enjolras x teacups

Anonymous asked you:

question: I’m at Disney World. Am I more likely to find Enjolras on the tea cups or in the French section of Epcot? I’m on my way to Epcot now, would Enjolras appreciate my attempt to build a barricade in the French section?

Good question, Anon!

Enjolras would probably have been dragged away from the teacups by the other Amis and would be chilling in the France section at Epcot.

Enjolras would probably be fighting the urge to build a barricade while there, so I don’t suggest you encourage him if you do meet him, lest you both get thrown out by the park employees.

Anonymous asked you:

Mod! A couple of my friends and I are cosplaying Les Mis to Disney World this summer. I’m going as Enjolras, and my friends are going as Grantaire and Courfeyrac, and there’s a possibility we’ll have a Jehan too. Soooo, we’re going to attempt to take a video on the teacup ride in character. I’ll send it in if we can do it, I swear.

This is amazing and I don’t think it’s even possible to put into words how much I love you for doing this!

I can’t wait to hear how the adventure went, and of course I’m dying to see the video! Best of luck, and thank you so much for doing this!

Anonymous asked you:

Can I ask whats up with the hardcore Enjolras x Teacups??? I love it, but I’m just a bit confused as to how it all started.

An Anon once asked me what Enjolras would be like at Disney World. The teacups thing was a half-bit joke that I didn’t think would become anything.

But everyone had the same funny mental images as I did, and it just sort of took off? Now Enjolras riding the teacups seems to be a thing.

Not that I’m complaining. :) I love that everyone loves it!