enjoy being dead

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It’s done

currently working on zine stuff and I had to stop for a second because I’m getting overwhelmed by tikki’s cuteness like ?? has she always been this adorable??? tikki please;;;

Waking the Pelekotan

Force!Ghost Mace Windu. 

Pelekotan is Korunnai for ‘the Force’ hence the name heh :)

@deadcatwithaflamethrower because you need some cheering up and what’s more cheerful than Mace Windu being perpetually done even in death :p

@sanerontheinside, @lilyrose225writes, @maawi, @meabhair, @eclipsemidnight, @ricooola, @kyberpunk - because I mentioned it in chat so ENJOY


Being dead – Mace Windu discovers – is surprisingly dull. After a lifetime of fighting one battle or another, in meeting rooms or battlefields – though really, what meeting room isn’t a battlefield? – being dead was supposed to be the grand, relaxing ride where he could sit back and fade into the Force.

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I have VERY opinionated & Correct Shipping Thoughts about the PMMM girls. Homura/Madoka is for idealists/people too innocent and pure to live/bdsm enthusiasts, Madoka/Mami is for basic shippers, Kyouko/Sayaka is for people who haven’t given into despair, Kyouko/Mami is for hardcore shippers who read all the manga and also probably want to die, Homura/Mami is if you’re a sadist, Mami/Nagisa is if you enjoy dying and being dead, HOMURA/KYOKO IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WATCH THE WORLD BURN (or who enjoy buddy cop movies). In this 5000 word essay i will deconstruct 

A design for class that I may have gotten a bit carried away with. (You may recognize said design from some of my traditional animation projects.)

Derg is a simple dragon. He likes to eat. He also enjoys not being dead. His constant desire to devour anything he can get his teeth on, however, puts some strain on the latter. Thankfully what he lacks in intellect or natural defenses he makes up for in sheer dumb luck. 

What a majestic noodle.


London Spy | otherwise how do you know?

very belated realization

apparently sometime yesterday night i sent myself an email that said only “TAVROSPRITE????” and when I saw it today i suddenly remembered my half-asleep realization.


if vriska is alive, does this mean tavros was prototyped on his own? So when the new meteor crew arrives, will there be a tavrosprite waiting to meet them? He wouldn’t have had a reason to explode if he wasn’t sharing headspace with vriska.

(this assuming gamzee doesn’t just reshuffle the sprite mixes)

it’s funny because all along i have been assuming the new timeline’s alpha crew’s session went exactly as we saw it, and I don’t remember if we ever had any discussion otherwise. This kind of puts things up in the air.

Tavros would probably make for a very helpful sprite (assuming he gets over being alive again when he was enjoying being dead).

this is it for “very belated homestuck realization hour” with elanor pam