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Prompt idea: Cute Rucas napping fluff

a/n: thank you so much for the prompt anon!! sorry it took so long to get to you, i was working on another one before this one and then this took me a little longer than anticipated. as requested this is extremely extremely fluffy and i’ll have you know anon, that this lowkey killed me and i’m now blogging from rucas heaven. enjoy! 

word count: 1,398

“I can’t believe you almost fell asleep in my dad’s class.” Riley says, disbelief laced in her tone as she enters her bedroom and dumps her backpack on her desk chair.

“I’m more surprised that he didn’t embarrass me in front of the entire class, that seems to be a favorite pastime of his.” Riley rolls her eyes at her boyfriend’s comment as he follows her lead, entering her bedroom and putting his backpack down on the floor at the foot of her bed. “It’s all your fault you know.”

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these drawings are from like 2014 and i’m really sorry to say that i’m never going to finish this reigisa / moulin rouge AU. (now i’ve moved on to a victuuri moulin rouge au because i love suffering lmao) 

anyways, enjoy these drawings that i DID finish. i finished the first five lines of the song and then skipped around so they’re out of order too. 

uploading the unfinished sketches of the rest of the scene on my patreon






I feel like we’ve finally unlocked some plot with this. 


While this is going on, the boys were at the bar just a few short walk away.

I felt like making this after noticing the Oscar are tomorrow, so I quickly made this neat drawing of Moana and Judy greeting each with good lucks to each other.

Now, I would make it just a Zootopia wins picture ,especially since I’m a Zootopia fan. But, I wanted to be fair with Moana fans, since it’s also getting the same kind of praise. So, a compromise is being made between to two characters. Anyway, enjoy this awesome picture, and good luck to both films at the Oscars.

…Mostly Zootopia.

Feels Like Flying (James Potter x Reader)

Harry Potter: Marauder’s Era

James Potter x Reader

Plot; The reader and James are in 5th year, and the reader is a muggleborn who has been taking ballet since six years old. James finds her in the astronomy tower dancing, after a night of werewolf protecting, and develops an interest for her. 

a/n; ok, so just to get this out of the way, I don’t know anything about ballet/dancing at all. (I took it for about two years when i was like five whoops.) but I had this idea and thought it was cute. so i apologize if i got anything wrong, or wrote something that didn’t make much sense to you dance people out there. I actually had to go and google search a lot of the names and stuff for this but I think it turned out alright. also, the gif is NOT mine, i just pulled it off the internet. anyway, enjoy!

Warnings; fluff

(Y/h) = your house

(Y/n) = your name

(L/n) = last name

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Here, have some more cute photos of Lauren from Michael Ausiello’s birthday party!!! (X) (X) (X)

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Hiii c: do you have any headcanons for Otapliroy? How they got together or what their relationship is like. Thanks!

Oooh! I’m so excited to do this! I think these three would have a very fun and interesting dynamic. :3

(It’s long so i’m putting it under a Read More)

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Cups of coffee

*Lafayette x reader

A/N: Sooo I tried to check the grammar and spelling the best I could, but I got kinda lazy lol. Anyways, enjoy!

Warnings: uh… fluffy I guess?


It was an average day in New York, it was cold, the streets were crowded with people also on their way to work, and no one seemed in the mood to do anything but push past you harshly.

You finally made it to the small cafe, which happened to be right across from Starbucks, so that meant you didn’t get as much business. You pulled out your key, unlocking the door, then going to the back to put down your purse and put on your apron. You were just about to make a cup of coffee for yourself when-

There was a ding, signaling the doors had opened. You walked to the front, frowning to see a very cute man, wide eyed with hair pulled up into a bun. “Sir, we’re not open for another 20 minutes-” He cut you off, panting. “I know, I know, but I have to get to work in the next,” he paused and checked his phone, eyes widening. “Ten minutes, please just make me one cup, I’ll pay double and everything.”

You sighed, before nodding your head, taking his order and going to turn on the coffee machine. You then turned back to face him to study him more, smiling when you saw him walking around nervously. “Hey, you okay?” He looked at you and shrugged. 

All you did was nod, turning back to prepare his coffee. Once it was done, you handed it over to him and gave him the total. 

“The total is $5.59,” He reached into his wallet and pulled out a $20 bill, you raised a brow, looking up at him. “Keep the change,” he grinned, taking his coffee and putting his wallet away, before turning back to walk out the door.

