first year and second year at Hogwarts, everyone knew him as Junior. Now, he has made himself clear that his name was Jinyoung. Your friends called him Prince Jinyoung because of how he was treated in class and in the hallways. Just the presence of him would make girls turn their heads just to look at his shining figure. You, on the other hand, ignored his attention to focus on your studies.

“Jinyoung’s going in for the Snitch!” You heard through the speakers. Gripping the Ravenclaw flag in hand, you watched as Jinyoung dived down with his bromm, his arm fully stretched and the Snitch right in front of him. Soon, the crowd next to you screamed their heads off, jumping up and down meaning that Slytherin had won the game. Your friends next to you let out a disappointed sigh you started to file out of the pitch.

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Frozen in his Fate

So this little ficlet is for the very lovely @mysteryprof​ for their birthday. I am terribly sorry for not getting this to you earlier, but I had a busy day! Hope your birthday was fun!!! Enjoy, my dear!!!

Prompt: Hanzo’s Demon skin from the Halloween Terror event

It had been many years, decades even, since the demon had let himself become attached to another creature. Attachment led to fondness, and fondness led to weakness… and weakness could be exploited by those who would wish to control him. So this particular demon dwelled apart from his brethren, those he used to consider family. Alone, he felt safe. Alone, the demon felt at peace.

The demon chuckled to himself. ‘A demon at peace with itself… preposterous…’ he thought while staring up at the cold winter moon. “There is no peace for those damned beyond redemption,” he murmured to the barren forest as a light snow began to fall among the trees.

The demon looked down at his arm, at the tattoo snaking up from the wrist onto his chest. The design was a reminder of the demon’s late blood brother. By branding his very skin with his brother’s face, the demon would always be reminded of what he had done to his brother, to their family.

But that had been many centuries ago, and by now both brothers had come to terms with what they had become. Yet that did not mean that the demon regretted his actions, his mistakes. For years now, he had been searching for something to finally end their everlasting torment; even if he knew his destiny was already set in stone, he still searched.

The demon sighed as he closed his eyes, remembering the agonies he had wreaked upon his family all those years ago. He would never forget the monstrous shadows he saw in the fires consuming his family’s home. The cries of helpless nobles from atop the highest temple floor and the echoing wails of servants trapped behind walls of fire… and it was in those flames that he saw what he had become. Those were the flames he had pushed his brother into… only to see the younger man emerge from the inferno, his dragon’s aura flickering around his body…


A howl ripped through the calm winter air, pulling the demon back into the present. He looked up, the emptiness of his eyes reflecting the moon’s harsh light. “So this fool is back… again,” he growled quietly as he readied himself for a fight. Ever since that night, the demon did not enjoy any sort of hostile engagement. Losing his dragons might have had more of an impact on his abilities than the demon would like to admit, but he still was able to take down his prey.

A shadow slipped into the demon’s view, moving low across the ground until it was a few meters away from where the demon stood. He looked at the mysterious shadow warily, slowly preparing to fire an arrow from his Hellbow. The shadow jerkily moved to stand on two legs, its face suddenly struck by the moonlight. The demon tightened his grip on his bow, memories flooding back to him all too quickly.

A man, his brown eyes twinkling as a laugh sounded from his lips… The moon reflecting off the mirrored surface of a lake deep in the woods… Night after of night of unbridled passion… The dark walls of the cave echoing the sounds they made together… Running his hands through his partner’s soft hair… Breathing in the scents of the forest that always seemed to cling to his lover’s clothes…

Long tangled locks of matted hair fell past the man’s face, blood dripping from his mouth. He looked up at the demon, the pleading look in his eyes quickly succumbing to one of ravenous hunger and insatiable lust. “Ya should know by now that ya can’t ever run from me, darlin’… I’ll always sniff out that sweet scent of yours,” the beastly man snarled at the demon, a nasty grin spreading across his face.

The demon sighed again, earning a chuckle from the other. “What, nothin’ to say to me, sugar? How long has it been, a few years?” The man slowly began to walk towards the demon, each of his words laced with venomous intent.

