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Ok! So this is a gift for @themarshmellowsnowqueen ! XD you see this was a card from the family sent to other families members letting them know that Jonathan and Belle had their first child Blazen XD of course this isn’t cannon to @themarshmellowsnowqueen ’S original idea. But hey hope you enjoy!

Belle the bunny and Jonathan the flaming toon © @themarshmellowsnowqueen

Blazen the rabbit © @animal-guardian

Please don’t steal art or characters



my one year old brother was being very cooperative, and he helped me make this comic dub!! hope you enjoy!!

HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY! I’m extra happy because it’s also my birthday today, and I just got back from an awesome lunch with my parents. Enjoy the boys in bunny ears - I know I do.

also YO WHAT UP WHAT IS UP WITH 1800 FOLLOWERS????? There were only like 285 of you in January you guys aren’t making very good decisions I have no idea where I’m going why would you follow me? Just kidding ahhhh I love all of you thank you so much! I hope you continue to stick with me in the coming time! Thank you!


Telling the squad that you love them for the first time. {part one}

Note - We know we have a lot of “part ones” but we’re getting to the other parts! Sugary and I finish each other’s parts, like a team. Plus we live in different time zones so it’s kind of hard. We’ll hop to it soon! <3 

Floyd Lawton: 

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  • he freezes for a moment 
  • because he doesn’t really know how to react? 
  • it’s not everyday a hitman gets the chance the love
  • let alone think about love 
  • sure, in prison, he has plenty of time 
  • but we all know he’s not thinking abt it lol
  • c’mon, it’s floyd
  • the guy who doesn’t believe in love 
  • it’s sort of like that second time in the movie zoe tells floyd she loves him
  • he’s very hesitant to say but eventually the confirmation pops out
  • he loves you too
  • before this you two were “casually dating” 
  • you let people find out themselves 
  • plus you both don’t really do pda 
  • but if someone asked you would tell them you were taken by him {vice versa for floyd} 
  • so yeah. now he might actually “casually” announce it

Chato Santana: 

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  • this boi right here 
  • he melts 
  • like lava lmao 
  • ………………….i’ll go home 
  • anyway 
  • it’s been a long time, he hasn’t the words in forever 
  • it’s just like floyd, he hesitates but not because he’s afraid to commit again 
  • but because he doesn’t want to hurt someone he loves again 
  • eventually, he hugs you, he kisses you 
  • and he says it right back 
  • he’s crying but he wipes it all away 
  • right after he says the three magic words, he says thank you 
  • he never knew someone – especially someone as special as you - would love him 

Harley Quinn: 

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  • she immediately returns the affection with a ‘i love you too, puddin’!” 
  • it’s obvious harley would want your love 
  • she’s really possessive and clingy
  • after a few days of the confession {that she claims she predicted} 
  • she’s literally on ur arms all day 
  • even during missions 
  • ‘harley please’
  • ‘we can fight together’
  • ‘that’s my dominant hand’ 
  • ‘shh, puddin’.’
  • meh, anyway, she loves you, obviously. 
  • no escaping now, puddin’. 

Waylon Jones: 

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  • he’s ,,, not used to the words 
  • he doesn’t recall anyone saying it ,, ever 
  • so it sort of hits him like a brick
  • or whatever can paralyze the dude,,
  • taser?? eh
  • he doesn’t say them back – he’s more action than words 
  • sure, his words are powerful, but he’s never heard the words directed toward him before and he’s never really said the word “love” 
  • he hugs you
  • it’s awkward and really hard,,, thanks to his chest
  • but it was the meaning behind it! 
  • he didn’t deny you so he clearly cares for you as well 
  • in a romantic sense, anyway 
  • you two don’t really announce it, but everyone finds out quickly anyway 

enjoy <3 


“Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that I want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on” (x)

suddenly feels like drawing otps kissing at the prom while slowly listening and dancing to the song <3


ok so on dec 26th we were gonna drive to utah to stay with my grandparents, which means we pack teddy into his travel cage in the rear of our SUV under lots of stuff so it is nice and cozy. he loves traveling, like he just hangs out and eats hay and sleeps the whole time. when we stop he gets all excited to explore and meet new people.

so we’re getting ready to leave early in the morning and i take the tedmonster out of his cage to put him in the back. and it’s december so it’s kinda nippy, but it shouldn’t bother him because his fur is suuuper thick in the winter and the car is toasty and warm. so i put him down in the back and he hops into his travel cage like a good boy.

but then he stops and turns and looks at me. and he gives me this really intense glare. and then he thumps really loudly.

because it is slightly colder than he is accustomed to and he was mad at me for not controling the weather.

gay thumping shitbaby

Rabbit Emoji Review

It a friendly bun who wants to have fun!! They try to look serious but they actually are a big fluff. Wants to eat carrots all day!! 10/10

What a sassy bunny!! Even though they has a simplistic look, they probably uses like super pricey shampoo to shine its fur. Is gay bfs (bun friends) with mozilla bunny!! 10/10 (+ some stylish new shampoo)

The bun that is actually a robot in disguise!! But its ok the bun still has feelings too. They probably also listens to edgy songs cause sometimes they dont know how to feel. 10/10

Its probably the snarkiest out of the group cause they’re the one with only white fur. They are proud of their white fur, and they love to show it. But its ok their friends still love them and care!! 10/10

Buds with the apple bun!! They go out and party every once and awhile but also like to sit down and chat with each other. They want to have fun too but also will get down to business if necessary. 10/10

The dorky bun!! They will eat anything and everything, but its ok they are a lovable fluff ball that just loves to eat and be fluffy!! What a sweetheart!! 10/10 (+ a bowl full of carrots to eat)

The runt of the litter!! One day it wants to be as big and tall as all the other buns, but for now its strutting its little stuff!! 10/10

The bun everyone comes to for advice!! It the smartest and looks out for everyone. Dont mess with their friends or they’ll pounce!! 10/10

The athlete of all the buns!! Can jump reallyyyyyyy far and hop reallyyyyy quickly!! Run bunny run!! 10/10 (+a pair of running shoes stay safe bunny)

Another sassy bunny!! Gets all their perfect fur tips from google bun and the loudest out of the two. Maybe could even out sassy google bunny who knows!! Bfs (bun friends) with google bun!! 10/10

The jokester bun!! Its got all the latest jokes for the other bunnies to enjoy!! Will also play pranks on other buns so watch out!! They have a tricky time playing pranks on twitter bunny though cause they run so fast. 10/10

The most sensitive and caring out of all the buns!! They use lots of makeup and they rock the look so much!! Gets easily embarrassed to aaaaaw!! 10/10 (+some new makeup to use yay)

Complaints: I want and need more. Please appreciate this rocking bunny family!!

Project: Bunny (pt.2)

Here is part 2 finally!! Gosh, I’ve been meaning to finish this since I promise a part 2 to you guys and I try my best to keep my promises! Though unfortunately, there isn’t much fluff…or any. I’m sorry, like I said before I’m not a good writer and pretty new at these. I’m just sort of trying to develop the relationship and stuff….so again sorry, bad grammar or misspellings.

Mr.G belongs to @stealthnerd

here is part one if you haven’t read it:http://bun-bunmuse.tumblr.com/post/157845670079/project-bunny

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