“Isn’t this a bit much?”

He didn’t turn around, he only stopped and talked over his shoulder. “I told you I’d pay double.”


It had been a week since you’d seen the dude with the bun, yet for some reason, he had been in your thoughts since. His breathtaking smile hadn’t left your thoughts since then. 

You unlocked the door to the cafe, walking back behind the counter to repeat your routine. Put your purse away, put on your apron, and prepare your own cup of coffee. Everyday, you hoped he would walk through the door again twenty minutes early just so you could get his name. God, you already liked this dude and you didn’t even know his name. 

It had been two hours in, and he still hasn’t shown up. You had no idea why you were getting so upset over it, he had only come in once for a cup of coffee.

Suddenly, the door chimed, you looked up from your phone and put on your ‘hi-what-can-I-get-you-smile’ but he looked rushed, his eyes met yours and he smiled, heading towards you. “Hi, uh, can I get your number?” You frowned, feeling uncomfortable. Yes, you were used to random guys coming up to you for your number, but it still made you feel slightly angry. 

His eyes widened when you noticed how uncomfortable you felt. “Uh, not for me. I-It’s for my friend, he came in like a week ago. He was tall, he had curly hair pulled up into a bun, uh, he was also dark skinned? He also had a French accent! His name is Lafayette.” You smiled when he mentioned his name, “why couldn’t Lafayette himself come get my number himself?” You laughed, pulling out a piece of paper to write your name and number down. 

“He’s been sick all week and asked me to come get it,” he laughed, shrugging as he took the small piece of paper from you. You nodded your head, “well, thank you mr..?” He smiled, shaking your hand, “Alexander Hamilton. Call me Alex.” You nodded your head, waving goodbye as he walked out the door hurriedly. 


You had finally closed up the cafe, today being busier than most days. You began walking down the dark streets of New York, singing some random song that you heard on the radio the other day under your breath.

When you finally reached home, you felt your phone go off. You pulled it out to see a text from an unknown number

Uh hey! It’s Lafayette, I had my friend come and get your number earlier. Sorry I couldn’t come myself but I’ve been pretty damn sick and well.. uh, ya know. Anyways, I should be getting better soon so I was wondering if you wanted to.. maybe go on a date?? It’s fine if you don’t, you probably have a boyfriend considering how beautiful you are.
Sent at 10:55pm

You laughed at the text, beginning to answer when your phone went off again. 

Fuck! Why did I send that? Um anyways, sorry about that. You’re probably weirded out right now. Uh anyways, I’ll stop bugging you. 
Sent at 10:55pm

You’re so sweet! No, I don’t have a boyfriend and yes, I would love to go out with you :) 
Sent at 10:56pm

Sweet, how about this Saturday at 7pm?

You proceeded to text back and forth, smiling when you flopped onto your couch.

Yeah, you were so glad you let him come into the cafe early. 

Fire Alarm

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Masterlist | Based off the first prompt from this

Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1,320

Warnings: Swearing, fluff (I tried my best?)

A/N: So because of school work right now, I haven’t really had the time to update ‘Flashes’. I’m really sorry!!! So instead, I decided to write this drabble that came requested from @chrystalcaper. Hope this is something like what you requested, love! Anyways, enjoy the one-shot!

Generally, like most people, you enjoyed sleeping.

And considering it was the weekend, damn right you deserved that sleep. You’d had a tough week at work, and now, sleep was the only thing on your mind. Not to mention that the summer warmth enveloped you in a cocoon of fatigue.

So one might say you were pretty damn pissed when at exactly 3.02 AM, the residential fire alarm echoed through your apartment, the hallways and other people’s rooms.

You almost fell out of your bed at the sudden burst of noise, your heart leaping in your chest and your eyes widening in a sudden rush of adrenaline. A small gasp escaped your lips as you tried to blink out your surroundings and calm your stuttering heartbeat.

What the fuck just woke you?

But as you adjusted into the real world (although rather shakily), you realised that the blaring noise went on. And on. And on. And—

Okay, maybe you’ve been woken by the fire alarm. Although, right now, you were so tired that you were seriously considering just ignoring the alarm and burning alive. Hey, at least you’d die sleeping, right?

