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the king lifts his thin veil of deception; corruption drowns his veins 

So I was watching a YouTube video by a fellow Tarot Reader and she mentioned the term “deck diet” and I was like omg. That’s exactly what I’m doing! Hahaha! I thought it was super cute to hear a name for it!

My deck diet started in January. The Victorian Flower Oracle was my last deck splurge for awhile. I decided to cut myself off for a bit so I can enjoy the decks I have. 💜

full confession:

Call me trash, but I enjoy pronouncing the extra deck summoning methods in Japanese accents than in English (Yugo shokan, shinkuro shokan, ekushizu shokan, pendyuramu shokan). It just sounds cooler imo.

wattrabbit  asked:

thoughts on the new legend deck?

I remember people begging for an Aichi legend deck to happen ever since they were announced. I want to see more skill reveals from the set before judging it’s ability, balance and impact on meta though.

Aesthetically I couldn’t be more pleased, getting to see all the original faces together again and with additional nods to extra series releases. Such as Blaster Blade Exceed next to Alfred Exceed, rocking the manga illustration style (something we should have an entire alt art series of, honestly). We’ll no doubt see more of these trends within the Legend Deck reveals, though something entirely new wouldn’t be unwelcome.

Ignoring all of that we’re treated to G NEXT era Aichi, with possibilities of some dedicated anime time. Fans of our original protagonist can finally have their well requested composure, almost like seeing an old friend after years apart. Plus we have even more Aichi merch available, for collectors and fans alike. I enjoy all Legend Deck releases so far, though I feel this one will be hard to top…

…unless we get a Koutei LD

Thanks for the ask!

Wild Card - winterwaters - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Clarke can’t imagine waiting even one more night now that she knows Bellamy Blake returns her affection. So what if they’re at a family wedding?    (Picks up right after Show Your Cards.)

Notes: So this universe pulled one more part out of me before I retreat into my hole to greet finals. Switched POVs to Clarke a bit to explore her thoughts as well. Really hope you enjoy! :)

magnoliawater  asked:

Hey Allec! I'd like to help you test out your new deck. I know you're good a deity related questions, so I'd like to ask what Macha wants me to know (or do? Whichever works!) I hope you're enjoying the deck! 😄

Aw I’m honored you think I’m good with deity related questions!

For your question, I drew: The World

… of course I drew The World. The card depicts a person with water wrapping around them while a wreath of sorts encircles them. They are holding a stick on fire and some golden leaves. There are four symbols on the corners of the card, symbolizing (I imagine) to be the four seasons: daffodil, green leaf, snow flake, and orange leaf. Above the person’s head is what looks to be both the moon and the sun combined.

ANYWAY so The World is what Macha wants you to know. Without pulling out a pendulum and confirming this with Macha, I can only really guess at what this card is trying to convey to you. I am getting a feeling it’s about a successful venture of yours – something big that you recently did – that she’s expressing her gratitude about. I definitely get feelings of… proud? Being proud? But I don’t know if I’m projecting my own feelings haha.

I’m gonna pull a clarifying card because I just am having so many train of thoughts to sort out: Eight of Wands

So this card depicts eight wands shooting through the sky with a bird souring next to them.

Ah, okay. This card is about swift progress, so I think my assumption that Macha is proud about how you completed a goal is accurate. I’m not sure what goal you completed, but I hope it makes sense to you?

Feedback on this would be much appreciated haha

Ok but Tony wearing crop tops and like some of those new tight low riding sweatpants and some cute big round shades just sucking on an ice pop on the deck enjoying the sun when steve walks out and sees his cute belly and his red stained lips and he just loses it and tosses Tony on his shoulder cave man style off to the room, rolls down his sweats down to his thighs and just plows him into the mattress 

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A fun story: so I've wanted this one tarot deck for like a year, but I've put off buying it because money and insecurity about my divination abilities etc etc but yesterday I just,,,,,, bought it? Like with no hesitation i just added it to my cart and checked tge fuck out(it was online)??? Good shit. It just felt like the right time ya no? Free shipping 2

It was the. Right. Time. I hope you enjoy your new deck!! I just got a new deck myself!! which is so. so. so. so. rare for me!!

couture-art  asked:

So, i bought my first tarot, it is called renaissance tarot,but a lot of readers of tarot told me that i did wrong. They said i should have bought the rider waite deck. What do you think? I did wrong? P.S. i love your blog,it is nice to find a new witch friend here

I love the renaissance & I own the Botticelli & Visconti-Sforza decks based off that period, I nearly purchased the Renaissance deck but in the end I felt it was a bit too similar to the Botticelli tarot. I think the most important thing in a deck is that you love it & want to work with it. Some readers have a strong sense of loyalty to the Rider Waite deck, after all, it was designed to be THE tarot deck for the 20th century occultist, but you are not them. I don’t think you made a mistake at all, enjoy your new deck & don’t let other readers pull you down. Good luck


Preening birds, thought Isabel amusedly, watching wealthy women flaunt their jewels and rich men smile affably, pride on their lips and superciliousness in their eyes. As the upper class were wont to do on brisk mornings, they were milling about on the top deck, enjoying the sharp, tangy sea breeze and the opportunity to show off again.

