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JC Leyendecker

So I’m laying in bed feeling ill and completely useless. I decided to catch up on The Colbert Report trying to recover from whatever BS bug I caught. On one episode, there is this writer promoting her book about Norman Rockwell. Once again, no mentions of JC Leyendecker who Rockwell pretty much idolized and even studied under.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do like Rockwell, I just get tired of people completely forgetting that Leyendecker existed. Leyendecker brought a lot to the world of art with storytelling, conservative brush strokes (less is more), imagery of the New Years Baby and giving flowers on Mother’s dad, appreciation of men’s fashion, and good lord so much more.

So here is a Leyendecker appreciation post brought to you from my ipod.

latte-problems  asked:

What does TMBAYDS stand for? If I spelled it right

Hello there! :D And you totes spelled it right!!! XD And thank you for asking!!!

TMBAYDS is the acronym for the Jeanmarco fic I am writing called “To My Beat, And You Don’t Stop” that you can read here! :D 

It’s a dancers/dance crew!AU, but it’s also been known as the Stripper!Marco fic. ;D

It’s about being more than what life hands you and boys falling in love. :D And some other stuff. Please check it out if it seems up your alley! <3 

And speaking of TMBAYDS, you all will be happy to know that I used my lunch hour today to write more of chapter 8. Life for me is slowly starting to calm down, which means I have more time to write and draw my own art again! TuT

One month later, as promised (though maybe a little later than I thought) I am holding a Giv-A-Way!!!

Wow! I sincerely thought I would never make it to 500, or at least wait another few years before that happened. I don’t know why you guys follow me, especially since I have no faith in my art. >_< Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for following me and my dumb art! I love and appreciate every single one of you!! <3<3<3

To celebrate <strike>somehow tricking you people into following me</strike> reaching 500+ followers, I thought I would show my appreciation with what I hope is the reason you guys are here for, FREE ART! :D

PRIZES: There will be winner! 

1st Place - 1 Full-figure character of your choosing, fully colored! Whether it’s a OC or you favorite character, you name them, I’ll draw them! (Note: For OCs, PLEASE have reference! :D)

2nd Place - 1 Character from the torso up, fully colored! Again, any character you want! 

3rd Place - BOOM! Headshot! Also fully colored of any character you want!

The Rules and Guildlines:

  1. You must be following me to be eligible!
  2. Likes and/or reblog this post! Likes and Reblogs = 2 entries. Reblog as much as you want to increase you chances! 
  3. Contest ends on April 8th at 8:30 PM EST!
  4. Winners will be notified through your ask box, so be sure to have it open! If I can’t contact, I will have to pick a new winner.
  5. Winners WILL BE ANNOUNCED once I have confirmed with all the winners and will be posted on my tumblr.

That seems simple enough, right? Alright then! Good luck everyone! :D

<3 and hugs to all!


I never brag about myself since I have a very low opinion of me, but I just saw something that made me feel good.

Frank Cho just tagged me in a photo I’ve never seen that Bill Sienkiewicz posted on facebook of me in May last year. He called me “sweet and positively ebullient”. 

That just made my day.