… Then again, smoke inhalation (if there actually was a fire) wasn’t really a fun way to die, so…

Sighing, you timidly pulled the blanket off your form, slightly shivering at the cold air that initially hit your bare arms and legs. But then, the cold air turned into the warm summer air again, and you felt your nerves warm up. Then, you realised that if you kept stalling around like this, damn right you would get nowhere. So to pick up the pace a little (although reluctantly), you swung your legs out the bed and got to your feet, slipping on a pair of flip-flops for outside.

… Didn’t they tell you not to run in flip-flops?

“Fuck it,” you muttered grumpily, kicking the footwear off and going barefoot instead. You really didn’t have time for this contemplation of safety rules right now.

You walked out of your apartment and saw that other people, just like you, were evacuating (although some looked far more pissed off than you were). So, um, maybe you weren’t the only one who was hella groggy and now had a headache.

It did not, indeed, help that the alarm was still blaring and partially feeling like an echo on your ears.

Sighing, you kept walking, taking the emergency stairs like everyone else on your floor. That’s how you ended up squashed between a family of five and three douchebags who were yelling (Great, just add to the fucking noise) all the way to the ground floor. As soon as the exit was half a meter near your form, you (politely) shoved through, narrowly avoiding stepping on a five-year-old. Okay,  maybe you felt bad for that one, but hey — you could’ve actually stepped on the child, so in some way, it was a win.


… Right, your sleep-deprived brain was definitely rambling and making up bullshit on the spot now.

Walking out of the apartment building, you felt yourself shiver slightly at the colder air that hit you. Okay, maybe you should’ve taken some time pulling a sweater on or something. Your baggy shirt and shorts weren’t really doing anything to keep you warm.

Trying to find a free spot in the huge-ass crowd, you were relieved to find a spot somewhere near the back where people wouldn’t necessarily see your rather dandy outfit. So that was exactly how you ended up standing somewhere a good 80 feet away from the actual meeting spot. Yes, that was how big the crowd was. There were a lot of people in your complex.

Suddenly, you heard something — through the masses of people — that you didn’t even expect.

You heard a chuckle.

Well, first off, the chuckle sounded like heaven had come down just to bless your ears with that sound. It was absolutely beautiful, was deep enough to belong to a man, and—

Wait, what was heavenly-laugh-man laughing at?

Slowly turning around, you spotted a — holy fuck he’s built like a brick house — rather very handsome man in your sights, with a blond head of hair, striking blue eyes and a jawline chiselled by the gods. And damn — he was wearing nothing except for boxers.

Focus, (Y/N), you scolded yourself internally, trying not to let your eyes wander. Your mouth felt slightly dry, but then you managed to weakly ask, “What seems to be so funny?”

He seemed to focus on you then, and smiled a bit. “Well, it looks like you could fit two of yourselves in that shirt, ma’am.”

“Ma’am?” You asked, confused at the term he had used. “Why would you call me—”

And then, you mind finally seemed to connect the dots, figure out what one plus one was, let it click, something like that.

Because apparently, no one had bothered telling you that Captain America lived in your complex.

Holy fuck,” you breathed, so silently and under your breath that almost you yourself didn’t hear it. Well, that explained the unnaturally god-like looks and those pecs— “You’re—”

“Steve Rogers,” he finished off with a small yet warm smile, holding his hand out for you to shake. You nervously took it and smiled as the two of you shook hands. “I live in apartment 385.”

“385? That’s right next to my apartment!” You half-exclaimed, excited about the fact that Captain fucking America lived right next door to you. Well, now you were happy that one of your friends had convinced you to move to New York.

“Oh, that’s great then,” Steve smiled, a happy glint in his eyes. Then, said blue eyes trailed down to your shirt and he commented, “Seriously, are you even sure this is your shirt? It looks like even I could fit in there.”

You both laughed a bit at his silly comment, a warm air about. Then, he added, “Seriously, you’re just so tiny and cute—

Suddenly, he froze. You felt your eyes widen a bit at the fact that Captain America just called you cute— But then, you could see that his cheeks were flushed and he was avoiding looking at you.

Did Captain America just become shy?

Well, if that wasn’t the most adorable view ever, you mused to yourself, grinning at him. Then, you half-cooed, “Is Captain America blushing?”

He chuckled, the flush in his cheeks still visible. Then, he smiled down at you and said, “Well, this definitely isn’t going the way I want a first meeting to go.”

