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“Okay,” Grantaire mutters. “So this is happening.” He shifts uncomfortably on Montparnasse’s leather couch.

“It absolutely is,” Jehan whispers, but they’re only keeping their voice down to keep Enjolras from hearing, not because they’re uncomfortable. They’ve accepted this glorious improbable reality a while ago and now they’re just enjoying it, sitting on their knees, half draped around Grantaire’s shoulders.

Enjolras is sitting on a kitchen chair with an utterly unimpressed look on his face, while Montparnasse is brushing his hair. His movements are so quick, careful and elegant that it almost looks professional. Or it would, if he wasn’t smirking like that.

“I’m not wearing my hair down,” Enjolras insists. “It’s impractical.”

“I wasn’t going to keep it loose,” Montparnasse informs him, snapping Enjolras’ own hair tie at him. “But if you’re going to keep bitching like this…”

“Just get it over with,” Enjolras scowls.

“I would if you’d sit still,” Montparnasse scowls back.

The blue and the green eyes meet for a disgruntled second and then Enjolras looks straight ahead again and Montparnasse continues brushing.

“It’s like watching a tornado circle a forest fire,” Grantaire whispers.

“Who’s the fire?” Jehan asks, their eyes never leaving the sight of Montparnasse’s slender fingers lifting Enjolras’ golden curls.

Grantaire doesn’t answer that. He seems to have trouble breathing at times.

“Enj looks like he’s trying really hard not to enjoy this,” Jehan whispers in fascination.

“Yeah…” Grantaire says, also without averting his eyes for a second. “He likes…likes having his hair stroked.”

Jehan hums in agreement. So do they. And they also happen to know Montparnasse is very good at brushing hair.

“There,” Montparnasse says, pulling Enjolras’ hair back, leaving only a couple of locks free to frame his beautiful face. “See, I hardly had to touch it. Learn to use a brush.”

“I brush my hair,” Enjolras bites at him.

“You brush it straight down, top to bottom,” Montparnasse sniffs. “You might as well leave it altogether.”

“Whatever,” Enjolras rolls his eyes. “Are you done?”

“Yes,” Montparnasse grins, turning to Jehan and Grantaire.

“Finally,” Enjolras sighs and he gets to his feet.

When he turns around Jehan and Grantaire are treated to a full view of Montparnasse’s vision. They both stop breathing for a second. Enjolras, clad in deep red, immaculate black and spotless white, his golden curls glossy around his face, but pulled back into a ponytail to leave his jawline and cheeks uncovered. Montparnasse stands beside him in blue that’s so dark it flirts with black, sleeves rolled flawlessly to his elbows. Standing there they look to be the same height, share the same figure, the same-

“I know Parnasse has been touching his hair all this time,” Grantaire mutters. “But I still feel like if they touch now the universe will implode or something.”

“Maybe it already has,” Jehan giggles, jumping off the couch and bouncing on the balls of their feet.

Montparnasse shoots them a self-satisfied grin.

“Can we go now?” Enjolras asks impatiently.

“If R plans to ever move from that spot, sure,” Montparnasse says nonchalantly.

Enjolras spins round and looks at Grantaire. “You ok?” he asks, frowning slightly.

“Fine,” Grantaire rasps and he gets to his feet too, but he looks like he’s blaming the universe for some very specific things.

“I hope I am at least allowed to wear my own coat?” Enjolras asks sarcastically, walking to the coatrack beside the door.

“I’m not stopping you,” Montparnasse says with an equally sarcastic wave of his hand.

Jehan skips to his side and laces their fingers through his. They lean their head against his shoulder and whisper: “You know… It can’t take Enj that long to feel that you put a bow in his ponytail.”

Montparnasse grins down at them. “We only have to make it to Bossuet and Joly’s. Bahorel and Courfeyrac will never let him take it out.”

Character: Grantaire

From: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Representation: LGBTQIA+, addiction, mental illness

Their Importance: Oh, Grantaire. Where to start with Grantaire? He’s a MLM, an addict, a sufferer of depression and in my heart the unquestionable winner of the Greatest Pre-20th Century Book Character (Who Appears In 20 Pages Or Less) Award.

So! A few paragraphs before we’re introduced to Grantaire we’re introduced to Enjolras, leader of the student revolutionaries and object of Grantaire’s affections. Hugo, god bless him, uses hundreds of words to tell us what the key deets are: Enjolras is HOT but SCARY and casts women aside with “astounding and terrible glance[s]”. Good to know!

