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New Year’s Post

Ok, so I was gonna do this on actual New Year’s and then things got crazy and life happened and I forgot, so this is my belated New Year’s Post. 

I’m super thankful for every single person who follows this blog, every person who sends in requests, who reads the posts, who likes, who reblogs said posts, and so many people (especially recently) have sent in so many kind words it’s hard to describe how happy it makes me. 

This is really weird for me because for the past four years I’ve been battling depression and anxiety and had gotten away from writing. I used to write all the time, but after a while it just seemed meaningless and stupid so I stopped. 

I believe I started this blog around August not expecting much and since then, I’ve found this amazing group of people who are nothing but kind (even when I mess up my posting schedule lol). I still have depression and anxiety (those aren’t going away anytime soon) but it certainly helps to have this blog and you gorgeous people who follow it. It seriously makes my day whenever I see any of my posts getting even just one like. I just wanted to make this post in appreciation for all of you guys because yeah, I make these stories because I like to, but I also make them because I know at least one person might like it. And when posts get more than like three notes I become the biggest nerd and just sit there, staring at my phone or my computer smiling like an idiot. 

Tldr; I love all of you because you all make my life a better place to live and I appreciate it more than words can convey

Charlie was very happy to tell anyone that asked that she was perfectly normal, thank you.  Unlike her constantly sick brother or her crazy genius parents or even her cool but vaguely homicidal uncle, she was completely average.  And it made her very happy.  She palnned to find the (obviously) average person with the mark matching hers, have an average wedding, raise average kids and continue to enjoy an average life.

But plans never worked out properly around Mathesons.  Maybe they really were cursed.  But that was hardly the thought on the Monday she walked into her parents’ lab to bring them coffee.  She knew they were going to be showing off a new invention to some investor and she wated to be there to support them.

Charlie was looking down to text her Uncle Miles and ended up running into someone.  Judging by the expensiveness of the woman’s suit and the body guards separating them, it was probably the investor.  Charlie felt mortified knowing she might have just cost her parents money by spilling coffee on a potential client.

The feeling didn’t leave when the woman took off her coffee stained jacket to reveal a swirling vine and flower design on her left arm.  The one that matched the mark on Charlie’s left arm as well.  “Uh, soul mate?” she said, revealing her own mark.  So much for her hope of an average life.