“Then how about we do a rematch?” You asked, mischief lacing your voice as you smiled up at him. He himself was clearly enjoying this moment, too.

“Sounds great,” Steve remarked carefully. You noticed only now that the two of you were mere inches away. You would kiss him (if you eventually mustered up the courage), but not now. So then, you went on your tip-toes and gave him a soft, chaste peck on the cheek. And even that soft peck made butterflies run wild in your stomach and your heart do a giddy dance.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at 7, my place,” you whispered, knowing he heard you. Then, you turned around to the people already filing back into the building — it had just been a practice session.

Well, if the practice session scored you a date with an incredibly handsome man, then you’ll let it slide that it was at 3AM.

Walking away from him, you heard him call, “By the way, I hope I’ll be an adorable view tomorrow!”

You felt your cheeks heat up like sparklers, but then you playfully scoffed and called over your shoulder, “We’ll see.”

And with that, you walked back into the building, definitely looking forward to what would be happening on Sunday at 7PM.

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Nordic Kisses~

Hello, hello anon~! Thanks for sending in the request for the Nordics kissing styles. Now, I believe your request was for passionate kisses, but honestly I had a hard time with that. I really did try but I found the other passion kisses request I did to be difficult (because finding the right gif can be super hard) and that was for main characters! So in the end, because I still wanted to get this out to you, I opted for regular kisses. I’m terribly sorry darling but I still hope you enjoy this anyway~! 

Denmark: His kisses are always very passionate, whether they’re in public or not. He doesn’t do quick pecks.

Iceland: Always starts out a bit tense but quickly turns hot~

Finland: He gives the sweetest, most gentle kisses. <3

Sweden: A little too hard but that’s just because he’s super into it.

Norway:  He gives achingly slow, almost teasing kisses.

-Mod Lily

Accidents Happen *** Part 5/??

Summary: The reader and Bucky have been very close friends, best friends if you will, since they were young. Even now that they are finally in their last year of college, the two are still tied to the hip. When Bucky stops at her house after partying a little too much a secret is revealed. Will this secret bring them closer to tear their friendship apart?

Parings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Slight Language

Word Count: 1100

A/N: This is garbage I’m sorry. I literally had to finish this in two hours. I had rehearsals for the Festival of winds all weekend so… I had no time whatsoever. Clearly that’s not enough for me but there was a small piece I felt need to happen before the next part. Anyways enjoy this trash!

Series Masterlist - Part 4 - Part 6

Miserable, nauseating, horrendous, atrocious – all are words that perfectly describe the was Bucky Barnes was feeling right now. He was slow, far too slow.

He was slow to realize that you were the one that had he heart, he was slow to admit it to you. And even though he was as far from aware as he could possibly be, he was relieved that you know.

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This is just the current scene going on between a roleplay between @skoopskoop / @elementtale and I.~ I think we’ve written like 59 pages and it’s still only the beginning of their story. I really just wanted to draw them snuggling in the current scene so I did. Though I did forget some details on Xenon because he is also beat up but I’m dumb and forgot to draw them because bluh. But anyway, enjoy some cute XeChill snuggles.

THE ELLEN SHOW: Chapter 16

A/U: So I am finally going to say that the next instalment of The Ellen Show will be the last. Meaning the next time I post (aka chapter 18 and 19)  it will be the last. I’m so grateful for all the support/ reading you have all done. And I thank you so much! Anyways enjoy this!

The Ellen Show Master List

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I woke to the feeling of a body next to mine. At first, it didn’t register in my brain that a body in the same bed as mine was abnormal, but after a few moments it did and my eyes opened quickly. As my pupil constricted from the bright light of the room, I began to see faintly the outline of a body. A moment later I remembered who’s body it was, and everything came rushing back.

As my eyes adjusted to the light I forced open my lids a little more and stirred a little. Shawn’s head turned to me and I found his eyes. Seeing the warmth of his eyes as the first thing I saw after waking up made me grin.

Rolling a little from the position I was in I felt my muscles were sore. I wasn’t sure it was from the deep sleep I had been in, or from the activities of the night before. As I wrapped my arm under my head and between the pillow Shawn smiled looking down at me as he laid on his back.

“Mornin’,” I mumbled, my voice strained.

Shawn’s smile grew a little bigger his teeth barely showing. “Good Morning.”

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