The demon bowed his head slightly, taking a shallow breath before speaking softly. “You are not the first beast they have sent to kill me, nor will you be the last,” he said, raising his gaze to meet his former lover’s bloodshot eyes. ‘Dead eyes…’ he mused to himself as he drew back the arrow he had nocked not moments before.

The demon’s voice was barely above a whisper as he spoke, but he knew the other man could hear it perfectly.

“You are already dead.”

The arrow flew straight and true, as all his shots did. The beast that was once the most precious person to him fell to the icy ground with a dull thud. The demon stood there for a moment staring at the body before turning and walking deeper into the frozen forest, his mantra  repeating over in his mind.

‘With every death, comes honor. With honor, redemption.’

BTS Reaction: You have a lot of tattoos

Request:  BTS reaction to their girlfriend having a lot of tattoos? Love ur blog btw I hope you get over ur writers block 😘

A/N: Thank you so much you lovely lovely anon! Thank you so much for your patience, I’ve been looking forward to writing this! Enjoy my dear xx


Originally posted by bwiseoks

I think he would be more interested in them than anything else and would respect your decision to have them but, as I imagine Jin being slightly more traditional, wouldn’t necessarily be swayed to getting one himself. However, seeing them on you he’d think they were pretty and only accentuated your features, causing him to admire how you could pull off any look be it badass tattoos or a gentle princess.


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I definitely think Yoongi would be into them the most and you’d often catch him sweeping his eyes across them or tracing the outlines of your tattoos while you two were intimate. He’d want to know the story between each and every one of them and would always ask you if you think he would suit tattoos, his biggest struggle being knowing what to get.


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Hobi would really love the way your tattoos made you different and helped you stand out from the crowd. He liked the way the pieces of art on your skin represented every little part of your personality and it helped you present yourself in a way no one else could, much like how he tried to express himself through dancing. 

Rap Monster:

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It’s no secret Namjoon has a very real appreciation for art and all forms of it and so your tattoos would be no exception. To him you would be the most beautiful art gallery and he would insist that you take him with you when you got your next tattoo so he could see how it all works in order to get a real appreciation for how it all works.


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He would find your tattoos incredibly sexy as they made his adorable jagi look hot af. He would probably encourage you to get more if you wanted to and would show them off to all his friends, showing off how different and cool his Y/N was. He’d often browse on instagram and show you different tattoo designs to try and compensate for the fact he was too scared to get a tattoo himself.


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I think Tae would be overwhelmed by how brave you must be! After all, weren’t all tattoos excruciatingly painful? He would go with you to se you get one done to reassure him that some weren’t too painful but the minute he saw the needle he would feel queezy and would have to leave the shop before he passed out. 


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Jungkook would be both impressed and turned on by your tattoos. He’d love the look it gave you and how it was unlike any other girls he saw in his day to day life and would also love the tattoos themselves and what they meant to you. He’d also be impressed by how much thought went into each tattoo much like how much thought went into his albums and songs.


ok but have u considered: ace bfs kakyoin & jotaro


For the lovely @sirenja-and-the-stag, who wanted a storm and Hannigram S4 comfort-giving. I hope you enjoy this, my dear! <3

He wakes alone. Doesn’t realise it at first, drowsiness clinging stubbornly like a lover as he reaches automatically across the bed. But when searching fingers contact only empty, cooling sheets instead of firm muscle and warm skin, Will’s eyelids flicker open.

Turns his head and glances at the bedside clock: three-fifty. Yet light pours in through the ceiling-to-floor window, a wall of glass overlooking the ocean. Another moment and it’s gone, as if some supernatural hand has flicked off a gigantic universal switch, plunging the world into darkness.

Then the rumbling starts, distant at first, growing louder. Persistent, aggressive. And Will realises what’s happening.

