i read this scene and immediately had to draw it after Yuu saying Goblins lmao please read Red Riding Hood au by @akaashingly ;3c

Can I… Hold your hand?

I mean, I wish right Zen ?? So hey guess what I started playing Mystic Messenger pff // I love everyone but I guess Zen got himself into my heart first (because his route is the first one I’m playing….. and I mean come on)

Can’t believe I went this far on this sketch ahaha //

☆ 🎃 H A L L O W E E N  H E A D C A N O N S🎃☆

  • Star has no idea what is going on, but all she knows is that there’s a swarm of small witches outside of the house and they’re wearing backpacks????
  • Marco wakes up to find Star wicken-proofing the house. There is salt and crystals everywhere. The dogs are wearing garlic necklaces because Star also spotted a young vampire(though it could have been an old small vampire because it took its teeth out like dentures????)
  • Marco explains that Halloween is, in short, a day where you dress up as whatever you want and knock on peoples doors for free candy, and tries explaining its history. Star stops listening to him at “candy”.
  • Star and Marco do a little game for her first Halloween by deciding they will pick each other’s outfits, and will have to wear them for the entire day
  • Marco’s weeb ass chooses Sailor Moon for Star’s first Halloween costume! She’s thrilled because holy shit she looks a lot like Mewnian heroes usually do
  • Star makes Marco dress up as a cat. A fucking cat
  •  Marco finds a way around embarrassing himself too much and decides to wear his Luna onesie
  • Star signs up for decorating the Halloween dance, and no one mentions to her that decorations aren’t really supposed to be, you know, alive
  • there are several bat attacks inside the Echo Creek Academy gym, along with some zombies that are mainly students that have been turned by the zombie bouncer Star “hired”
  • Marco plays all the good spoopy shit at the dance, as he has always been Halloween MC since sixth grade, and shows Star how to dance to Thriller
  • Marco maps out an entire route of the best houses to hit in town
  • Star accidentally decimates three shrubs and knocks someone’s dad out while trick-or-treating because the guy decided to jump out and try and scare them
  • Star learns that she hates Tootsie Rolls and that people who give out fruit and pencils are usually either teachers or heartless
  • Star conjures up about two baskets of living pumpkin heads, and they come in handy as they scare the living shit out of whoever’s holding a bowl of candy whenever they speak
  • Star almost fights like, five kids over candy
  • Marco legit fights a kid over candy
  • Marco loses a fight to a kid over candy
  • Star and Marco go home after trick-or-treating to the death at midnight and begin their late night horror movie marathon
  • Star finds the original Carrie the scariest, because holy fuck is that really what Earth’s version of Mewberty is?????????? You fucking bleed???????
  • Star thinks the Paranormal Activity series is an actual documentary collection
  • Marco has built an immunity to horror movies but there’s one that’s always terrified him since childhood: Child’s Play
  • That is coincidentally the movie that Star finds the most hilarious
  • Marco latches onto Star and buries his face into her shoulder as he freaks out when Chuckie appears, while Star just giggles and snorts
  • The two crash from their sugar high at four in the morning, and end up falling asleep cuddled together in their jammies, though Star refused to take out her buns and tiara and Marco’s costume was already pajamas lmao
Domestic Solangelo

