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What??? I actually draw Pinescone???

This is based off a little idea I have of Dipper getting put under a love spell from angering a witch and Wirt has to try his best to find a way to break the spell while trying not to succumb to Dipper’s constant flirting and trying to make-out with him, cause they ain’t going out in this little headcanon but Wirt totally wants to ooooo

In which Marco is the worst vampire ever. Just. The Worst.

Following many jokes on twitter about Marco the vampire who is mentally stuck in the fifties and kind of grossed out by the concept of biting people…I found my self doing this in an attempt to break my writers block. It’s choppy and awkwardly paced and kind of generic, but hey, it’s complete and about 5000 words, and hopefully having something out there in the world will make working on commissions a little less like pulling teeth.  Here ya go guys! Enjooyy.

God what a dork.

(Mild content warning, a little blood and sooort of blood play, I guess? He’s a vampire, you know what you’re getting in to)

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The glory behind the darkness - Chapter 1 - Mark tuan imagine

Characters : Mark Tuan X Yuhee (oc) ft GOT6 and appearance of EXO’s Sehun

Genre : Sobrenatural

Word count : 3021

Disclaimer : 15 +, curse words, in the next chapters things will probably get worse so count in with more cursing, sexual references as well as death and turturing ones. If such is disturbing to you, I’ll warn at the beggining of the chapter.

Author’s note : So, somehow I got this idea that I really loved out of the blue and obviously I had to sat down and start writing. Because I already came up with a draft plot, and it’s actually kinda big I decided to turn it into a fanfiction in turn of a scenario/ imagine. Even though Mark hasn’t appeared yet he will in the next chap, but still not too sure about when Sehun will. And now without further doe, please enjooyy!


The lightning bolt crossed the sky, tearing it in half, leaving a fading track as it slowly disappeared. I smirked looking at the dark sky as the rain continued to pour down, each second getting stronger. Still,it didn’t bother me  a bit and honestly,it never would.

Leaning against the dirty grey wall of the blind alley I was currently wasting my time in, I stared at the rusty door of the weakest and fakest copy I had ever seen of an Irish pub.

“This is an insult to the Irish, Cleena would freaking tear apart whoever owned this piece of trash. And probably too the people who frequented it. Not that I blame her.”- I commented to myself, shrugging my shoulders. Then again it wasn’t my problem. The smallest noise of someone getting up from inside, getting ready to leave such a nasty place, caught my attention. I observed as a guy, who I guessed was in his mid-twenties, crossed the door, followed by an extremely annoying bell sound.-”Are you joking with me? A bell? Now even I feel offended!”-I exclaimed pointing at the door furiously.

I tilted my head a tad to the side, smirking one last time. From my calculus I was around 5km away from the stupid pub, which I was deeply thankful for. Even at this distance I could clearly smell the starting to rotten food and the cheapest alchool that the owner provided his clients. Nevertheless,it was mainly this type of place that assured me my dose of human blood. Both old and young blood, with a pinch of death desire, terribly amazing. If that was what they wanted so badly, I would gladly offer them such privilege.

I got up, running towards the man’s direction, catching him up in question of less than a second. I chuckled to myself, watching how pathetically the physically older human acted, trying to find his car keys. I tsked, shaking my index finger in a ‘you shouldn’t do that’ motion. He stared at me, completely immersed by my beauty. That was what being a vampire meant, from the first moment you were transformed into one, you automatically became the most beautiful version of yourself. The beauty patterns you were previously so used to, became nothing more than a raw projection of what perfection really looked like.

“Maybe I should toy him a bit. Just to wake him up a bit more.”-I decided, not caring or even listening to how dark my thoughts and ideas sounded. Even if I did, I wouldn’t care about it. Ignoring how my speed and agility surpassed the one humans had, I started circling him, quickly getting bored of it.

“Where are you, you bitch?!”-He screamed in panic, as he could no longer see what or rather who was attacking him. The man looked around him, stumbling in his own feet almost falling down.

“Ugh humans are so slow. This is not even entertaining.”-I pointed out, outrageously bored of my mind, finally giving up on toying him. Each day I was getting more and more done with humans, with their futile whishes and ridiculous behaviour. If they just knew, no it wasn’t needed that much, if they just had a minimum idea of what really existed in the same world as them, what passed alongside them daily, maybe they would stop caring so much about themselves and start looking out for each other. It was already too late for me, to their despair, I’m no longer human.-” Guess you are my tonight’s prey.”-I said threatningly, clutching his cheeks with only one hand.

