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au where enjolras starts doing weirdly nice things for grantaire without losing his very enjolras way about it.

like. he shows up at R’s apartment with courf’s homemade food because R ‘needs to eat properly’ and walks him home after meetings because 'you’ll be mugged one of these days’ never mind that R boxes and enjolras is a twerp

and R can’t help but love enjolras a little bit more for it even though he knows he’s only doing it for The Cause

meanwhile, enjolras is going around all YES HELLO LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND


finally posting this old watercolour chibi thing here. i love this glorious meme feast of a movie, my friend @mrsjadecurtiss and i are in tears (and singing obnoxiously) every time we warch it. 🌝 if you’ve seen the movie, who’s your favourite character? mine is by far enjolras. i ship him with marius - and france, obviously 🇫🇷❤️

I like to play this game I call “Love Never Dies as the sequel to other things”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Because you could swap out The Phantom/Christine/Raoul/Meg for almost anybody else and the character motivations would make just as much sense.

For example:

Les Mis: In 1832, Eponine faked her death at the barricade and subsequently fled to Coney Island and opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Marius and Cosette come to Coney Island. Eponine has a son who is just Ten Years Old. Cosette is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Marius and Eponine totally banged the night before his wedding to Cosette. In the end, Marius is shot and killed by a jealous (and also not dead) Enjolras, who has fallen in love with Eponine.

Frozen: In 1845, after failing to acquire a crown of his own, Hans moved to Coney Island and opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Anna and Kristoff come to Coney Island. They have a son, who is just Ten Years Old. Kristoff is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Anna and Hans totally banged the night before her wedding to Kristoff. In the end, Anna is shot and killed by a jealous Elsa, who has fallen in love with Hans.

The Odyssey: In the 12th century BC, Penelope’s suitor Antinous was secretly saved from death by some minor deity who owed him a favor and brought him to what would one day be known as Coney Island, where he opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907 AD, Odysseus and Penelope come to Coney Island. They have a second son, who is just Ten Years Old. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition in dactylic hexameter informs us that Penelope and Antinous totally banged the night before Odysseus’s return. In the end, Penelope is shot and killed by a jealous Euryclea, who has fallen in love with Antinous.

Gotham: In 2015, Barbara Kean leaves Gotham City, moves to Coney Island, and opens an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins come to Coney Island. Barbara has a daughter, whom she has named after herself, and who is just Ten Years Old. Leslie Thompkins is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Jim and Barbara totally banged the night before she left. In the end, Jim is shot and killed by a jealous Oswald Cobblepot, who has fallen in love with Barbara.


Road Trip AU.

Aaron Tveit talking about BrainDead for TV Fanatic. [x]

Can we just talk for a moment about how modern!Enjolras is his hair during this interview? I mean, he’s cleary Enjolras who has had the bad idea to borrow Jehan’s clothes.

Les Miserables Shakespeare version (not iambic pentameter)

So a couple years ago, I had to rewrite a few scenes from a book in Shakespeare style, but without iambic pentameter because my teacher was kind, and obviously I chose Les Mis.

I hope you enjoy it for Barricade Day!!

Act I Scene I
Darkness Surrounds Grantaire
A street behind a barricade

ENJOLRAS: Grantaire, go sleep away the wine that cloudeth thy mind. Tis a place for intoxication, not drunkenness. Dishonour the barricade not.

GRANTAIRE: Thy speech alone is enough to chase away the clouds inside my mind. Thou must know I believe in thee.

ENJOLRAS: Leave me.
Grantaire: I prithee, grant thy servant permission to sleep ‘t off here.

ENJOLRAS: Nay, sleep it off elsewhere, winecask!

GRANTAIRE: Let me sleep here and if need be die here.

ENJOLRAS: Thou art incapable of believing or thinking or willing or living or dying.

GRANTAIRE: Thou shalt see, my lord, thou shalt see.

[exit Enjolras]

If I could only see as he sees – my golden god of the sun!
He seeth a light
doth command it to come through the dark abyss of truth.
He is mad and yet I love him more dearly than mine own life,
indeed, he brings life to me.
Enjolras, Enjolras, my lord, my devotion! None loves the daylight more than the blind man and for me he is that – an eagle soaring in the upper air of faith whilst I, poor lost soul, earthbound must be.
Invaluable is he to me, but I to him?
Nay! He wouldst sooner sleep with harlots than allow me to press mine unworthy hand with his.
I am an unwelcome Ephestion, torn away from that which gives me strength as I possess none.
Cruel fates! If I could only die in his light, I could die a happy man!
For what is man? Man liveth and dieth and tis all for not.
Enjolras, thou art leading away thy children – thy disciples – to a bloody death, but willingly will they go if thou sayest tis for freedom.
Well I would go for thee, blond youth, not for some false dream, nay, I would go for thee if thou desired it.
For thee would I be damned to hell if only I could watch thy flight. Alas, I am nothing and as nothing I must die and live alone.