This is really fun to come up with

  •  It had been almost a decade into their relationship when they’ve decided to take their relationship to the next level and it had actually been Nico who did the proposing. On his very own birthday.
  • “It’s been years, Solace and today is my birthday. Marry me as a gift. No is not an option” *Blinks* “Uhm. Okay?“ *Frowns* “Will…" "Oh. Is this the part where I say yes?”
  • Nico doesn’t really know how to be romantic most of the time but he is trying okay.
  • They took the initiative to learn how the other likes their coffee specially in the mornings. It had been a series of trial and errors. Of too much sugar and too little cream before they got it just right.
  • They would make sure to attend a Jazz club at least once a month
  •  Will used to be the one who patiently falls in line paying for their bills until Nico simply took the responsibility. Will was of course a bit surprised on how the other willingly had wanted to interact with people but no really, in reality, Nico simply found the simplicity of paying bills online.
  • Every Saturday is a cheat day with a ‘Yes Nico, you can go eat your happy meal’
  • They would fight over the Sunday newspaper just so they can answer the crossword puzzle.
  • Once a month, they would gather around with the others and have a massive barbecue party.
  • When one is mad or simply disappointed with the other, they would call the other with their full name. Will also had the habit of lightly tapping his foot impatiently while Nico would cross his arms.
  • Will does the grocery shopping. Most of the time. On the rare occasions that Nico had to, he would do the shopping in the middle of the night on one of those 24/7 grocery stores.
  • Their fridge was completely decorated with souveneir magnets from places they’ve visited together.
  • Nico does the cooking. His favorite apron is a black one with the words ‘Tiny gay Italian chef’ written on it. It was a gift from Will
  • They each own one of those magic mugs that had words showing up when you put in hot water. Will’s had the word ‘sunshine’ on it and Nico’s had the words ‘death boy’ They occasionally swap mugs.  
  • With Nico doing errands for his father and Will working as a doctor and sometimes overseeing the camp infirmary, cleaning their apartment only happens once a week. There place isn’t that messy anyway and besides in that way, they can work and bond together on something relatively normal.
  • When they first moved in together, they had argued with a lights on and a lights off. They finally decided with the lights turned off and with not a bedside lamp on Will’s side of the bed but of a massive glow in the dark solar system on the ceiling. Nico thinks it’s rather childish but the fascination on Will’s eyes made it all worthy.
  • With Will sometimes having late night shifts, Nico totally wears the other’s clothes and sleep at Will’s side of the bed.
  • Whenever someone enters Will’s office, the first thing they’ll notice was a portrait size of his and Nico’s wedding photo hanging on the wall.
  • They’re not the perfect couple. They would have fights, some petty enough to be laughed at five minutes later. Some, big and problematic that they would ignore each other for hours, even days but in the end, they would always kiss and talk things out and also, make out.
  • Even during a fight, none of them really wanted themselves or the other to sleep on the couch so they still sleep on the same bed but with their backs facing each other and a pillow in between. Which probably is pointless since they would wake up tangled to each other
  • It had been three years into their marriage when they first decided to adopt a child. The first kid they adopted was a legacy if Hermes named Amandla and about a year later, Cassandra a daughter of Ceres and a few months after that, a mortal boy named Gio who can see through the mist.
  • Every weekends, Nico and Will would clear their schedules whenever they can to spend time with the kids. Their favorite bonding activity would be baking brownies and cookies and putting them on small jars and giving them to their neighbors.
  • Also building makeshift tents out of bed sheets and role playing scenes from the kids favorite Disney movies.
  • And turning their living room into a miniature campsite and having movie marathons while sharing tabs of ice creams and all kinds of sweet stuff.
  • Will probably thinks it’s unhealthy but three kids and an adult looking at him pleadingly is just too much. He had lost the battle. He can’t say no. And so he cave in.

Probably going to add more to this. *Shrugs*

PJO Headcanons, Solangelo fanfic, PJO fanfic. If you guys are interested.

@lepetitcomte asked for some Deamus and I couldn’t resist so here you go! Fluffy hugs for you! ♥ :’))) hope you like it haha :D

also i wanted to be productive finally since i have more time now

I wanted to draw them more casual, but since I have no original ideas I used their casual clothes from GoF during the second task of Triwizard Tournament, but they’re older here… probably :D

it still feels kinda weird that like.. there were no consequences after this? yes, the sdr2 kids had seemingly been cured but… even though they were under the effect of brainwashing, they were still terrorists. they still caused a lot of major damage, but they’re letting them go off scott-free. and yeah i love ryouta, but he’s not exempt from this either. he did almost brainwash the population of earth (plus monaka), but they’re letting him go off like nothing happened. yeah, he wanted to do good, but his actions were horrible and should have been judged as such. also, why doesn’t kirigiri have scarring on her after that poison? it could just be seiko’s drug seeing as how that fixed her right up, but there had to be at least a little lasting damage from that, maybe even some sort of side effect.

as a viewer im happy that my kids are happy. but as a person who loves to thoroughly analyze media and and see it for both its strengths and weaknesses, it was… just kinda shoddy. a bit too perfect for my taste.

but hey, that’s just me! o/

Barisi Episode Tag, 18x01

(6K. Inspired by that eye roll, by Sonny’s pronunciation of ‘spanakopita,’ and by everything the premiere left unresolved. Fluffy fluff.)


Kiss the Cook


“Here again, Carisi?”

Carisi smiles and gently closes the door.

It’s almost eight o’clock.

He doesn’t look tired.

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Date Night Series: Episode Two

Date Night is a series of one shot fanfictions that I’ll be writing about what Harley and the Joker would do on date nights.  

You can find my first installment of Date Night here, I hope you all enjoy episode two!

“What has a girl gotta do ta get a good burger around here?” Harley whined as she strolled down Gotham’s main street.  Harley often played what she liked to call the ‘detective game’.  She would go ‘undercover’, wearing her hair down, minimal makeup, and a very mundane outfit, allowing her to blend in.  She would walk down the street and watch people, try to examine their lives and understand what was bothering them, she was a psychiatrist after all.  The only annoying thing about this game was that she could never play this game with the Joker, he would always stand out, even if he tried to blend in.  He once even tried wearing a mask to blend into the crowd, but people were even more drawn to him.  So Harley usually had to play by herself.  Until recently.  She had discovered a way to add the Joker into her game.  She would plain old Harleen Quinzel, wandering down the street, minding her own business, when the Joker would come in out of nowhere and steal her away in some new and insane way in front of crowds of people, this was much more fun than just playing alone.  