It was all very silly, yet it was a tradition of Europe – and wasn’t that the very definition of tradition? It had no real substance or reason, but because of centuries of people participating in it, it tricked the public into thinking that it was a sensible thing to do. Yet because it was sensible to society, and because Isabel’s gender and monetary status demanded it, she too was restricted to tradition. She played her part, and played it awfully well.

“Miss Kirkland,” she greeted, flashing a charming smile to the younger woman as she leaned in to kiss each rosy cheek. “How lovely to see you! Is the voyage treating you well?”

reasonablyaristocratic  asked:

Long distance is hard, i got back from the GFs on sunday and we spent today just chilling on skype, monday was spend recooping from the trip. She really enjoyed her spoons, i hope yours enjoyed her deck.

Yeah, i bet it is, but I that’s awesome that she loved her spoons! My gf really liked the deck. We played a game, and she was winning, but we ended up stopping part way through. I think she found it a little overwhleming and worried she was taking too long

On the Water.

It felt good to be in a relaxing environment for a bit, away from any stress or work. The view of the clear blue water in Miami was a serene image and the rock of the waves while the boat moved nearly lulled you into a nap if not for the bright sun beaming down on you.

You laid comfortably on the chair which was covered by a towel and shielded yourself from the bright rays, careful not to smash the sunglasses on your face and cause them to break. “Marco!” You screamed out trying to catch his attention wherever he was.

There were quite a few people on the lofty boat, all friends of yours and Marco. Everyone was doing there own thing somewhat either stuffing their face with the vast selection of food on the deck, enjoying the sun as you were or joking off.

Your eyes were closed but you could feel the presence of someone approaching you. “Yes?” Marco questioned as he stood over you. You finally squinted your eyes open, peering up at him and pointing to the sunblock laying next to you. “Can you put that on my back please?”

Marco playfully chuckled and sat down on the edge of the outstretched chair. “Am I your servant?” He joked.

“Why yes, yes you are.” You grabbed the lotion and placed it into his palm with a wink hidden by your Tiffany & Co. glasses. “Thank you.”

“You’ll regret asking me to do this.” He opened the bottle and poured some of it onto your back, grinning mischievously unbeknownst to you. Marco began to rub the sunblock into your skin, taking his time as his hands massaged you. It didn’t matter to you. It felt great. Until you felt the tug of the string of your strapless bikini being pulled from your back and broken free. You immediately scowled, opened your eyes and looked over your shoulder to a guilty Marco.

“I didn’t tell you to undo my bikini tie.” He held up his hands in defense. “I needed to get around it. You wouldn’t want me to ruin it, would you?” You knew his actions had secret intent but you brushed it off for now and returned to your position with eyes closed while Marco went back to what he had been doing.

He massaged your back for a moment longer until you felt his hands lower to your backside, rubbing each cheek slowly. You silently smirked to yourself, knowing he wasn’t even bothering to rub the sunblock on any more but instead getting his feels. You’d allow him to for now.

Marco’s hands quickly glided under the bikini bottoms and were headed to the front of you where your love remained covered, hoping you would simply ignore the feeling. In your mind, you dared him to go further just to see if he would. Your friends were all around and it wasn’t like they wouldn’t be able to tell what he was doing if they paid attention.

But Marco wasn’t thinking of that as his first finger found the path to your love and rubbed your folds. “Marco!” You looked over your shoulder again and twisted your body, causing him to remove his hand while he chuckled at your reaction. “Stop!” You sneered. The last thing you wanted was someone coming over to find you two mid-act.

“I’m just putting the sunblock on like you asked,” he stated innocently. “No sunblock goes there. Try again.” You closed your eyes once more until you heard the sound of someone yelling.

“Y/N! Marco! Are you two ready to dive off yet?” Everyone had promised to jump off into the cool water just once this afternoon and you were only waiting until the moment everyone was ready.

“Yeah. We’re ready,” you responded by yelling back. “Marco, tie my top.” He reached down to the tie and began to twist it back into place while bending down closer to your ear.

“Please let me inside of you before we get off of this boat. You know you want to,” he uttered lowly, sending chills down your spine just at the thought alone.

“Fine. In 30 minutes. Meet me in the bathroom.” You hopped up as soon as your top was secure and bounded across the deck, leaving behind Marco who had a sly grin on his face, counting down those 30 minutes.

