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JC Leyendecker

So I’m laying in bed feeling ill and completely useless. I decided to catch up on The Colbert Report trying to recover from whatever BS bug I caught. On one episode, there is this writer promoting her book about Norman Rockwell. Once again, no mentions of JC Leyendecker who Rockwell pretty much idolized and even studied under.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do like Rockwell, I just get tired of people completely forgetting that Leyendecker existed. Leyendecker brought a lot to the world of art with storytelling, conservative brush strokes (less is more), imagery of the New Years Baby and giving flowers on Mother’s dad, appreciation of men’s fashion, and good lord so much more.

So here is a Leyendecker appreciation post brought to you from my ipod.

skylark413  asked:

What does TMBAYDS stand for? If I spelled it right

Hello there! :D And you totes spelled it right!!! XD And thank you for asking!!!

TMBAYDS is the acronym for the Jeanmarco fic I am writing called “To My Beat, And You Don’t Stop” that you can read here! :D 

It’s a dancers/dance crew!AU, but it’s also been known as the Stripper!Marco fic. ;D

It’s about being more than what life hands you and boys falling in love. :D And some other stuff. Please check it out if it seems up your alley! <3 

And speaking of TMBAYDS, you all will be happy to know that I used my lunch hour today to write more of chapter 8. Life for me is slowly starting to calm down, which means I have more time to write and draw my own art again! TuT

One month later, as promised (though maybe a little later than I thought) I am holding a Giv-A-Way!!!

Wow! I sincerely thought I would never make it to 500, or at least wait another few years before that happened. I don’t know why you guys follow me, especially since I have no faith in my art. >_< Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for following me and my dumb art! I love and appreciate every single one of you!! <3<3<3

To celebrate <strike>somehow tricking you people into following me</strike> reaching 500+ followers, I thought I would show my appreciation with what I hope is the reason you guys are here for, FREE ART! :D

PRIZES: There will be winner! 

1st Place - 1 Full-figure character of your choosing, fully colored! Whether it’s a OC or you favorite character, you name them, I’ll draw them! (Note: For OCs, PLEASE have reference! :D)

2nd Place - 1 Character from the torso up, fully colored! Again, any character you want! 

3rd Place - BOOM! Headshot! Also fully colored of any character you want!

The Rules and Guildlines:

  1. You must be following me to be eligible!
  2. Likes and/or reblog this post! Likes and Reblogs = 2 entries. Reblog as much as you want to increase you chances! 
  3. Contest ends on April 8th at 8:30 PM EST!
  4. Winners will be notified through your ask box, so be sure to have it open! If I can’t contact, I will have to pick a new winner.
  5. Winners WILL BE ANNOUNCED once I have confirmed with all the winners and will be posted on my tumblr.

That seems simple enough, right? Alright then! Good luck everyone! :D

<3 and hugs to all!

I also like Springles...

Oh man, I am so pumped to finish chapter 8 of TMBAYDS after a few months of hiatus! X_x I’ve been going to dance classes to get me in the mindset too!

But I had this Springles headcanon I needed to get out of my system:

So Connie decides after 5 years, 8 months, 17 days, 3 hours, and 26 minutes of dating, he’s ready to propose to Sasha. So what does he do? He casually suggests for a couples dance class that they teach at a public dance school to do choreo to “Diamonds” by Rhianna. By the end of the class, Marco (who is in on the plan) suggests he record just the two of them to put up online to gain more potential students.

They dance, and by the end of it, Connie is on bended knee and Sasha is caught completely off-gaurd like a deer in headlights.

3 years later, they are still happily together and Sasha is “Eating for 3″ as Connie would put it. ;)

Uhhh... hiiiii!!!! <:D

Oh man, I have not really been on my tumblr in a month and I come back to a batch of new followers?! 

I’m going to have to rectify this! 

But first…

Nice to meet you all! Thank you for following me! <3 I hope you enjoy your stay!

And… with that I just hit a big follower milestone… and this might mean a givaway soon?! ;D

Also, I just got a lot of artists asks that I’m going to answer now! Feel free to send me more asks and I’ll answer them! <3

*hugs to all!*

Robin WIlliams SPAM post, tag Robin Wiliams in tumblr saviour if you want none of this.

You have been warned. Anyone who sends me anons complaining will be ignored. You guys have no idea how much of a huge impact this man had on my life. So if you’re not cool with the spam posts, either blacklist “Robin Williams” or unfollow me please. 