Onto Grantaire. Take it away, Hugo:

However, this sceptic had one fanaticism. This fanaticism was neither a dogma, nor an idea, nor an art, nor a science; it was a man: Enjolras. Grantaire admired, loved, and venerated Enjolras.


There are men who seem to be born to be the reverse, the obverse, the wrong side. They are Pollux, Patrocles, Nisus, Eudamidas, Ephestion, Pechmeja. They only exist on condition that they are backed up with another man; their name is a sequel, and is only written preceded by the conjunction and; and their existence is not their own; it is the other side of an existence which is not theirs. Grantaire was one of these men. He was the obverse of Enjolras.

One might almost say that affinities begin with the letters of the alphabet. In the series O and P are inseparable. You can, at will, pronounce O and P or Orestes and Pylades.

Wondering who Orestes and Pylades are? These guys. Pay attention, that’ll be important later!

Anyway, for the next few chapters we get to know Grantaire even more. He’s very clearly an alcoholic (although the concept as we know it hadn’t really been invented back then) and also very clearly suffering from depression (ditto. Also, damn, does he talk about his depression the same way I think about mine.) Enjolras “disdains” him, largely because he can’t generally be trusted with simple tasks, and also because to be fair he can be a dick at times. But every time Grantaire looks at Enjolras it’s with “great gentleness” or something similar. IT’S SO SAD, BUT IT’S ABOUT TO GET SADDER.

Come the summer of 1832 the June Rebellion took place and seeing as Grantaire lives in a book literally called “the miserable” you can probably guess it doesn’t end well for him. BUT. Okay. As the student revolutionaries are taking their places at the barricades, Grantaire drinks so much he passes out, although not before Enjolras harshly tells him, “You are incapable of believing, of thinking, of willing, of living, and of dying.” (Woe.) So while Grantaire is out of it history takes its course and lovable revolutionary after lovable revolutionary is cut down until only Enjolras is left. BUT THEN:

The chapter where Enjolras and Grantaire die is called “Orestes Fasting [sober] and Pylades Drunk”. Enjolras is cornered in the room where Grantaire is waking up, about to be shot by a firing squad. Grantaire comes round and immediately realizes what’s happening. Let’s hear it, Hugo:

“Long live the Republic! I’m one of them.”

Grantaire had risen. The immense gleam of the whole combat which he had missed, and in which he had had no part, appeared in the brilliant glance of the transfigured drunken man.

He repeated: “Long live the Republic!” crossed the room with a firm stride and placed himself in front of the guns beside Enjolras.

“Finish both of us at one blow,” said he.

And turning gently to Enjolras, he said to him:

“Do you permit it?”

Enjolras pressed his hand with a smile.

This smile was not ended when the report resounded.

Anyway. Few things give me hope the same way Grantaire gives me hope.

I think he’s important largely because the force of his love for another man is what transforms him in the end, and gives him belief and power. It’s almost presented as something holy. Back in 1862! Well done, Victor Hugo. May you rest well in French Heaven.

Issues: Although many actors add their own longing looks etc to their Grantaires on stage (and George Blagden also did so in the 2012 movie) his story isn’t really included in the musical. Granted, this is probably because the average musical is only 165 minutes long.

Thank you to @sarah531 for the write up!

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If you need me to narrow the prompt down I can, but can I have some canon era trans enjolras content? Most of the ones I can find are in modern aus.


Enjolras realizes he’s trans because he was going through his father’s clothes to try and find something to make him look masculine so he would be more respected. He ends up frequently wearing male clothes and is just accustomed to being recognized as a man. He doesn’t realize that he’s male tho. He just thinks he’s a really good actor.

Finally, someone at a protest realizes he’s female and calls him out on it. He automatically yells “CITIZEN I BELIEVE YOU ARE MISTAKEN, FOR I AM AS MUCH OF A MAN AS YOU ARE A HUMAN!” He only realizes later that what he said was facts. He begins to take away all traditionally feminine clothes from his wardrobe and replaces it with clothes his father doesn’t want. He does keep around a few dresses to keep up the act for his parents.

Courfeyrac and Combeferre are a bit weary when they find out. They are supportive, but they just don’t understand. Their friend group is very different from anyone else and they just don’t understand. Enjolras tries his best to explain but he’s not the best with emotions and it’s hard to say “I feel like a man.”