“Wh-who are you?”-He stuttered, trying his best to get away from me, only making me shake my head. Foolish human. I clutched it harder, hearing a crack as I was now sure that I had just broken his jaw. Maybe I did went a bit overboard. The smell of blood spread in the air, and I could immediately feel my fangs grow and starting to appear as they brushed against my tongue.

“Let’s just get over this shall we?”-I asked, not really expecting an answer from him, as I got closer to his neck. I brushed my fans against one of his ears, letting out a dark giggle.-”And to answer your question since you’re about to die anyways,my name is Yuhee, Kang Yuhee.”-And with that, I sank my fangs in his neck, starting to drink his blood. In the end I disposed his body, making sure no one would find it. That was one of the rules vampires had to live by, even if we drank human blood, which we could opt by not as animal blood was good enough to keep us going forward, only slowly makig us weaker, we always had to make sure we had deeply cleaned our mess. Because if not, rumours could be created and panic would be instauled in the world, the secret of our existence would be exposed and therefore be in danger. And that, that was something that our rulers didn’t even want to think about, most of times taking care of the problems with their own hands when someone didn’t know how to behave.

I stared again at the abominable pub, as clean as it was seconds before the murder that had just taken place in it. Poor guy, it would take days before anyone would finally notice his disappearance and soon enough it would be forgotten, completely erased from everyone’s minds. That was the thing about the victims I always chose, they always had multiple things in common, one of which was the fact that they would be easily forgotten.

I sighed deeply, looking at the moon which was now visible as the clouds had finally retreated and thus the rain stopped. Maybe it was too time to go home, who knows, perhaps it would be interesting to see how they would react to finding out that I had once again broken the clan’s rules. In the end, I shrugged my shoulders, not giving a single damm about it. It wouldn’t be the first neither the last such would occur so why care?

Choosing to walk in a normal speed, according to the humans, something that I had gotten used to after praticing for continuous days once I was transformed in a vampire, I smiled knowing that it would take longer than normal to arrive home. Time, that was something that I would never have to worry about. For all that mattered, time was something that no longer made sense to me. After all, I was frozen in it.

—3rd person point of view—

Jaebum wandered across the room waiting for a certain member of his clan to get back. There was just no way to keep her under his control, no matter what he did, no matter what he said or threatned about, Yuhee would never back off from her reckless behaviour. Every single time he threatned about killing, taking away or ending something that was precious to her, she would simply laugh darkly, surprising not only the older male but also the rest of the clan with how blankly her eyes looked. “There’s no longer anything in this world that I consider precious to me Jaebum.” Was her common and only answer to his threats. Still, the way she said it, always managed to send shivers through his spine. It was too dark, too morbid, too terrifying, at least in his eyes, such ton of voice would never fit her docile, innocent looking appearance.

That was too Yuhee’s charm, he admited not even trying to conceal or convince himself of otherwise when it was something so obvious. The fact that her appearance betrayed her true actions when confronted with her prey always made it a lot easier to catch it. However, killing humans was against his clan’s rules and Jaebum, being the leader, could no longer take lightly her actions, even if that meant ignoring the century and half of other they have known each other.

Yuhee always chased the same type of human preys, that was her pattern and honestly, Jaebum didn’t fear that it would change anytime in the near or possible future but, due to the main rule his clan preserved and the fact that the younger vampire was constantly breaking it, things were getting out of hand and in that precise moment, he was more than pissed off.

Jaebum punched the wodden table in front of him, breaking it in two and sending multiple shards of wood in every direction possible.

“Where the fuck is Yuhee?”-He screamed enraged as he stared at his right-hand man, Jinyoung, who entertained by the little show his leader had demonstrated, smirked amusedly.

“Worried about her I see?”-Jinyoung asked playfully, not taking the possibility of Jaebum ripping off his head out of his body ence his bravery into consideration. Well, it wasn’t so much bravery but Jinyoung knew how close the two of them were, treating each other like family for centuries sure allowed them to tease the other one in a way that would be unthinkable for anyone who met either him or JB for the first time. Although he appeared calm, managing to control how his voice sounded, deep down Jinyoung was cursing the day Yuhee was born, not sure just why he was covering for her when he knew exactly why she was out once again. Then again it was no secret for anyone.

