Modern AU where Grantaire watches Grease: Live, and thinks it’s hilarious that Danny Zuko looks so much like Enjolras.

So whenever there’s an awkward pause at a meeting, Grantaire will stand on a table and start singing,


Enjolras just stares at him for a moment and then says, ❝ Grantaire…

And then Grantaire looks him in the eye and says, ❝ Tell me about it… Stud.

"Fandom Famous" : A list of E/R fics you may have heard of

So, yesterday, airuna asked if I could list E/R fics that are “fandom famous”.  Here is the list of fics I’ve personally encountered that could be considered “famous” in the sense that they are all known pretty much to all E/R shippers regardless of whether or not they’ve actually read the fic.

A note before we begin:  These are just fics that have gained somewhat a reputation in the fandom.  It might not include newer fics that haven’t been around long enough to garner the attention these older fics have.  So yes, there will be many fics missing from this list, but I’ll do my best.

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anonymous asked:

ok the fake dating!au is cute but if u have any HCs or a ficlet for secret relationship!au exr that would be much appreciated ❤️

Damn you know my jam anon. 

  • So many stolen kisses. Everybody’s paying attention to this vine Courf’s showing? Secret kiss. Grantaire’s leaving the bathroom as Enjolras’ is entering it? Sneaky kiss. OH, hey Enjolras you need help getting something down from the broom closet? HIDDEN KISS
  • I’m not saying they’re sexting during meetings; But they’re sexting during meetings
  • Suddenly every argument is a competition of who can be the most subtle with their flirtations and innuendos:
    “Grantaire, put that bottle down or I’ll bring you down.”
    “Oh you’ll bring me down? I’d like to see you try!”
    “You don’t want to test how far I’ll go!”
    “Maybe I do!”
  • Do I need to mention how many freaking times these boys almost get caught because they can’t keep it in their pants??
  • Mad rushes and scrambles to get their clothes buttoned properly before somebody enters a room
  • Honestly lets be real. Both of them would be okay with their friends knowing they’re a thing, ecstatic even, but part of what makes the hidden kisses and quick embraces pinned against a wall so addicting and good and desperate is the excitement in the danger of getting caught 
  • And lastly; there is no danger in them getting caught. Their friends have known for months. Enjolras and Grantaire are not exactly subtle about the whole thing despite what they’d like to think. But they play along because honestly, it’s a little bit hilarious that they think they can convince you they weren’t just making out when Enjolras has a million hickeys littering his neck and Grantaire lips are puffy and bruised
exR, such waltzing was easy

happy holiday prompt fills! this one courtesy @annissarh​, who asked for canon era enjolras/grantaire alone after a holiday celebration, for warmth, for a dance…

“Perhaps you could teach me,” says Enjolras.

“Teach you?” Grantaire’s teeth flash pearly white, and his hair is black onyx; Enjolras must be intoxicated indeed to view Grantaire thus, composed of jewel-like tones.

“To dance,” says Enjolras. “Should you like.”

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Of course the lovely @granteares comes at me again with inspiring ExR  prompts <3

It was going surprising well. Better then either of them would have ever imagined. 

They’d both come adorably overdressed, nervous about impressing the other, had made it to a lovely restaurant with no awkward lulls in conversation or anything even close to an argument. 

As far as first dates go, Enjolras and Grantaire were doing pretty well.

That was until Enjolras reached his hand across the table and gently held Grantaires. The blush that grazed his cheeks was distracting, but not distracting enough. 

For the old couple behind them had let out a disgusted noise and made a snide comment about how the world had gone to the sinners.

Enjolras knew he probably should have ignored them, that he probably shouldn’t have turned around and dumped his glass of red wine onto the old Lady’s head, should not have stood up and started an angry tirade against the man that got them kicked out.

He’d never doubted himself, but now standing on the curb a few blocks away from the restaurant they were now surely banned from he was pacing, fuming and vaguely wondering why he couldn’t leave things be just once.

When he finally calmed down enough, he sat by the curb and ran his hands through his hair, an unsettling amount of guilt running through him. He doubted that after tonight he’d be lucky enough to see Grantaire again let alone begrudge a second date out of him.

“I’m so sorry Grantaire. I can’t believe I got us kicked out. But you heard them right? I mean how could I just let them say that stuff. It makes me so mad! Of course you know that. I shouldn’t have called her an overpompous bigot, perhaps that went too far… But I’ve completely ruined tonight and-” He paused in his monologue to look regretfully at Grantaire. “Why are you smiling at me?”

