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Promise Me: Part 1 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

None of the words in this are in Spanish, I just made the title in Spanish for lack of a better title, haha sorry. But anyway, this is the beginning to this storyline, if you like it then I’ll post more. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Edit: So I changed the title from Prométeme to Promise Me cause i didn’t like it. Hope you enjoy, okay bye :)

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: Just cursing


Your sister Phillipa had been playing Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton for a couple of months now, but you had never had a chance to see her perform, since you had been in hitchhiking all throughout Europe. However, today you had the opportunity to finally see her show. It was quite possibly the best thing you’d ever seen, mostly because your sister did an amazing job. You’d always loved seeing your Philli perform, and you’d never been happier than you were watching her do what she loved.

Afterwards, you met up with her backstage and waited while she talked with a few of her cast-mates. You waited for her to finish a few feet away, and you felt someone walk behind you and accidently bumped into you, causing you to fall on the people around you. You had turned to ream out the person who had just pushed you, but their face stopped you from doing that as he wore an embarrassed smile.

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That’s right. This is Yongguk and Yongnam’s triplet brother, Bong.guk. Bongguk has been trapped in TS’s dungeon for the past 15 years and has just recently emerged as a free meme man. Rumors have it that he has the voice of a feral rabbit… If sighted, approach with caution‼️⚠️‼️🚫⚠️‼️🚫 Fellow Babyz, feel free to take/submit pictures of Bongguk so we can keep tabs on where he is and just what exactly he’s up to!!!!!!! 👁📸✌👁📸

Just because you are not good at something does not mean you are bad at everything. Just because you failed once does not mean you will never succeed. Everything takes it’s time, so do you.
—  Me to myself
Elsewhere - agent85 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating: T

Words: 4,350

After dealing with Radcliffe’s LMD, Jemma finds that she can’t sleep. It turns out that Daisy’s in the same predicament, but for different reasons. What follows is a discussion of love, loss, and regret in which both women have a chance to finally talk about the things that have been weighing them down.

[Missing scene set sometime after Hot Potato Soup]

“May I?”

She gestures towards the couch, and Daisy answers by closing the book and sitting up, allowing Jemma to sit next to her. She puts her elbows on her knees and watches the book in her hand.

“You ever read this?”

It’s not until Daisy holds up the cover that Jemma can actually see what it is: The Giver.

Jemma considers the question. “It was assigned reading in school,” she admits, “but I was far more interested in my science textbooks.”

Daisy smiles as she shakes her head, and Jemma braces for a friendly jab, but it doesn’t come. Instead, Daisy’s eyes go back to the book.

“If you could take a memory—any memory—and just … give it to someone else, would you? If you knew it wouldn’t hurt them the way it hurts you?”

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Making Ursula , an ongoing #saga ……. Here’s how I #create my #signature textured look to so many of my pieces :) #enjoy ! - the first round is with 2mm plastic and that is comprised of multiple layers …… ( that’s what you see in the vid ) - there’s followup layers after this using 4mm plastic which creates a hard as rock exterior.
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some of the pranks green day has pulled on other bands
  • kaiser chiefs: green day brings an entire jazz band onto the stage during their set.
  • prima donna: crashes their set with toilet paper, confetti, booze, and costumes. also filled their dressing with smoke and confetti.
  • franz ferdiand: gets a bunch of random guys to play bagpipes onstage to while wearing kilts. also toilet paper flies everywhere.
  • jet: green day goes onstage dressed up as animals with a bunch of male strippers. the male strippers start taking their clothes off onstage.
  • the bravery: popcorn, mascots, male strippers, and toilet paper everywhere. the bravery actually got revenge on green day by “recreating” woodstock 94 and having mud flying around during their set.
  • rise against: tre cool brings a foosball table onstage and starts playing it with the band members during their show.
  • billy talent: tre cool gets the sound people to create a loud bang during the song “rusted from the rain”. the entire band gets really scared but then laugh after realizing it was tre pranking them.
  • paramore: same thing as billy talent. tre cool creates an unexpected explosion. 
  • 30 seconds to mars: this was at a music festival so they weren’t even technically playing with green day but tre (obviously) decided to prank them anyways. he goes onstage dressed up as jared leto and starts banging cymbals while dancing around the stage.
  • afi: green day comes onstage in the middle of their set dressed in animal mascot costumes.
  • my chemical romance: had a huge garbage bag full of popcorn above the stage that opened during mcr’s set, covering everything with popcorn. every time gerard way tried to say something into his microphone, a loud explosion would interrupt him. green day then proceeds to come onstage, fighting each other with light sabers.
  • jimmy eat world: green day would randomly set off concussion light blasts in the middle of songs.
  • the interrupters: green day crashed their set while in costume and tried blindfolding all the band members and putting tape over their mouths while the interrupters were trying to sing. 

there are more but these are some of my favourite ones. this band is honestly out of control.