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What does Fura mean by the 'ghost of the 20th ward...'? Also it seems that I'm never recovering from Arima's death. ;-;

Fura was making fun of the 98% success rate that Matsuri noted. Most probably, Fura sees that the reason why the operation did not achieve all of its objectives (what Matsuri called 2%) is because the ghosts of the 20th ward [Irimi and possibly Koma] interfered in the battle. Those ghosts are the :re group on the island that jumped to save Miza and the White Suits… the last remaining members of Aogiri Tree [2%].

Ishida-sensei may be using Fura’s term as a double meaning too: Fura may be also hinting at Kaneki Ken being on of the ghosts of the 20th ward. Kaneki Ken was supposedly annihilated and transformed into Sasaki Haise. Nonetheless, Kaneki Ken’s ghost killed Arima.  

As for Arima’s death… we know for sure… now.. that Fura is not going to recover from it… that easily ;;

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Enjolras! Sorry I never ask but is calling you Enjy okay?

At this point I am completely numb to most nicknames and fine with most as I have been friends with Courfeyrac since infancy and therefore have experienced every possible take on my name that can be invented.

- Enjolras.


Tokyo Ghoul √A EP 10 End Cards + Anteiku
↳ The meaning of Anteiku remains a mystery. It is often translated as a pun; ‘antique’, in other language dubs because of similarity in sound and as a reference to Yoshimura keeping small antique coffee cups in a cupboard. Anteiku can also be written as “安定区” in Kanji, which literally means “peaceful ward” or “harmony zone”.


My name is Kaneki Ken. I’m eighteen  year old. I used to be a normal human being. But not any more. I’m the One-Eyed Ghoul. I killed others to get stronger. And in this story where I am the protagonist, there is no other way to end it than in t r a g e d y.


                             A n t e i k u :

Anteiku (あんていく) is a small neighbourhood cafe, at least on the surface. At the same time, it is also an organization of ghouls of the 20th Ward. It provides aid and food for ghouls in need, manages the feeding grounds of the ghouls in the 20th Ward and collects food for ghouls by searching for people who committed suicide.