It’s finally Jehan who is like, “I am not a man, nor a woman, yet you all seem to understand. I know you think it’s because I am a poet, someone who observes the world around them, yet does not participate, but no. I am not a man nor woman, for I am just me. You must understand that our dear friend Enjolras is as man as Adam. He was born as Eve but no, the universe has made a mistake, and now he is correcting it.”

Everything cleared up after that. When it comes to his relationship with Grantaire, it’s complicated. He never denies the man anything, for he truly loves him, but he is unsure if he can provide for what Grantaire is looking for. It’s only when Grantaire wants to die along side him does he realize that physical form is not what Grantaire was looking for. He was looking for Enjolras. In his last moments he prays that in whatever comes after life, his spirit, the whole being of Enjolras, can be alongside Grantaire.

(I love it whenever you come into my ask/interact with my blog, bc it’s amazing. I hope this satisfies your needs :) )

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hi elise! i'm wondering if you have any les amis birthday headcanons? :)

  • Enjolras was born in April. He’s a spring baby. The dawn of the year, if you will. Grantaire loves to say the sun caught in Enjolras’ hair as a newborn and never left it since. 
  • Grantaire was born in November. He keeps joking about how November is the January of the end of the calendar, nothing exciting happens between Halloween and Christmas, at least in France.
  • Courfeyrac is a summer baby, no surprise there. He was born in August and throws a big outdoors party every year to celebrate. He loves organising event and themed parties
  • Combeferre was born in October. Courfeyrac likes to joke about how Combeferre’s fashion matches his month of birth, elegant yet comfortable.
  • Bossuet was born on December 25th. He’s Christmas baby, and everybody tells him it’s cute and amazing, but there’s always the problme of “do we give him Christmas gifts or birthday gifts?” every year
  • Joly was born in April too, and swears his seasonal allergies started the day he came out of the womb. His parents made him do one of those newborn photoshoots, he was dressed as a little bee in a flower
  • Jehan was born in March, just at the junction between winter and spring. They adore that idea. They get themself a bouquet of spring flowers every year, and they  have a weakness for snowdrops
  • Feuilly was born in September. Grantaire, just like he does with Enjolras, claims that he was born with green hair, but autumn turned it red a few days after he was born, and they stayed like that ever since. 
  • Bahorel was a late July baby, because Bahorel is the most Leo person who’s ever walked the earth. His parents are farmers and Bahorel grew up with stories about harvest, and how his birth brought the greatest harvest in a long time
  • Marius was born in early January, so he always gets a kings’ cake as a birthday cake. He loves almonds and marzipan. Who said January was boring? It’s a month of new beginnings!

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(Okay let me first say AUs in which any of les amis are royalty weird me out since, yknow, monarchy, so let’s assume Enjolras happened to be born the crown prince of Camelot and absolutely hates it and is determined to dissolve the whole notion of a kingdom when he’s supposed to ascend to the throne or something like that)


We all know how the story goes: everyone hates the current king for his ban on magic throughout Camelot. Enter Grantaire, a powerful (though he doesn’t realize it) wizard new to the kingdom who hates the king for the exact same reason, and his son by extension. 

A vengeful witch tries to kill Enjolras. Grantaire saves his life, though he doesn’t understand why at the time. The king makes Grantaire Enjolras’ manservant as a ‘reward’.

They can’t stand each other at first. Grantaire’s never been that well-off, and he’s uncomfortable in a ridiculously lavish place like the castle. He throws snark at Enjolras every time he’s forced to dress him or pull his bath water or whatever. Enjolras, for his part, hates Grantaire’s attitude and snaps back every time he prods, saying things like ‘the size of my bed/stable/army is beyond my control’.

The Great Dragon tells him it’s his destiny to protect Enjolras and stay by his side. ‘Two sides of the same coin’, the Dragon calls them. Grantaire wants to serve Enjolras even less, after that.

Then he starts to notice things. The sparseness of Enjolras’ chambers compared to the other rooms in the castle. Enjolras paying the merchants for far more than their goods cost, then distributing it to the children of the town. His camaraderie with many of Camelot’s knights, yet his disdain towards the ones who talk down on the poor. Arguments that happen between Enjolras and his father behind closed doors while Grantaire stands outside (”No one person should be allowed to decide who lives or dies!” “It’s the way we’ve lived for centuries.” “Then the way we live must be changed. When I become king…”).

Grantaire sees a glimmer of hope through Enjolras. Maybe, just maybe, he’s someone who could change Camelot for the better.

Grantaire stops complaining about having to prepare Enjolras’ breakfast or polish his armour, even after Enjolras says he doesn’t have to. Grantaire tells himself he’s only doing it because it takes no effort with his magic. 

