The Making of Nyanjolras
I had massive photos of Aaron Tveit on my monitor for days due to completely legitimate reasons. This.

  • Jacket: half-lined with select wee handstitching for as much accuracy as I could handle, both off high res photos of Aaron and 19th C French fashion.
  • Inside: basic vest and collar, faked, for the cat’s sake. Jun suggested adding it and I love the result, much more iconic.
  • Tricolour: original is clearly ruched French ribbon. Had to make my own small French ‘ribbon’; online ribbon shops failed me!
  • Barricade: it definitely took me more than 5 minutes to make the mini-barricade. Revolutionary fail!
  • Cat: Bless our cat’s complete conviction that clothes make him immobile. Even after 5 minutes of tearing around the house in his KITTY-MUST-CHASE fervour fully dressed. Once he realises he’s wearing clothes all motion is lost (until he forgets again).

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