  At this exact moment though, Harley didn’t know if her clown king was going to swoop in at all, she had pestered him about it for days.  She told him how bored she was, waiting for him to work and take care of business transactions, she never got him all to herself, not even for a second.  Harley, I always take you to the club! He had tried to reason with her, but that wasn’t enough.  All that was was a show for the next customer or victim, and as much as Harley loved to get all dressed up and put on a show, that wasn’t what she had meant by date night.  So today, she had just gotten up, huffing and puffing as she passed J’s office, and shouted “I’m going out!” and slammed the door behind her.  Now that she thought about it, it was pretty damn depressing to walk around dressed like Harleen Quinzel, the psychiatrist gone crazy.  The gone crazy part of that title was the part Harley liked.  The rest, well, it was kind of boring.  

  She began to think she would be spending date night alone, ruined once again by business or bats, or whatever Mistah J was up to,  Harley looked ahead of her, all she saw was masses of people, black and grey clothes and umbrellas to shield them from the rain, they moved quickly to keep up with the pace of the bustling city.  “How can you all be so BORING?!” Harley shouted.  Just as the words had fallen off her lips had she noticed that the people weren’t just running to keep up with the rest of the city, they were running from something, and she had been walking towards it.  “Well tonight’s about to get a little more interesting.” Harley whispered to herself as she approached whatever it was everyone was running from.  

  As she got closer, she heard the flapping of a helicopter, but the sound was so close she could tell it was near the ground.  Harley took off in a dead sprint, she just had to know what the commotion was all about.  Soon enough, she figured it out, and she was over the moon.  She finally found it.  What everyone was so afraid of, what everyone was running from.  In the middle of a large and densely populated square in Gotham, sat a helicopter, a large one that was hovering near the ground with a rope dangling from it, the rope was bright red and black, Harley’s favorite colors.  Inside the helicopter, staring down and cackling at the herds of people trying to escape was none other than the Joker himself.  He stood there laughing as well as scanning the crowd, clearly looking for Harley.  He was dressed in silk button down shirt in deep red, with most of its black, shiny buttons undone.  He wore suspenders attached to his pitch black dress pants with expensive black loafers lurking underneath.  When he finally spotted Harley, the entire city of Gotham probably noticed Harley.  “HAAAAAARRRLEY QUUUINN!” he shouted, laughing menacingly.

  “Puddin!” Harley shouted, running towards the helicopter.  She threw her basic black heels off of her feet and pulled two hair ties out of her pocket and began to tie up her hair into two distinct pigtails.  As she got closer to the helicopter, she began to notice more and more details about its appearance.  For instance, she could see that the Joker was standing atop a bearskin rug that had a bucket of ice with grape soda resting on it, two champagne glasses were decoratively placed next to it.  Harley began to giggle and run faster, she knew her Puddin wouldn’t let her down on date night, she just knew it!  And he put so much planning into it, his outfit and the rope were her favorite colors, and the soda, grape was his favorite but because of that it had become her favorite too.  She finally reached the rope, but before she could jump to reach it, Batman swooped in and pulled Harley from the helicopter.  “Hey!” Harley shouted angrily as she kicked and pushed away from him.  “Leave me alone, would ya Bats, we haven’t even done nothin wrong!  And it’s date night!”

  “Harley,” Batsy said to her, still holding tightly onto her so she couldn’t flee, “you haven’t done anything yet, but your date nights never end well for anyone.”

  “Well for your information Batsy, date nights always work out well for Mistah J and I, they’re lots of fun!  Haven’t ya ever been in love?” she said, and she began to stop struggling against Batman’s grip.  She thought of it kind of like one of those finger traps you would find at a toy store, if you pulled too much, it would just squeeze your fingers, but if you loosened up and just kept your fingers calm, the trap would let them free.  The finger trap was Batman, and Harley was the finger, so she remained calm, hoping she could distract him enough to drop her and let her go.  

  “Quinn, enough of your questions, I’m not your patient.  You let me bring you back home or I’ll take you both to Arkham, your choice.”

  Harley gasped with glee, “Can we share a room at Arkham?  Ooh Bats, you should plan our next date night cause that sounds like a hellofa lotta fun!” she began to wriggle around in Batman’s arms, hoping he would drop her so she could go tell the Joker where they were going.  “BABY!” she shouted up to the sky, “how do ya feel about a sleepover at Arkham!  Bats is gonna book us a room!”  Harley could still see the Joker, watching her struggle with Batman, he looked very uncomfortable at the sight of Batman holding onto her like that.  