If it were up to Enjolras, he wouldn’t have a manservant, but he can’t bring himself to tell Grantaire to leave. He doesn’t understand why–Grantaire is loud, insufferable, pessimistic, and often shows up late in the morning reeking of the town’s tavern. 

But sometimes Enjolras catches a glimmer in Grantaire’s eyes. When he’s reading, or caring for Enjolras’ horse, or when he’s laughing with the knights on the training grounds. The grass seems to stand up taller where Grantaire walks through it. Enjolras knows that’s a ridiculous notion. 

One day, Camelot is swept up in a mysterious drought that left it with barely any water and food (hint: it was magic). Enjolras steals the food that the king has been hoarding away in the castle stores and distributes it to the people. 

It’s the same day Grantaire realizes he now has two secrets to keep: that he’s a sorcerer, and that he loves Enjolras.

Another day, a great beast which seems impervious to Enjolras and his knights’ attacks (hint: it was magical) knocks Enjolras unconscious on his back. When he comes to, it’s only to see an armourless, weaponless Grantaire standing alone in front of the slain beast. Grantaire’s eyes are golden when he turns around and fixes them on Enjolras. 

It’s strange. He could swear on the life of every citizen in Camelot that Grantaire’s eyes are a deep brown.

“Do you permit it?” Grantaire keeps asking Enjolras. He asks when he wants to leave the castle, or assist one of the knights, or borrow a book. Enjolras tells him he doesn’t need to ask for permission to do anything. Grantaire is his own person, after all. Not that Enjolras could refuse him anyway. Still, Grantaire keeps asking. 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, with a roll of his eyes, when Enjolras asks where he’s going. He’s only going back to his own chambers. Enjolras reddens. 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, shyly, holding a tunic that Enjolras has gifted him for his birthday (which Enjolras went through a lot of trouble to discover). 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, with thinly veiled panic behind his eyes as he holds a letter from his mother with shaking hands. He needs to return to his hometown for a while. Enjolras never wants to see that look on him again.

“Do you permit it?” he asks one day, when he stands beside Enjolras as a dozen archers aim their arrows at him. Enjolras takes his hand and smiles. He wishes they had more time together.

They aren’t shot. As if propelled by an invisible force, all the archers are knocked off their feet and their bows broken. Grantaire holds his free hand towards them. His eyes are golden. It’s all the confession Enjolras needs.

“Do you permit it?” he asks, wanting permission to leave Enjolras’ service. They avoided each other for a week after the incident. Grantaire’s use of magic broke Camelot’s highest law, which Enjolras hates. He doesn’t understand why Grantaire wants to leave. The thought makes his heart clench. 

Enjolras permits it, on the condition that Grantaire stay by his side. It’s not an order, but a plea. No one should be forced to live in the servitude of another, after all, least of all someone like Grantaire.

Grantaire wants the reason for his condition. Enjolras gives it to him in a rush of breath. Grantaire’s eyes go wide.

“Do you permit it?” Grantaire asks, laying a tentative hand on Enjolras’ cheek. 

“Yes,” Enjolras says. Grantaire’s eyes close. Maybe they’re golden. Somehow, when Grantaire’s lips touch his, he can’t bring himself to care.

Grantaire never asks for permission again.


I had been asked if I could do a sorta “before/after” thing with respect to Enjolas’s transition. That’s a little impossible to do in two images, since transition can have a variety of different milestones and it doesn’t exactly have a beginning and end point. 

However, I had been wanting to do an age progression with my Enjolras! So I think this illustrates the request pretty decently. Titles in the caption.

Notes about the verse:

  • Enjolras is transmale, of course.
  • Enjolras and Cosette are identical twins. (Cosette has the other half of that heart necklace!)
  • Enjolras and Cosette were both raised by the Thenardiers until they were adopted by Val Jean at age 11. 
  • Grantaire (and Montparnasse and Feuilly) were also fosters of the Thenardiers. Grantaire met Enj around the time of the first image. 
  • When Enj was adopted, R thought he would never see Enjolras again - but they meet again in university, at the time of the fourth image. 

(PS: If any assfucks writes a comment or tag akin to “hot in both genders” I will come to their house PERSONALLY to replace all their vanilla pudding with mayonnaise, soak every vegetable they own in windex and give all their video games to good will.)

