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Patience // Mark Tuan

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Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Summary; Mark walks into your life at your lowest point with the promise of never leaving.

Warning: This scenario contains light mentions of depression/other mental health issues.

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“For hundredth time, I’m not your babysitter.”

thanks for the request!

lol we’re gonna pretend natsu is in no way related to hinata

“I’m coming!” Tsukkishima shouted over the insistent knocking coming from his front door.

He padded through his empty living room; to his front door. As he neared the door, the knocking stopped and a panicked shushing took its place. Intrigued, he swung open the door only to be greeted with Yamaguchi looking down at the small child by his side as if it’s a bomb that’s about to detonate.

At the sound of the door opening, Yamaguchi’s head snapped up and he stared at his friend for a few seconds before shoving the toddler towards him with a desperate, albeit slightly insane, shine in his eyes.

“Take the demon-spawn, please,” he begged, rushing his words out as if it will get him away faster, “I don’t know what to do with it.”

Tsukki looked from the confused toddler to his friend and back.

“How about, no?” Yamaguchi’s face shifted from desperate to utterly betrayed.

“After all these years of friendship and you won’t do me this one favour?” Yamaguchi asked, apparently circling back to reality because of his friend’s comment.

“That ‘favour’ is a child,” Tsukki pointed out.

“A small one.”

“That you just called devil-spawn,” Yamaguchi shrugged in response so Tsukki continued, “What makes you think I can look after her?”

“You were a child, once,” Yamaguchi elaborated, lamely scrapping for an excuse.

“So were you,” Tsukki could see this and Yamaguchi and the child were going nowhere, so he thought it best to help his friend before there was perhaps a dead body to deal with.

He sighed loudly,

“Come in,” Tsukki said resignedly, stepping out of the way so the toddler could barrel past him and Yamaguchi sheepishly followed, now past the majority of his hysteria.

“What’s her name?” Tsukki asked.

“Natsu,” Yamaguchi answered, throwing his arms around his boyfriend in a quick hug, “Thanks by the way.”

“It’s fine.” Tsukki said and proceeded to find the child, Yamaguchi trailing behind.

Tsukkishima walked into the living room and dropped to a squat beside where Natsu was sat swinging her legs over the edge of the sofa,

“Do you wanna know a secret?” Tsukki asked in a stage whisper as animated as he could be.

“Yeah!” Natsu replied, excitement clear in her voice.

“I hid some ice cream in my freezer, do you want to help me find them?” His voice almost equalled the excitement in the toddler’s.

Natsu nodded violently and took the hand Tsukki offered before walking with him to the kitchen, her arm stretched high so she could keep a hold of his one of his long fingers.

He had Natsu sat on a chair t the dining table with a small bowl of ice cream in front of her that she was happily scoffing down the contents of, dirtying her face in the process.

“What the knick-knack-paddy- whack was that?” Yamaguchi questioned with a puzzled look on his face.

“I have young cousins,” Tsukki explained, shrugging it off.

“You should run a daycare or something, Jesus.”

“Whatever,” Tsukki brushed it off, not enjoying being showered with praise, “How’d you get dumped with her anyway?”

“I promised my mum I’d babysit for one her friends.” Yamaguchi scratched the back of his head nervously. “I knew she could use the help.”

Tsukki was about to respond when they were interrupted,

“I’m done!” Natsu announced, waving her sticky hand in the air.

“Okay! Let’s get you cleaned up then!” Tsukkishima replied, scooping her up and placing her on the counter beside the sink; using wet kitchen roll to clean her hands and face since they didn’t have any baby wipes.

“You’re the best babysitter!” She announced, the look of begrudged pride on Tsukki’s face causing Yamaguchi to chuckle.

“I’m not your babysitter,” Tsukki corrected, lifting the toddler down to the floor.

“Why are you sitting me then?” Natsu asked, genuine curiosity shining in her eyes.

“Because Yams doesn’t think before he agrees to stuff,” Tsukki explained which earned him Yamaguchi sticking his tongue out at him.

Natsu marched towards Yamaguchi and shook her head at him, crossing her tiny arms in disappointment.

“Silly Yams,” she declared before turning and stalking out of the kitchen with a triumphant set in her shoulders.

“Yeah,” Tsukki agreed, looping an arm over both of his boyfriend’s shoulders and placing a light kiss on his forehead; enjoying watching his face light up in an embarrassed smile, “Silly Yams.”

Sibling AU: Playtime

If big sibling Frisk plays with their baby brother Sans, then they just make fart noises on his bony face until he’s a giggling mess. Entertainment pure! There’s nothing better! :-D

Soft kisses for Daddy

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Laying in his arms now you thought of the first time he took your clothes off. It wasn’t wild and primal as you expected it to be. It was different, that for weeks afterwards you still had no words to describe the way he made you feel. That’s when your realized it was so much more than an itch you had to scratch from the time you were old enough to find him attractive.

Even thinking about it gave you the shivers and made your cheeks a deep shade of red. When he looked at you your heart would gallop, then beat fast and slow at the same time. Constantly you found yourself grinning at the simple reason of just being in his company, sitting on the kitchen floor of the bunker, drinking beer and arguing about T.V shows.

Any stranger who paid attention noticed how unapologetically in love with him you were. To you, he wasn’t just a hunter. He was a hero- a kind hearted, loyal and even more selfless hero and you’d give up your life for him in an instant. He deserved to be loved unconditionally, he deserved to be taken care off.

Tonight was raining just like the night you were remembering except this time you were already in his arms, tracing his scars gently with your fingers. Most of them were fading except the one on his calf still very livid but was healing well.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not so much now. You are so much better at playing nurse than Sammy. He can’t stitch for shit.”

“How did you know it was me who fixed you up hunter?” you giggled, “You were barely conscious considering the amount of blood you lost.”

“There’s only one person I know with such soft hands and a delicate touch. I could hear you as well, telling me it was going to be okay. I believe you and here I am.”

“I got you. I always will.” you kissed the scar on his shoulder, the one from a werewolf hunter not so long ago.

Dean sighed deeply, kissing the top of your head, “You wanted to tell me something before I distracted you.” he smirked, sliding his hand up your bare leg that was slung over him, seductively.You shut your eyes, enjoying the feather feel of his touch with a silly grin on your face before catching his ear between your teeth and then whispering to him.

“You’re gonna be a Dad, Dean. I’m pregnant.”

His hand left your thigh to cup your cheek, he moved himself away from you so he could look at your face. Your eyes searching his as your heart was beating about a 100 miles a minute, waiting for him to say something- anything.
Then, the biggest smile appeared, his eyes sparkling with joy. Immediately, your fears had melted away.

“I’m gonna be a Dad!” he began, “I’m gonna be a Dad!” he got louder, “I’m gonna be a fucking Dad!!”

He smashed his lips to yours, all his love and devotion seeping through his kiss.

“Now, I have everything I could ever want.” his hand settling on your stomach that would soon be swollen with a beautiful girl with eyes as gorgeous as her Dad’s.

You just knew it.

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Kisses for Daddy - Masterpost