“Don’t test my patience Jinyoung, not today, and specially not when I’m considering ripping Yuhee’s head out of her body.”-Jaebum threatned, clenching both his teeth and fists. A crack ecchoed through the four walls of the room, accusing JB for breaking once again one of his fingers but he quickly put it back in place, not needing more than some mere seconds to fully recover.

“I don’t want to enfuriate you even more JB, but in case you haven’t noticied yet, she could probably kill every single of us if she wanted to.”-Jackson reminded him teasingly, now joining the party. Jaebum stared at him with such a vicious stare, Jackson could bet that if stares killed, he would be six feet underground by now, even though he was too a vampire and technically couldn’t die.

“Jackson!”-Jaebum growled, feeling each of his forehead veins burst.-“Don’t push it or I swear you’re gonna be the one ending up dead today.”-He threatned not really taking in consideration his words and how regretful he would be later for saying them.

Jinyoung sighed deeply, already tired of all the problems Yuhee created between his clan. After knowing her for already over a century he could yet not understand just why she remained doing and creating so much fuss between all of them only because of her eating habits. Was it that hard giving up on feeding from humans? Sure he know how hard it could be in the beggining, specially if you were a first born, but Yuhee was nothing of that. She was around the same age as him and for all he knew from what Jaebum told him, she had in times feeded from animals. So why? Why was she being like this?

Jaebum turned around when Yuhee’s scent came into view, the physically younger girl entering their mansion, smiling like nothing happened, like minutes ago she hadn’t killed anyone.

“Hello there, what can I help you in this beautiful night of Summer?”-She asked teasingly, not even trying to hide her smirk. She knew she was acting like a bitch, she knew it and although she kinda of regretted some things she said, her past didn’t allow her to completely give up on the person she was now. Her hatred for life in itself didn’t permit so.

“C’mon Yuhee stop with the jokes now.”-Bambam pleaded right when he stepped into the living room, followed by Youngjae and Yugyeom. The normally playful Bambam was now looking so serious, talking with such a monotone voice it was actually considered scary.

“Oh come on guys, again with all this crap about blood? Cut me some slack.”-Yuhee said, sounding overly tired. She jumped into one sofa, letting her body lay agaisnt the multiple pillows.

“No Yuhee, you cut us some slack!”-Jaebum yelled, walking towards her, stopping right in front of her.-“I’ve known you for over a century! That’s more than 100 years. I told you since the beggining when I asked you if you wanted to join my clan that there was only one rule you had to obbey. No feeding from humans, and what have you done for the past century? Oh that’s right!! Feeding from humans.”-JB kept yelling, letting out an overly dark chuckle at the end. Yuhee massaged her temples, rolling her eyes along with it, as she started to get annoyed by Jaebum’s constant nagging.

“Jaebum back off seriously, by no means I mean to hurt you.”-Yuhee advised him, getting up on her feet, hoping to walk away from the confrontation.

“You back off Yuhee! You had one rule to follow, just one simple rule! If you can’t do it then please, it’s my pleasure to let you leave!”-He concluded, pointing towards the living room’s door. The tension between the two was palpable, seeming that if anyone tried to cut it with a knife, it would be actually possible. The younger vampires sustained their breath, not knowing what direction this argument was following.

“If that’s what you want then perfect for me.”-She yelled back, ripping her necklace from her neck and throwing it across the room.-“I’ll leave by my own means.”

Yugyeom stared at his older sister figure walking away, making sure to close the door with a loud bang. Was everything that he evidencied really happening?

“Did…Did Yuhee really leave?”-He asked confused, glancing from one side to the other, hoping that at least one of them would tell them that what was happening was nothing more than a joke.

“Yugyeom, I don’t really think this was pretending.”-Jackson explained, patting the youngest vampire’s back. Yugyeom took a step back, shacking his head.

“Was this really needed hyung? It’s Yuhee we’re talking about. You’ve been putting up with it for more than a century so why now? Why did you have to make her leave now?”-Bambam asked, joining Yugyeom’s side.

Jaebum couldn’t believe what he was witnessing right now. Why where they even opposing to his choice? Didn’t they see what she always did so she could feed herself? She was killing people, innocent humans.

“Enough is enough Bambam, I can’t keep letting her do whatever she wants. I don’t expect any of you to understand my decision but at least respect it. I won’t go back in my word.”-He garanteed, making sure that his decision wouldn’t change no matter what. Or so he hoped.

