enjoy da feels

Dwarf Wardens leaving their home with Duncan and looking up at the sky and seeing clouds and the sun for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens looking up at that same sky at night and seeing the moon and stars for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens that have never even seen a dog before suddenly having this Mabari following them around

Dwarf Wardens getting caught in a rainstorm and Alistair has to explain No it’s okay the sky didn’t break this is a thing that happens sometimes

Dwarf Wardens boggling at how foods that are so rare back home- grains, fruits, crops- are everywhere up here

Dwarf Wardens being fascinated by flowers or bugs or trees

Dwarf Wardens that feel vulnerable without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens that feel free without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens exploring this world that is so vastly different from the one they know

Dwarf Wardens

  • you: I want a love like Johnny and June
  • me, a piece of anime trash: I want a love like Roy and Riza

I really want Lucy to say Jessica is the only one in the world for Wyatt, and then I want him to prove her wrong. 

Colors (Da Ba Dee)
Halsey ft. Eiffel 65

In honor of the release of Badlands, I have mixed Halsey’s “Colors” with the classic song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65. 

I kind of hate myself for making this, but here we are…. 

yeah but like just imagine wrapping your arms around sleepy michael and just pushing your face into his fluffy bleached hair and it smells so good like a faint smell of irish spring soap its my fave sorry and maybe like some fruity scent like idk man something tropical but anyway you’re just cuddling michael and he just smells pretty amazing and maybe a little like sweat but thats okay bc hes a little kitten and he’d wrap his arms around you too and kiss you so lightly bc he’s on the edge of falling asleep but he’s trying to stay awake and just be with you for a few minutes but michael groans ever so quietly and then his eyelids droop shut and he’s asleep and you sigh like r u srs but its michael come on he’s your little kitten so you let him sleep and you roll over and hear him whine and he pulls you into his arms again and you sigh again and michael presses his face against your neck and you can feel him smile like ha im not actually asleep and oh lordy