  • 地平を喰らう蛇
  • Revo
  • 「BRAVELY DEFAULT FLYING FAIRY」Original Soundtrack Disc 2

“The Horizon-Devouring Serpent” (地平をらう蛇, Chihei wo Kurau Hebi)

I was looking through the audio archives for Bravely and didn’t see the climactic final battle track! I’ve got a new PC so I’m ripping my CDs and the Bravely OST was on deck today. Enjoy!

Get to Know Your Deck Spread

1. How is your deck feeling today?

4 of Swords: Oh… Oh this is the card for loneliness. T~T I’m so sorry, guys!!! It’s also about accepting your limits and mortality, but… Aah I feel bad! Apparently I need to get the deck out more often

2. What element does your deck align with?

Knight of Wands: Wands are fire cards. This card in particular speaks of an unknown world, of flight, of home… Ah. This… This means a lot more to me than I’m willing to share publicly. 

3. What Questions does your deck enjoy answering?

10 of Pentacles: This card talks about specifically defined roles and maintaining the status quo. I think my cards prefer exploring situations as they are rather than exploring possible changes to the outcome. There’s probably more to this I’m not understanding, but that’s the sense I’ve always gotten while working with them.

4. What Questions does your deck least like to answer?

2 of Swords: This card talks about duplicity, equilibrium, and looking in two opposing directions. My interpretation is that they’re not fond of “either or” questions. Life’s more complicated than that, ne? There’s an infinite number of possibilities. 

5. What is your deck’s current feelings towards you?

XVII The Stars: This card is all about hope, inspiration, and protection. It’s about dreams coming true and spiritual growth. Ah.. I guess they see promise in me yet, huh? ^^; 

6. How can you improve your relationship?

Ace of Pentacles: Triumph, embarking on the chosen path, unity, pleasure. I’m guess they’d like it if I’d actually follow their advice once in a while, hm? I’m bad at that….. 

7. A Negative trait.

I The Magician: They’re strong-willed and self-centered? And I don’t mean all about themselves. More like… Their advice tends to center around what the questioner can do to affect the situation rather than the feelings or actions of those around them. 

8. A Positive trait.

8 of Chalices: I suppose this means they’re good with words, thoughts, and feelings. The card also describes the angels “overlooking a sea”, which could be interpreted to mean that they’re adept at seeing the full scope of a situation. 

Well that was informative. I feel like I still have a lot to learn and a lot of bonding to do, but I think I’ve gotten to know my deck a lot better. Progress! :D 

Why I sometimes am allowed to love things, SorMik edition #1, feat. the fact that it’s being posted because @moonwhing told me to:

Post-end, Sorey and Mikleo are on the meeboat their boat sailing across the sea like they’ve always wanted. It’s the middle of a cloudless night. Sorey’s on the deck stargazing, enjoying the ocean air. Mikleo walks out to join him. Everything is peaceful and nothing hurts.

“Hey. …Who said you could wear my shirt?”
“I did. I said so. It’s cold out here.”
“And my shirt is warmer than your fancy six-caped cloak.”
“Yep. Like magic.”
“It’s true.”
“Uh-huh. Wanna find constellations with me?”
“Pretty sure they’ve all already been found, Sorey, or else we wouldn’t know they were consteallations–hey, hey, no tickling near the railing!”
“I’m naming the first one I find ‘Meebo.’”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“It’s that one. Right there. That blob shape to the left of the moon.”
“Fine, then that really dim line of stars to the right is Sorey, because they’re flat and uninteresting.”
“You wound me.”
“You started it. Don’t you hug me, I’m still insulted.”
“I loooove you.”
“I looove you.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. The ocean sure is loud.”
“I looooooooooooooove you.”
“You’re saying something, I just know it, but I can’t seem to make it out.”
“I love you, too. However dull and uninteresting a constellation you are.”
“Hey now–”

Things Unchanged

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: G

More a ficlet than drabble :)

Our house is quiet when I get home from work, which is strange. Katniss’s car is in the driveway, but she’s not puttering in the kitchen. I imagine she’s out on the deck, enjoying the last of a truly gorgeous spring day. So I grab two beers from our fridge and make my way back to join her.

She’s curled up on the ridiculously overpriced (but admittedly comfy) loveseat she insisted we buy, reading, a soft smile teasing her perfect peach lips.

She hasn’t noticed me yet, so I pause a moment to watch her. Her bare legs, toned and tanned, are slung over the arm of the couch, painted toes swaying. She tucks a strand of raven hair behind her ear as she laughs at something on the sheets of paper she’s clutching.

Katniss is utterly captivating, her beauty exceeded only by her kindness and her loyalty. We have been best friends since we were children, and housemates since college, but I’ve loved her forever. She, however, has never given me any indication that she thinks of me as more than her best friend. And that’s enough, it really is. But I can’t change how I feel about her. God knows I’ve tried.

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