“You’re going to regret your decision hyung, you know just as much as I do that you will.”-Yugyeom assured, taking his leave together with Bambam.

Jinyoung sighed, losing count of how many times he had done it just in one night. It sure had been a complicated one.

“Hyung, I’m not taking sides but, just come to your senses. You know that the people which Yuhee kills are no innocent ones. They’re men who kill, who rape, she actually is in a kinda of morbid way making justice for the people who were murdered and raped by them.”-Youngjae reminded, making Jaebum slightly start regretting what he had done. In the middle of such fiery discussion he simply had forgotten that small but major important information.

“I’ll talk to her.”-Jinyoung confessed, surprising everyone present in the room.-“We all have to admit that Yuhee is an important and fun addition to our clan. Give her time Jaebum.”-He asked gently, patting his best friend’s shoulder.-“The youngest ones, okay asides from Youngjae, don’t know all that there is to Yuhee’s past. You can’t really expect her to only after two centuries and half, forget everything so easily, although this appears to be a long time, the life of a vampire is long. We don’t die, we live forever, two centuries is nothing.”

“Could all of you stop making me feel like shit? I’m actually starting to regret what I did!”-Jaebum exclaimed exasperated, making Jackson smirk. Not taking his eyes of his leader, he used his velocity to run to the other side of the room to pick up the necklace Yuhee had moments ago thrown away. It was such a fast movement that seen by normal human eyes, you wouldn’t be able to even realise that he had ran to the other part of the living room.

“You really should. You were quite arsh back then.”-Jackson responded chuckling, handling him the necklace that contained the clan’s crest as it’s pendant.

“I guess this isn’t exactly the best moment to tell you that he’s coming is it?”-Youngjae asked, scratching the back of his neck. He watched his friend’s facial expression turning into a confused one, not really getting what he was trying to say.

“What do you mean?”-Jinyoung asked, making the question that all the three of them was wondering.

“Mark, Mark is coming back.”-Youngjae answered, glancing over at the wall watch that stood right on top of the fireplace.-“He’ll probably arrive in the beggining of next week so I’m advising you that if you want all the clan reunited you should hurry and bring Yuhee back.”

“Markie pooh is coming back!!”-Jackson exclaimed happily with his overly high pitched voice.

Both Jaebum and Jinyoung shook their head towards Jackson’s behaviour, not that they weren’t already used to it, after all, Jackson by himself was synonymon of noise. However,it was still something that after centuriess they hoped he would just lower the volume.

Jinyoung moved his eyes, following the female vampire’s route. By now she would probably be a few thousands kilometers away from them, but Jinyoung had one thing in his favor. His infallible hability to track people or even things, in this case vampires. One thing he knew, no matter how far she was, he would find her. Why? Because this was simply his speciality.

Chapter 2 will probably be out in a few days, at the most one week!

I should’ve listened (Brett Talbot Imagine)

Request: Could you please do a Brett imagine were y/n is dating Brett but then your ex Theo comes back to town and Liam gets jealous but you say that it’s fine and that he is harmless but then it turns out Theo is evil and tortures y/n or something Like that? Thaaanks!

Warning: kidnapping, kind of torture ((not really))

a/n: The anon that requested this said that “Liam gets jealous” but I assume you mean Brett. And this took place from the episode 5x01 where the pack first saw Theo and lets just say that Brett was there. And remember my English isn’t 100% good. The ending kinda suck but Enjooyy x
p.s i suck at thinking of a title

Everything was perfectly fine. You and the pack was happy that nothing had happened in the last 6 months. Which is kind of weird, because c’mon we live in Beacon Hills for crying out loud. But you weren’t complaining. Everyone was happy. Especially you, because you and Brett are finally together.

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Backstabbing; Chapter 6

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             (I imagine Brett like that in the dark^)

A/n: i wanted to say thank you to the anon who sended me this idea. So thank you anon!! And also i want to explain some things. The story might take a dark turn. Reader will be in trouble. You’re going to hate Brett((you’ll find out in next chapter what the f is going on with him)) and i may or may not put some Supernatural things in here, haha.

 But enjooyy x

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 

 I didn’t know why i was calling her. She betrayed me and hurted me, that’s not something a best friend does. But it’s the only the choice i have. She’s the only person who can help me. 

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