  “Harls!” he yelled nervously, “how about I take you somewhere even nicer?”

  “Like?” Harley crossed her arms and pouted like a child, she always had so much fun at Arkham.  They could never really contain her, she was too much of a wild child, always trying to escape and mostly ending up successful.  So when the Joker didn’t share in her sentiment, Harley grew upset.  “Ya know, I really like Arkham, I think we have a lotta fun there!  They’re even gonna let us share a room!  Doesn’t that sound romantic, Puddin?” she smiled up at him.

  “I never said-” Batman tried to chime in, but Harley shushed him immediately.

  “Oh Bats, you really still think you can control us?  We’ve been doing whatever the hell we want for years, you’re not about to stop us now, I promise.” she smiled brightly at him, she wished she had been wearing all of her Harley Quinn makeup so that she could’ve made a better impression, or at least freaked him out a bit more.

  “Harley!” the Joker screamed at the top of his lungs, growing ever more irritated as their situation persisted.  “How about I take you to dinner?  Or go to a hotel?  Any one you want, I’ll get rid of all the other guests, you can have anything you want, doll.” a grand smile spread across his face as he saw Harley growing more and more excited, he knew she couldn’t resist him giving her whatever she wanted.

  “Ok!” Harley chirped, then she swiftly pulled her gun from her pocket and fired a shot into Batman’s shoulder, as he went tumbling back, Harley skipped over to the helicopter and hoisted herself up on the rope, as the vehicle began to sail up into the air, Harley made childish faces at Batman and giggled before climbing up to the top of the rope and hopping into the plane with her pudding’.

  At the top of the helicopter, Harley and the Joker could see a defeated Batman, looking up at them in defeat.  The Joker began to laugh that enthralling laugh of his, and Harley was put in a trance.  Hearing him happy like that mad her feel like she was the luckiest girl in the world, to have such an evil king to rule by.  She leaned in and kissed him, their makeup was smeared and distorted by the time Harley pulled away, but she was euphoric.  

  “So where are we gonna go?” Harley sat cross legged on the bearskin rug lying in the center of the helicopter.  “We can’t rob a bank, that’s too last season.  I want to do somethin simple though….ooh I know!  Why don’t ya get us the only reservation to that fancy hotel that just opened up?  I’m thinkin the honeymoon suite.”.  The Joker knew exactly what Harley meant by the only reservation, she didn’t ask for something like that a lot, but the Joker gave it to her whenever she wanted it.  So they flew the helicopter over to the newly opened Chez Gotham, it was gorgeous, and it had to be five stars, it was by far the nicest hotel in all of Gotham.  Once near the entrance, Harley and the Joker dropped out of their helicopter and made their way through the entrance of the hotel.  People began to flee, running all different directions as they saw the two approach.  The Joker was scary enough, but with his girlfriend by his side, he was much scarier.  Why?  Because anything Harley wanted, Harley got, and the Joker would do anything he had to do to get it for her.  So walking into this hotel meant if Harley wanted the place to herself, and you didn’t leave on command, you would be dead.   

  “Puddin….I think I want a party.” Harley huffed, annoyed at all the people running away from her.  People always ran away from her, and never to her, except Mistah J, of course, and Batman but, he just was not her type.  The Joker strolled to the concierge, and ran his hand across the desk, slamming a fist hard on the wood when he reached just below the concierge’s nose.  

  “Lock it up.” he said swiftly and began to walk away.

  “Um…excuse me?” the small, skinny man whispered.

  “Lock.  It.  Up.” the Joker leaned closer and closer with each word, until he was millimeters from the man’s face, then he roughly patted the man’s unfortunate haircut and strolled away to meet Harley.  She had started walking over to an elevator.  The two entered and made their way to the top floor, which took forever because Harley just had to press all of the buttons.  They finally reached the nicest room in the hotel, it had an entire floor to itself, and there was a hallway with windows that looked over the lobby if you drew the curtains.  So Harley danced to these windows, pulling the curtains wide open, then she ran to the phone.  A few moments later, she met the Joker back in front of the windows.

  “So I got a lobster, some steak, french fries, and four ice cream sundaes.” she smiled like an accomplished young child.  The Joker kissed her head and pulled her close.

  “Isn’t it heartwarming?” the Joker asked.

  “What do ya mean Mistah J?”

  “Seeing all of those people, so afraid, terrified of what we’ll do to them.  And we’ll just be up here.” he chuckled and it eventually turned into a full on laugh, a trademark Joker laugh, and this made Harley begin to giggle as well, wishing she had her own signature laugh.  

  “It really does Puddin’.  That’s why I love you, ya know,” Harley whispered, “you tell the best jokes.” 


[FINAL FANTASY x Non-Western Aesthetics]

Genesis Rhapsodos + Mughal India