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As Golden As The Coast (12.6k) by darkerwings (tummyhand on tumblr!)

Summary: Elementary School Teachers AU in which Harry always seems to have paint chips in his hair, Zayn is scary, Liam is secretly optimistic, Niall owns a not-RV, and Louis is new in town.

Notes: This was my prompted work for the Spring Fic Exchange! Was such a fun prompt to write for, and I’m excited that I’ve now been revealed. The beautiful picspam you see above was done by the always wonderful and willing 2k15burritos - thank you again, pal, you’re such a dime & I appreciate the heck out’ve ya. Thank you vansandburberry for the wonderful prompt, you rock. Here is the original post made by hlspringfic, favorite & reblog it if you’d like! Please let me know what you think in the fic comments and with some kudo’s! 

[“Not much to be said for the gloomy skies they’ve got over there, when you’re as tan as you are.”

It’s true, Harry has managed to keep a good shade of bronze since he spent most of August down with his mom at home. He plucks out another glob of paint from behind his ear as he ducks his head, shrugging. “Never been much of one for doom and gloom, anyways.”

“No,” Louis says, and Lilly is poking him in the cheek, but somehow there’s an electric charge in the air. “Somehow I don’t think you are.”]


[mumbling] who ya gonna call? ghostbusters!

♢♢ ;; circusbxy based off this post 

A low chuckle left 
Selina’s lips
as she smirked,
walking around Jerome.
Oh this was too much fun,
seeing him struggle,
seeing him angry,
and more importantly,
seeing him helpless.

She rested a hand on
his right shoulder,
strolling behind him
till she could place
her chin on the opposite 
side of him,
each action coyly 
She hummed softly,
mulling over his demand.

“No, I don’t think I will.
You’re just so adorable,
thinking you could kill me. 
C’mon silly,
you like me too much to 
do that.”

Selina lifted her  
to face Jerome properly.
Her right hand slipped off his 
shoulder and down his chest,
stopping right on his heart as 
Selina faced him,
face mere inches away.

“Lighten up, clown boy.
Let’s have some fun,”