Some quick doodles from my fanfic, The Drunk Leading The Blind, which is almost done thankfully seeing as I’ve been working on it on and off for way too long. It’s an exr fic about Grantaire taking care of Enjolras after he gets injured at a protest. (I’ve been thinking about it for two years ever since I put up my blog header which has always been Enjolras with his eyes covered up.)

The second doodle is from a scene where Enj and R are both drunk and Combeferre helps them go home.


so many les mis asks i have left untouched in my inbox :OO

thank u all for such awesome requests B^) (btw i hope u don’t mind i added a some ppl along with the barricade boys with cats)

no but enj and R go to pride parades all the time (always enj’s idea, bc they’re that political couple to the point where the rest of the amis are like “is this all you do on the weekends?”)

and and enj leaning over to kiss R’s forehead whilst holding a rainbow! sign R painted that says “colors of the world are changing day by day”

do you get it

do you

So, I’m finally getting around to doing some of the drawings I had people request. Here’s Kyle Scatliffe as Enjolras, for aspiringenjolras

Sorry, this is kinda bad and doesn’t really look like him but I was really struggling and I wanted to be able to give you something. (Also, my laptop is weird about how it displays colors so I may need to go in and tweak them a little once I can look at it on a different screen.)


Rood en zwart - Lamarque is dood (Red and Black - Lamarque is Dead): Uwe Kröger

So, while I DID have some vague ambition to participate in P.O.C. Enjolras week, what gave me some actual inspiration was THIS very promising fanfic.

(…I don’t, usually, draw him wearing red, but this outfit seemed to fit the Enjolras of the fanfic a little better than the usual cold, light greens I dress him in.)

author: polyamory

words: 7165

pairings: combeferre/grantaire, enjolras/combeferre/grantaire


“How to seduce your (boyfriend’s) best friend in 10 kind of complicated steps (depending on how oblivious said best friend is) using only German food, Adam Sandler and a pair of bobby pins.

Or: Combeferre and Grantaire start dating and Enjolras has a hard time keeping his feelings in check (turns out he doesn’t have to, after all).”

louisantoinesaintjust asked:

feuilly + enjolras!!

oh my goodness. my darlings, my loves - okay.

  • canon era trans defenders of justice. i’m sorry, it’s like my favourite thing lately.
  • the breakfast dates they have that I talk about so often! it’s every two weeks, because otherwise it doesn’t fit with Feuilly’s schedule (and budget, to be honest), and if they can’t make it they’ll at least meet up for coffee on the same weekend, just the two of them. of course they see other more than that, but there’s usually at least another or (or three, or ten) of their friends at the same that - these dates are really a few hours they take for just the two of them. honestly, these two could talk and talk for hours - or rather, each of them could listen to the other for hours without being bored.
  • and just the same, they could sit in silence with just each other’s company, too - but to be honest, they have so much to talk about - and they value each other’s opinion so much - that it’s pretty rare they do that.
  • they would also defend each other to the death. all of the amis would for each other, of course, but it’s hard to tease feuilly in enjolras’ presence - and vice versa.
  • enjolras is basically a human heater and feuilly is like a living-breathing icicle. whenever they’re sitting close to each other, they somehow always end up touching. of course, enjolras is a very tactile person while feuilly is more hesitant, but most of the time they don’t even realise how close they’re getting (everyone else does, though)
  • that’s not to say their relationship hasn’t ever been awkward, but they appreciate the honesty of it. like, sometimes enjolras hasn’t reacted to right way when feuilly was upset - in fact, reacted the worst way he could have. other times, feuilly has been pretty callous or judgemental about things that mean a lot to enjolras. they have similar personalities in a lot of ways, but they come from very different places and have had very different experiences, so sometimes there are misunderstandings.
  • but none of that has ever changed the fact that they both consider the other one of their closest, dearest friends. :)

hello everybody! maybe you’ve noticed that I always draw Enjolras with two beauty marks on his left cheek :) it’s funny how it started, because I was scanning my first e&R drawing (the one below), and there were some dots of paint in the scanner, and two of them got scanned right on Enjolras’ cheek (so they weren’t intentional in the bottom picture), and I thought they looked nice and started to add them on purpose later :) thanks for your attention! 💕💕