Les Amis as Zodiac Signs (5/12)

Enjolras as Leo (Aryeh)

“Leos are natural born leaders. They are dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to. Leos often has many friends for they are generous and loyal. Self-confident and attractive, they are capable of uniting people and leading them towards a shared cause, and their healthy sense of humor makes collaboration with other people even easier.”


e/R Aesthetic: Modern AU (rp w/ @joan-of-are-you-kidding-me)

We’re all broken. That’s how the light gets in.

More self indulgent visuals. This time the story features a very insecure FTM Enjolras, except literally no one outside family knows about it for reasons™, and an alcoholic Grantaire yes more than usual who’s been through a lot of shit in life and is currently winging his way through college on an Arts Program scholarship. 
+ Enjolras was born Angelique Fauchelevent, he hates his name with a passion.
+Grantaire and Montparnasse will be dancing to this in an upcoming showcase ;)  We’re expecting some low-key nosebleeds in the audience *cough*Jehan and Enj*cough*

I will die with you, and you will be born again with me.

Les Miserables (Enjolras)

I think about this a lot every barricade day.  Especially given that the events we talk and write and draw about are based on real people who also made a series of terrible choices. I think about Enjolras and Charles Jeanne… and all the other people I don’t know the names of.  Because through the book, Enjolras and the Amis de l’ABC die many times.  But in doing so, they keep a part of Charles Jeanne and all those other people alive…

It just keeps part of them alive, the part that consists of all their political and social hopes and wishes.  The desire for a better world and the shape of that world.  Not the part that can smell the flowers on the late-summer breeze, or the part that can give and receive hugs, or the part that can be part of a family.  Not the part that knows how to use their body to close a wound or cut one, or cut paper into squares and assemble it into a fan.

But it must have been a very important part of them, that political desire - for them to be willing to give all the other parts away.

And I respect that.

So once again, I can only speak for myself, but I say it… “We will die with you, and you can live again with us.”

May what’s loved live. Vive L’avenir!

I think my favourite thing about the idea of trans boy Enjolras who has a baby with R is like.

He wouldn’t slow down for a damn minute with his activism even being pregnant.

Like he’d still insist on attending rallies and protests, and the rest of the Amis would end up sort of awkwardly crowded around him because? That’s probably not a good idea?? Holy shit?

And he’s getting an ultrasound and the nurse is like, “Do you want to know the baby’s gender?” and Grantaire just gives her this mortified ‘Why did you say that? Don’t you love yourself?’ kind of expression as Enjolras launches into a furious rant about gender being a social construct and about how however the baby is assigned at birth may not in fact prove to be their gender.

More than once poor Joly has had to be fanned with a flyer because Enjolras just straight up climbed on a table to deliver a speech and oh god he’s like five months gone that’s such a bad idea is nobody going to try and stop him? What do you mean you all tried?

Like even when he’s in hospital in labour he’s just casually typing away at his laptop because he has some really important letters to send out and no don’t look at me like that Ferre I’m barely even noticing the contractions it’s fine I’ve got at least an hour before I need to start pushing right?

Extremely angry politically active trans boy Enjolras who doesn’t slow down for one second before, during or after the child is born.


muggle-born!Enjolras with wealthy parents who locked him in his room, and were ashamed of him, since they always thought their kid was a freak because strange things happened around him when he got very angry or emotional.

muggle-born!Enjolras who couldn’t have been happier when he got a Hogwarts professor knocking his door in his eleventh birthday to tell him he was a wizard. 

muggle-born!Enjolras buying a toad.

muggle-born!Enjolras who sits alone in the Hogwarts express because many of the kids seem to already know each other and he feels completely simple and ignorant between all these people who grew up already knowing they were wizards.

muggle-born!Enjolras who gets sorted in slytherin, and constantly gets bullied by a group purebloods for having muggle parents.

muggle-born!Enjolras that finds himself enjoying the company of nine peculiar guys from other houses rather than his own, regardless of the house rivalities, because even if most of them are purebloods or half-bloods, they still treat him as an equal.

muggle-born!Enjolras finding out he has an special interest and passion in muggle-borns and half-blood’s rights.

muggle-born!Enjolras being first in his History of Magic class.

muggle-born!Enjolras founding the Les Amis de l'ABC group in his sixth year, and them meeting in the Hog’s Head Inn despie the rather odd owner, because nobody goes there so they can make their plans in peace.

muggle-born!Enjolras always telling purebloods Combeferre and Courfeyrac the wonders of the electricity.


orpheusgone  asked:

what is printer!enjolras???