Thank you!

That's kinda adorable...

So the guy I had a HUGE crush on in high school who was also the only one who didn’t give me shit about my anime obsession just sent me a picture of a sticker I gave him a long ass time ago on an envelope of a card I sent him… he still keeps it. Like he cut it out and taped it to his desk…

That is precious.

"To My Beat, And You Don't Stop" Chapter 3: Dance or Die

Hey guys! Guess what I updated today? 

I want to give a ridiculously huge thank you to both lemonorangelime and @la-la-la-laurel!!! Thank you guys so much for your help being a beta readers and edit the hell out of my fic.

OMG, I am so sorry for those of you who read the first 2 chapters with all those horrible typos. You guys are awesome having to power through it and yet you STILL stick around for my terrible writing. 

Alright, no more rambling. I hope you guys enjoy the newest update! Let me know what you think!

FYI, chapter 4 is going to be late. I have huge plans for it! Stay tuned!

Back from AWA!

I have returned from the con and wow… what an amazing return this has been since I left the artist alley in 2009. A 5 year break is probably what I needed to get back into it again.

There were so many amazing people I met this weekend! I got to meet FANTASTIC cosplayers, super adorable followers whose URLs I totally recognize (I see you dicksama and wutzlyfe XD), another Leyendecker fan, and wow… just… so many sweet and wonderful people!!! I am extremely overwhelmed by it all! T^T

To the Eren and Levi who did a proposal at my table before you left, let me know who you guys are! YOU GUYS WERE SO SWEET AND DISGUSTLY ADORABLE!!! <3!

The GS!Cosplayers drdandy, @chawpstix and rhymes-with-sky! Thank you guys so much for coming by so much! You guys were really fun to talk to and I am still blown away by the fact that this was a secret cosplay! You need to tell avoidingavoidance the story about that! That was incredibly sweet and props to Hanji for keeping the secret cosplays a secret from both Jean and Marco! XD

All the Free! cosplayers (especially thug!Nagisa! XD)! The Erik and Xavier cosplayers! The SNK cosplayers! The Merida cosplayer! ALL THE COSPLAYERS! ALL THE PEOPLE NOT IN COSPLAY THAT CAME BY AND WERE SUPER SWEET! You are all so AWESOME!!! Thank you! T^T

Oh! I need to say this because it was a very memorable moment for me that actually took me completely off-guard. There was a quiet moment and a mother came up to my table and said she had something to tell me. I had no idea what to expect, but her telling me she read and enjoys my fic was definitely not at all what I thought I would hear. 

If you are reading this, thank you so much! I know you thought it was weird to say, BUT IT WAS FAR FROM IT. It really stuck with me and I am deeply touched to hear it. Thank you so much! I hope you continue enjoying my writing! Which reminds me, I NEED to get chapter 7 going! >_<

OMG! There were seriously so many amazing people that came by my table. I know I’m missing some names and people, but please don’t feel left out! You all seriously made my weekend the best I’ve had an a long while and gives me encouragement to keep doing what I love. Art!  It means a lot to me. Thank you, each and every one of you! *hugs!*

Ok, I know you guys are tired of my rambling, so I will end with this…

Did anyone notice that there were a ton of dead Marco cosplayers? Like seriously. There were at least 5 of you running around and you were all adorable… despite half your face was missing. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! XD

See you guys next year!!! *hugs and <3s to all!*

The I got bored and was tagged in a survey thing...

Tagged by the precious jellyfishsempai! :D

Name: Michelle
Time and date of current moment: 8:14 PM on 1/18/15

Average hours of sleep: 3-4 hours during the week. TnT
Last thing I googled: Bollywood costumes.
Nicknames: Mimi, Mishah, Michi, Enjouji, Steeeebe… probably other not so delightful names.
Birthday: 4/27
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: It is a mystery.
Height: Short.
Favorite color: All forms of blue.
Place that makes me happy: The studio.
How many blankets I sleep under: 1 usually, but on super cold nights I have one covering the foor of my bed.
What are you wearing right now: Grey Jeans and a Tiger & Bunny Sweater over a Tiger and Bunny shirt… and a SNK bandana because I am totally not a nerd.
Last Book You Read: Quick Cheap Comfort Food.
Dream Job: Designing and directing animated music videos and putting out my own graphic novels of stories I need to script out.

I tag anyone who is as bored as I am! :D