enjoy arts and tastes

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MCFLY - obviously
PENTATONIX - rose gold
BETTY WHO - high society
SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES - you really got a hold on me
MKTO - classic
OLLY MURS - dance with me tonight
BILLY JOEL - uptown girl
GUY SEBASTIAN - tonight again
WALK THE MOON - aquaman
PAUL SIMON - diamonds on the soles of her shoes
ELVIS PRESLEY - can’t help falling in love

✿ Small teaser for a big post I’m working on about a MC who’s a lieutenant in a Korean crime syndicate. (This is a separate post from the 20s AU I wanna do with the RFA.) 

This MC…

  • Is thoroughly devoted to her Family. This is, in part, loyalty… but she also firmly believes that her difficulties with reading and displaying emotions will prevent anyone from outside the syndicate from understanding her. Her mother, the mob boss, has encouraged this line of thinking for many complex, difficult, and morally dubious reasons.
  • Enjoys art, music, and literature and has very refined tastes, but her sense of humor is strange and she is amused by odd things. 
  • Despite being a career criminal, she is kind and honorable - traits which lead to her association with the RFA… and her conflict with Mint Eye.
  • Has attended previous RFA parties and knew Rika back in the day. Rika - though she pretended to be kind to her - disliked her vehemently because of a conversation they had about emotions.

I would like to name this MC after something green, either a shade of green or a green object, and I am open to suggestions.

I know there’s no form, And no labels to put onto this thing we keep and dip into when we need

And I don’t have the right, to ask where you go at night

But the waves hit my head. To think someone’s in your bed.

I get a little bit Genghis Khan. I don’t want you to get it on

With nobody else but me…

i don’t ship any other variation of toriel/asgore but this au is ruining my LIFE