“Oh I’m just thinking…” Grantaire said still smiling and looking down at his feet as he kicked the pavement “When our future kids ask us to tell the story about our first date they’ll have no idea what they’re in for.”

Enjolras was taken back. “Wait… Future kids? You’ve thought about that?”

“Oh my God. That came out wrong.” He hid his face beneath his hands. “You’re going to think I’m like obsessed with you or something. I promise, I’m not! Well maybe a little bit but not in a creepy way! I was just thinking about how fun this was and what a great time we were having and my mind kind of wondered and don’t freak out or anything I’m not saying I want to just go and start having babies or- okay that came out wrong again-”

“So what your saying…” Enjolras said interrupting Grantaire’s babbling “Is that you’ve thought about a future with the two of us together?”

Grantaire cringed and ran a hand absently through his hair before giving Enjolras a curt nod.

“So…” Enjolras said slowly. “Does that mean you’ll let me take you on a second date?”

Grantaire looked confused for a second before his entire face lit up and a blush spread over his cheeks. Enjolras laughed and stood up from the pavement, giving him a soft peck on the cheek and lamenting the way his eyes sparkled under the streetlights.

“Only on one condition.” Grantaire said, his confidence returning and a sly smile spreading on his face. “You have to let me ruin the next one. I can’t let you have all the fun.”


Sergei Polunin, “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, Directed by David LaChapelle

So I’m sure everyone will have at least heard about this video even if they haven’t seen it, but after I got over the initial awe of how gorgeous this whole video is (and watched it another 5 times), all I could think was:
I will literally fight anyone that tries to tell me this isn’t ballet dancer!Grantaire personified.

And I don’t only mean because he looks like him or that the composition is amazing and he moves beautifully (I’m 80% pretty sure some of those jumps defied the laws of physics) so it already fits in with R as a dancer, but the guy himself is practically like a fic come to life!
Sergei Polunin is often referred to as the “bad boy” of ballet - and not just because of the tattoos. He became the Royal Ballet’s youngest ever principal at just 19 years old then QUIT three years later because he felt it was stifling him creatively. He was known for often missing lessons and partying, and many thought his career was over after he left, but instead he continues to flourish and has been in tonnes of productions. (Seriously, this guy is super interesting - please google him.)

So, to summarise: This guy is literally a Ukranian, dancer-version of Grantaire and this video is perfection, have a nice day.

I crave for another level of domestic e/R though.

Like, that background couple. The one you’re used to. The one who’s been together for years. The one who talks with in ‘we’ sentences and plan holidays. The one who looks for appartements. The one who sometimes has to schedule sexy times because they lack of time and passed through the whole honeymoon phase a long time ago but never lacks of tenderness. I want Les Amis to say they’re going to 'Enjolras and Grantaire’s place’. Believable cute domestic e/R (。◕‿◕。)

Okay. So- what if Grantaire accidentally admits to Enjolras that he’s in love with him?

If Enjolras gets annoyed with him for interrupting a meeting, and gets carried away, and shouts something like,

❝ Why are you here in the first place?! ❞

And Grantaire doesn’t think about it, and yells-

❝ Because I love you, you moron! ❞

And Enjolras just stares at him speechless while Grantaire sort of goes into shock- thinking that he’s screwed up, and there’s no going back, and what the hell is Enjolras going to think now that he–

And then Enjolras walks over and R’s heart is racing and he feels almost nauseous because what’s Enjolras going to do and does he look freaked out,

And Enjolras smiled at him, and then suddenly leans forward to kiss him.

10 E/R fics you may not have heard of, but really should read (by besanii)

Hello everyone!

My apologies for the delay on this particular instalment of “Fandom Famous”.  A lot has been going on and I’ve been very sidetracked with other projects, I’m really sorry!  Also, it was so hard to decide which fics I felt needed to be on this list (and a lot of them I wanted to put on the list where from the same few authors, so I had to debate whether to include them all or just list the authors themselves).

In any case, here are a list of fics/authors I’ve felt are brilliant and amazing, but may not necessarily be “famous” in the E/R ship:

Note: I tried to filter out the fics that have more than 100 kudos on AO3, as my previous “Fandom Famous” post listed fics with more than 100 kudos.  As such, a lot of these are going to end up being relatively new, with a few old ones sprinkled in liberally here and there.

(cut for length)

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