Flinging back the covers, a grin tugging at his lips, he swings his legs over the side of the bed and pads across the room to get a better view. Doesn’t think he’ll have long to wait  - the storm’s moving closer - and sure enough, within a few moments, silver streaks burst across the sky in vivid flashes, stealing Will’s breath.

For a while he stands, clad only in his boxers, enjoying the spectacle. Waves, frothing and writhing against the unforgiving rocks lining the shore; clouds, bruised and swollen, scudding grimly across the sky; and every so often, jagged bolts of lightning dissecting the darkness with lethal precision.

Until it occurs to him that several minutes have passed and he’s still alone.

Throwing on a t-shirt, he leaves the bedroom and makes his way downstairs. Checks on Ceph, still sleeping soundly, curled up on her favourite mat in the utility room. Frowning, Will looks around. A light, dim lamplight, draws him to the living room. It seems at first glance to be unoccupied until he spots Hannibal sitting on the cream rug, back to the sofa, torso bare and pyjama-clad knees drawn up, nursing a tumbler of whiskey, hands white around the glass.

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Dance With Me

Commission for @shadoouge! She asked for a fluffy one-shot based on her art of Nalu’s kids, which you can find here! It is absolutely lovely, and she is a great artist! Her art is so cute! <3

I hope you enjoy, my dear! I added a couple of extra words for you at no charge since I enjoyed this idea so much! <3 

pairing: nalu

type: fluff one-shot

characters: natsu, lucy, and their children

word count: 1133

“Long day?” Natsu asked as Lucy groaned, kicking off her shoes and settling into the couch in the living room with a long sigh.

“Tell me about it. First I do the report that my boss wanted me to finish, but he said that it wasn’t good enough and sent me back to write it over again! And then my lunch was spoiled, Levy wasn’t there for me to rant to, and a couple of my coworkers were being rude to me,” Lucy said, leaning back into the couch and tipping her head back to touch the cushion.

“I know something that will cheer you up, Luce,” he said, turning on the music and taking her hand. Natsu grinned as he twirled Lucy around the room, letting out a chuckle when she accidentally stepped on his feet. The radio played a classical tune, which was Lucy’s favorite. He had planned this before she got home from work, and she was excited for their dancing time.

“Sorry!” she said as she was spun once again, and she squealed when he dipped her low and kissed her firmly. His lips felt like magic to her, and they indulged in their kisses for a few moments. Natsu also loved kissing his wife as her mouth knew how to work wonders.

When they broke apart, Lucy smiled softly. Natsu was almost as shocked from her beautiful smile as he was from the electricity of her kiss. Leaning in to give her one last peck, Lucy closed her eyes slowly as Natsu appoached. Their lips drew closer, and Lucy could feel the heat of his breath on her face. She pushed herself toward him, waiting for their lips to connect in bliss–

“Ew!” a tiny voice said, and Lucy let out the tiniest breath and opened her eyes before turning to their daughter. The small girl of three’s eyes were shut tightly and her tongue out in disgust.

“Nashi,” Natsu began gently, dropping to his knees to look his small daughter in the eyes, “What did we say about interrupting mom and dad’s dancing time?”

“That it might lead to more than dancing,” the girl answered, hopping up and down when she got the right answer. Plue followed behind her and let out his signature catch phrase.

“Natsu! You said that to Nashi?” Lucy smacked her husband on the head, and Natsu groaned at the pain.

“Well, she has to know about it somehow,” he said, rubbing the sore spot now.

“Yes, but not at three years old!” Lucy pouted, crossing her arms over her chest and turning away from Natsu.

He ran a hand through his rose locks. Uh-oh, she was mad. And he had to remedy this situation somehow.

“Nashi,” he said after thinking of a solution, “Let’s play the tickle game.”

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The fan who took this photos and posted on her twitter said :

Waving his hand, Yuzu was skating around the rink while smiling. At that time, there could be heard a voice saying [ Thank you ]. Passing in front of me, Looking to the ice, facing down, he looked like fighting back the tears from falling down on his eyes so hard. I have many things to say thank you, but couldn’t do it well.