"Fandom Famous" : A list of E/R fics you may have heard of

So, yesterday, airuna asked if I could list E/R fics that are “fandom famous”.  Here is the list of fics I’ve personally encountered that could be considered “famous” in the sense that they are all known pretty much to all E/R shippers regardless of whether or not they’ve actually read the fic.

A note before we begin:  These are just fics that have gained somewhat a reputation in the fandom.  It might not include newer fics that haven’t been around long enough to garner the attention these older fics have.  So yes, there will be many fics missing from this list, but I’ll do my best.

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10 E/R fics you may not have heard of, but really should read (by besanii)

Hello everyone!

My apologies for the delay on this particular instalment of “Fandom Famous”.  A lot has been going on and I’ve been very sidetracked with other projects, I’m really sorry!  Also, it was so hard to decide which fics I felt needed to be on this list (and a lot of them I wanted to put on the list where from the same few authors, so I had to debate whether to include them all or just list the authors themselves).

In any case, here are a list of fics/authors I’ve felt are brilliant and amazing, but may not necessarily be “famous” in the E/R ship:

Note: I tried to filter out the fics that have more than 100 kudos on AO3, as my previous “Fandom Famous" post listed fics with more than 100 kudos.  As such, a lot of these are going to end up being relatively new, with a few old ones sprinkled in liberally here and there.

(cut for length)

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I hope you're having a great day-or-whatever-time it is for you ^^. I was wondering: what would you think of a Les Mis Big Bang? Do you think it's something the fandom (and particularly the writers and artists) could get behind and be interested in doing? :). xx.

Hello nonny!

I’ve never personally been involved with any fandom Big Bangs before, so I had to ask someone with more experience than I (*cough* kiyala *cough*) exactly what a Big Bang entails.

All in all, it sounds like a fabulous idea!  There are so many talented writers and artists in our fandom that it seems like not having a Big Bang would go to waste!  I’m sure there are many people who would be interested in signing up for a Big Bang if we were to set one up!

Of course, an expression of interest would also be great – please reblog/like this post if you would be interested in participating, so we can have an idea of who would actually do it.

Thanks for the wonderful idea, nonny!

- besanii

Les Misérables AU: Frozen

Only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart

Enjolras was cursed with his powers at birth, and has spent everyday since then trying to keep it a secret. But when his powers inevitably become too strong, and his friends discover the truth Enjolras is forced to flee. Left to wonder the mountains alone in fear until the person he least expects to help him appears to bring him home.

True Romance - an e&R mix by chain.october.

img: montparnaughty and joespieldenner

i. i bet you look good on the dance floor - arctic monkeys || ii. honestly - cartel || iii. true romance - motion city soundtrack || iv. brick by brick - arctic monkeys || v. robot boy - linkin park || vi. one wrong door - a silent film || vii. everything we had - the academy is… || viii. the unwinding cable car - anberlin || ix. come with me - ceo || x. transatlanticism - death cab for cutie || xi. dismantle. repair. - anberlin || xii. son of a gun - motion city soundtrack || xiii. bury us alive - starfucker.

download here: (x)

exR, dawson’s creek | enjolras/grantaire, combeferre/courfeyrac, (pacey/joey forever) | written with tongue firmly in cheek amid fits of giggling for barricadeur

if you haven’t seen the late ’90s tv show dawson’s creek, about precocious teenagers snarking their way through dramatic lives, this will be nonsense

join us and soak in some rad ’90s aesthetic by watching the scene where katie holmes butchers “on my own" at the school talent show. this was a really important pop culture moment for me when i was 15 let me tell you 

Courfeyrac arrived to stay with his grandmother in the house next door to Combeferre’s. He met them with a winning grin and an easy, flirtatious manner, and explained that he was escaping scandal in New York. He was beautiful, mysterious, experienced, likely rich. Courfeyrac was sophisticated and sexy — everything, precisely, that Enjolras was not.

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R: Okay, can I say something non-cynically?

E: If you can

R: All my life has been a series of wine bottles and suddenly I bump into you

E: I was thinking the same thing! ‘Cause like I’ve been searching my whole life find my own democracy and maybe it’s Couf and Maruis talking or the revolution

R/E: But with you…..

E: I see your belief

R: I found my place

E/R: An it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before!

Love is an open door!

Love is an open door!

Love is an open door!

R: With you!

E: With you!

R: With you!

E: With you!

E/R: Love is an open door….

E: I mean it’s crazy,…

R: What?

E: I find myself-

R: In love with you

E: That’s what I was going to say!

R: I’ve never met someone…

E/R: Who thinks so much like me!

Jink, Jink again!

Our mental synchronization can have but one explanation

E: You-

R: And I-

E: Were

R: Just 

E/R: Meant to be!

Say goodbye to the Bourgeoisie of the past

We don’t gave to fear it anymore!

Love is an open door!

Love is an open door!

Life can be so much more!

R: With you!

E: With you!

R: With you!

E: With you!

E/R: Love is an open door!

E: Can I say something crazy?


R: Can I say something even crazier?