Act I scene II
[Enter Gavroche, Enjolras, Combeferre, and workmen]

GAVROCHE: Come now, we must have more paving-stones, more barrels, more of everything. Come, a basket of rubble to stuff up the hole. Tis not big enough to provide protection from the blades and blows of war. Shove everything upon it, break up the dwelling if necessary. Hullo, there lieth a glass-paned door!

WORKMAN 1: Then what shall we do with’t, clumsy young lad?

GAVROCHE: Clumsy yourself. A glass-paned door is a very good thing t’have on a barricade – easy to attack, but not so easy to get past. Have not ye attempted to steal apples o’er a wall with broken glass on top? Think of a bit of glass cutting the soldiers’ arms. Tis the trouble – no imagination doth ye posses! A sword! I must have a sword! Why will no one give one to me?

COMBEFERRE: A sword at thine age?

GAVROCHE: Why not pray tell? I had one in the last revolution when we forced Charles X to flee from us!

ENJOLRAS: Once there are enough for the men, we shall begin to deliver them out to the children.

GAVROCHE: If thou shalt expire afore me I shall take thy sword.


GAVROCHE: Greenhorn!
[enter Young Man 1]
Ho – come to join us? Art thou not willing to do a turn for thy poor old country?
[Young Man runs]

ENJOLRAS: Gavroche, ye art small enough that thou shalt not be noticed. Slip out along the house fronts, out into the streets, and bring thee back to tell what’s going on.

GAVROCHE: So we are good for something after all, us little ‘uns. Aye, I will do ‘t. Ye trust the little ‘uns, my lord, but keep an eye on the big ‘uns – see, that man there.

ENJOLRAS: What of him?

GAVROCHE: Tis a spy.

ENJOLRAS: Art thou certain?

GAVROCHE: Aye, he took me less than a fortnight ago by the Pont Royal.

ENJOLRAS: Who art thou?

JAVERT: I see what thou meanest by it. Yes, I am.

ENJOLRAS: Thou art an informer?

JAVERT: I am a representative of the law.

ENJOLRAS: And thy name?

JAVERT: Javert.

GAVROCHE: So the mouse has caught the cat!

ENJOLRAS: Tis a spy – ye shall be killed two minutes before the barricade falls.

JAVERT: Why not now?

ENJOLRAS: I shall not waste our strength.

JAVERT: A flick of a knife would take little effort.

ENJOLRAS: We art judges, not murderers. Gavroche – get started. Do what I told thee.

GAVROCHE: I am gone, but let me have his sword. I have left you the musician, but I would like to have his harp.
[exit Gavroche]

LE CABUC: Comrades, that house would be a good place to shoot from. With marksmen at all the windows, devil a soul could come along the street!

YOUNG MAN 2: But the house is shut.

LE CABUC: Canst we knock?

YONG MAN 3: They shant open.

LE CABUC: Then we shall break down the door. Is anyone in? Silence.

DOORKEEPER: Messieurs, what do you want?

LE CABUC: Open the door!

DOORKEEPER: Nay, I am forbidden, monsieur.

LE CABUC: Do it all the same.

DOORKEEPER: I canst do as ye request.

LE CABUC: Wilt thou open?


LE CABUC: Then ye refuse?

DOORKEEPER: Aye, for mine own –
[Doorkeeper shot by an arrow and dies]

LE CABUC: There!

ENJOLRAS: On thy knees. On thy knees.

LE CABUC: Though thou art a youth, I have no strength to resist thee.

ENJOLRAS: Pray or pounder. Thou hast one minute.

LE CABUC: Mercy!

[Enjolras stabs Le Cabuc. Le Cabuc falls dead]

ENJOLRAS: Get rid of that.

[Exit Young men carrying Le Cabuc]

Sophomore year.

( A/N: joyeux anniversaire @halpdevon <3 )

The supply closet was certainly not the worst place to be stuck, though Grantaire could think of about twenty other places he’d prefer. The worst thing about being stuck was, being stuck in a five foot space with Enjolras. Looking back on it, their predicament was most certainly preventable, if Grantaire hadn’t tried to pry the door open; if Enjolras hadn’t wriggled the handle so hard it had fallen off then maybe they’d be out and back on their way to the meeting with the art supplies R needed. Now though, they were stuck in a supply closet with no real hope of getting out anytime soon. The rest of the amis were in class or on their way to the meeting and seeing how none of them knew that R and Enjolras had stopped the closet in the first place, it was doubtful that they’d even look for them until well into the meeting, or even after it. Grantaire slammed his head against the door.

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