enjoy her beautiful


      i know i would give it all back
      for a chance to start over
      and rewrite an ending or two

           for the girl that i knew.


Ruth Negga for Irish Tatler (Feb. 2013)

Negga’s a powerful actor, the voice low and layered with bite. Her expression, in neutral, has a sort of stoic hurt to it, making her an ideal tragedian. And it can’t go unmentioned that she’s stunning to look at: half Irish, half Ethiopian, massive eyes, pronounced chin and cheekbones.


Imagine how difficult it would be to one day wake up and not be able to see anything other than pure darkness. That exact terror happened to Mrs. Kuroki, who lost her eyesight due to diabetes. Non surprisingly, Mrs. Kurki fell into a deep depression as she found it difficult to adapt to life without her eyesight. Her husband, heartbroken by his wife’s despair, thought of an imaginative way to help her enjoy the beauty in life: knowing that human senses adjust and compensate when one is lost, Mr. Kuroki planted thousands of flowers on their property. This kind gesture has given Mrs. Kuroki a new lease on life. Before, she had been grief-stricken that she couldn’t take daily trips to the town to meet new people and to socialise; she worried she would become a recluse. However, with visitors travelling from all over the country to come and view the beautiful garden, she has made a number of new friends and welcomes everybody to visit the garden. It is said that couples are particularly fond of visiting the enchanting garden which speaks volumes about the atmosphere this loving husband has created for his wife. This is a true testament to the fact that even during complete despair, something beautiful can grow.


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Rebound Girl Pt. 3

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x reader

Word Count: ~2000

Warnings: fluff, even though it’s not in this chapter: Anti Danneel

Summary: Everything seems fine until someone shows up at your front door. haha sorry this summary really sucks

A/N: Part 3 to my series that is my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge.

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Part 3

Reader’s POV

During dinner you didn’t say a word. You weren’t sure if you would have bolted if you could have. Maybe you shouldn’t have met him just yet and still taken some time to think about everything.

“I am here because I want to be in a relationship with you, because I see a future with you by my side”. Jensen’s words lingered in your head. He sounded so sincere, so honest. It made your heart race and maybe, just maybe, it let your imagination run wild. A future with him would include everything you ever wanted to have with him. Marriage, kids, growing old together with dozens of grand kids who played in your garden, the Impala parked in your garage and Jensen would take you on spontaneous rides on your anniversaries… your mind played out various scenarios.

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Queen of Hearts

Well hello there, I am Jervis trash and this is the result of it.  This loosely based on a post I made and I just couldn’t get it out of my head.  Enjoy! 

Jervis Tetch x Reader 

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Jervis Tetch always had a problem with respecting other peoples’ privacy.  So, when he found himself following a young woman by the name of Y/N around the dreary streets of Gotham, it was just a typical Tuesday for him. She worked at the local bookstore he frequented and the two would make small talk during her break while he sipped his tea.  Jervis was smitten in no time with her and soon found himself resorting back to his stalker tendencies.  

There were many reasons why he enjoyed her.  Y/N was beautiful no doubt, but he also loved her sense of humor and the way she had no filter around the people she was comfortable with.  She intrigued him and Jervis realized he needed to make her his.

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I’m just so happy with Sombra’s design! I had to do a quick drawing of her! I’m so excited for her to come out officially. Sorry for the bad phone pic ~

Inside a cave in a narrow canyon near Tassajara
The vault of rock is painted with hands,
A multitude of hands in the twilight, a cloud of men’s palms, no more,
No other picture. There’s no one to say
Whether the brown shy quiet people who are dead intended
Religion or magic, or made their tracings
In the idleness of art; but over the division of years these careful
Signs-manual are now like a sealed message
Saying: “Look: we also were human; we had hands, not paws. All hail
You people with the cleverer hands, our supplanters
In the beautiful country; enjoy her a season, her beauty, and come down
And be supplanted; for you also are human
—  Robinson Jeffers