My dear, it’s the best thing that ever happened in les mis fandom, that’s what. Printer!Enjolras was suggested by fandom pillars, who are much more knowledgeable about the social and republican movements in canon-era than i’ll ever be, and who realized that, frankly, it was just not very cool to have only ONE working man in les amis de l'ABC if you wanted to represent properly the events of 1832 (we’re judging you, Hugo)

Thus I believe that someone said “hey but it’s never specified that Enjolras is not a working man, we just said that he’s a rich only child, and “working” is not opposite to “poor” so like????“

And then was born the beautiful, fantastic, amazing, headcanon that Enjolras works in a printshop in canon-era. I believe the consensus is that his family would own the printshop, yes? For myself I tend to make him work under his uncle’s orders, not his father, because i’m still quietly attached to Enjolras’s father working with horses back in the South, but!!!! The magic of this, personally, at least, for me - is that it erases completely the bourgeois, rich, student!Enjolras who needs to be ~educated on all matters because his beliefs are Naive and he is Ignorant and such. Not that it’s automatically wrong, i suppose, it just tends to annoys the hell out of me because it often seems like it’s just a way to bash him or whatever.

Anyway! Printer!Enjolras is exactly what it says on paper, which is to say, Enjolras being a printer. It’s excellent and deserves love,and i don’t have a computer so I cannot unfortunately find you the golden post that brought up all of this, however! I know that @pilferingapples will without doubt be able to do so, yeah? Cause they’re the one who wrote it if I remember correctly??? And first shared with the world this jewel.

I highly encourage you to read this post, if you find it, and then share the love in every corner of the fandom!!!!!!

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For NaNoWriMo, could you please do "Are you drunk?" for Enjonine? ^^ Lots and lots of hugs <3

“I was a dancer once,” he continues to rant. “I was good, too. I was the master of the pas de deux. I could lift the girls so high. So high. They reached the stars!” 

What the hell is going on?

“Are you drunk?” she has to ask, peering into Gabriel’s eyes. 

He seems a little less intensely focused than he usually is, and his red cheeks are a dead giveaway. Someone has been sneaking him alcohol, because the Amis just love it when straight-laced Gabriel Enjolras gets loose and jokey and all around fun. 

“Bahorel made me fizzy drinks,” Gabriel is just so damn adorable like this. “With fruit. For vitamins. So I can stay strong and lift girls if I want to. Like you. You’re skinny. I could dance with you.” 

Sober Enjolras doesn’t dance. He doesn’t know how - or at least, he says he doesn’t know how to dance. Or just that he doesn’t. 

“I’m sure you could,” she has to placate him. 

“I’ll prove it,” he puts down his cocktail. “Someone play my song!” 

Courf is laughing in the corner, settling in for the show he thinks is about to start. R and Jehan usually hold dominion over the tunes, just so Feuilly can’t do another polka night, but they’re willing to relinquish their powers just to see Drunk!Jolras embarrass himself again. 

At least, that’s what they’re hoping will happen when they play that damned song from Dirty Dancing. 

They have no idea that Eponine loves the movie. It’s cheesy and ridiculous, but she’s wanted her own hottie dance partner for basically all of her life, so. Yeah. 

“Bring it,” she dares Enjolras, while Combeferre starts clearing the space around them. “I’m ready.” 

Seriously, Ferre is the only sensible person around, and they’re all so damn lucky to have him around to fix their messes. Plus, since he’s in med school, he’ll be around to fix the impending boo-boos. 

“I was born ready,” Enjolras announces. 

Actually, he was probably born a stick in the mud, but she is not going to tell him that. Not when he is about to actually touch her, lifting her over his head and maybe even gripping the bare skin between her tank top and her shorts. 

Even if she falls on her face, this will still be the greatest thing. She’s been into this idiot for years now - he’s the only guy she’s been too scared to make a move on. 

“Lift me,” she tells him, just before she runs towards him. 

She leaps and he catches her and it’s a beautiful metaphor for about twenty seconds, until they both lose their balance and end up in a heap on the floor. 

The next morning, she can still feel the heat of his fingers on her skin. 

The other day, I thought I’d celebrate my birthday by typing up my headcanons for a super self-indulgent e/R AU, and then I got super caught up in it and wound up almost writing the whole fic instead.

So here is Part One of the PUBLIC RADIO AU that literally nobody was asking for, in which Enjolras is a determined radio reporter, Bahorel has a wildly successful travel show, and Grantaire is the undisputed master of the uncomfortable metaphor.

Keep reading