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Hi! I'm a huge fan of your art, especially your use of color. If you could draw some ~ summer vibes ~ enjolras it'd be grrrrreat. Maybe a crop top, maybe a frappucino, the possibilities are endless. 🌞

!!! thank you so much for all the love ;;;

Here is Summerjolras (I hc him as ace, hence the crop top, if it makes you uncomfortable in any way you can message me and I’ll change it)
Hope you like it, thanks for requesting <3

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Prompt: Courfeyrac has a doctor kink. Combeferre finds out. Courferre fluff ensues.


Ferre finds out bc Ferre practices the bones of the body by pointing them out and at some point he does it just before leaving home as a little cramming sesh and Ferre is wearing his lab coat and stethoscope and Courf actually just flings his arms around Ferre’s neck and kisses him silly.

Ferre literally cannot stop laughing about this revalation. But obviously he finds it so cute and it doesn’t stop from using it entirely to his advantage.

Courf is Not Ready for the amount of selfies Ferre starts sending from work. He is not Strong Enough. He drapes himself over a laughing Enjolras’ shoulders and groans.

Courf triess o hard to dig up shit on Ferre to get revenge but he can’t seem to find anything that makes Ferre lose his shit (Enj knows. Enj knows it’s Courf’s laugh)

Enjolras trying to confess his feelings for Grantaire but not really knowing how to go about doing it, so he ends up going around his feelings every time.

He tries to say it when Grantaire lets him actually look at his tattoos for the first time (instead of in passing and squirming under the scrutiny). Instead he says that the tattoos suit him.

He tries to say it after a particularly huge debate at one of their meetings. He tries to tell Grantaire how brilliant he is, how even though he fights all of R’s points, they allow the Amis to patch up so many holes in their plans. He wants to say that he doesn’t know how they functioned without Grantaire, that they need his input, that they need him (he needs him). He gives him a fond eye roll instead.

He tries to say it when they meet up for coffee one day, tries to say that he ordered for Grantaire because he knows his favorite drink, that he thinks about Grantaire too much to not know his order. He tries to tell him that he’s all he’s been thinking about, that he knows so much more than his coffee order (like how he smirks with only the right side of his mouth when he finds something interesting or how he has calloused fingers from painting for hours). Instead he says that he bought Grantaire coffee because he looked like he needed a pick me up.

What if Grantaire never saw beauty in himself because he was too busy looking at all the beauty he could see around him?

He saw Jehan’s hair, waving in the air like a red ocean as they crossed the street, Ferre’s delicate and long hands as he kept fidgeting with a pencil during a meeting, Bahorel’s muscles hardening in happiness as he hugged a long lost friend, Feuilly’s tired eyes leaving all his worries behind as he opened the Musain’s door; and also R saw Cosette’s neck, proudly high as she walked through the meeting, Eponine’s hungry eyes while she saw other people’s affection, Musichetta’s eyebrows curving bittersweetly as she remembered her past;
Grantaire kept looking and saw Bossuet’s grin as a drop of blood fell from his nose after he hit again against the door, Joly’s focused glance, his eyes narrowing to a thin line, as his hands polished his beloved old cane, Marius’ freckles vanishing in his reddened cheeks as he drowned is his friend’s embrace.

Grantaire saw a lot, beside Enjolras’ blonde locks and fierce stance, he saw so many beautiful friends and forgot how sparkly his eyes were as he kept looking at those wonders

But imagine a blind Grantaire.

He might have never seen Enjolras face, but his voice was so warm and full of passion that he instantly creates a crush on the guy. He later asks his friends to describe Enjolras and he only gets answers like “he is the sun” or “he’s like burning fire”, and the more Grantaire spends time with him, the more he understands why his friends described Enjolras like they did. When he finally touched Enjolras face he let out a soft gasp. The man was perfect, for all he knew. Grantaire was in love, so deep in love. The first time they kissed, Grantaire could swear his heart was going to escape his chest.

You see, nobody loves the light like the blind man

Enjolras: wow, the stars are beautiful tonight

Grantaire: yeah

Enjolras: you know who else is beautiful?

Grantaire: …France?

Enjolras: *blushing* you.

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Enjoltaire + "Are you flirting with me?!" if you're taking requests!

A/N: here, anon, have some fluff ^-^ sorry for any mistakes- this was written on my phone haha

Grantaire doesn’t know who told Enjolras, but he is going to kill them. That being said, it was probably Courfeyrac, and Grantaire quite likes Courfeyrac, so he’s not really sure where he stands on the whole ‘killing’ part.

It had started off as a normal conversation; Enjolras had been talking about some issue or other when Grantaire had slipped in with his usual lewd comments. The same wink that would usually have earned him an eye-roll had today turned Enjolras’ lips downwards into a frown.

“Are you flirting with me?” he’d asked, and Grantaire- Grantaire is still trying to formulate a response because what.

Grantaire flirts with Enjolras. This is a known fact to all inhabitants of the earth, except Enjolras himself. Grantaire teases and baits and irritates Enjolras, who doesn’t react to any of it except for the occasional sigh or look of disdain.

Enjolras does not know Grantaire flirts with him. Enjolras has remained oblivious to Grantaire’s flirting since day one, which leads Grantaire to the only logical conclusion: one of their traitorous friends has gone and clued him in.

“I’m glad you finally noticed.” Grantaire says dryly, because what is he if not honest?

Enjolras just stares at him. “How long…?” he asks, leading the conversation into a stretch of silence that’s going to get awkward pretty fast. Grantaire would take this opportunity to run and never look back if he didn’t wholly revel in the feeling of Enjolras’ gaze on him.

“I can’t give you an exact date but in looser terms, probably from around the moment we met.” He says, grinning in an attempt to keep everything playful and hide the sincerity the confession would have otherwise uncovered.

Enjolras looks strickened. “Courf said you were but I always thought you were just trying to wind me up.”

Ah, so it was Courfeyrac, Grantaire thinks grimly. They’re going to be having a Conversation later.

“Who’s to say I wasn’t doing both? Flirting with you is fun, seeing you wound up is a nice side effect.”

“Oh.” Enjolras says, his expression twisted into one of confusion.

“I can stop, if you want.” Grantaire says after a lengthy pause. Enjolras hasn’t moved away yet, still stood in front of Grantaire in contemplation, and Grantaire isn’t that much of an asshole that he wants to make Enjolras uncomfortable. “I didn’t think you minded because I’ve been doing it for so long, but if this changes anything, if I’m crossing some boundary-type-thing, I’ll stop. Promise.” he adds, placing his hand over his heart because, yes, he is just that sincere.

“No, no, it’s not that,” Enjolras dismisses, waving his hand as if to clear the air of Grantaire’s words. “I just haven’t had that much experience with flirting. That’s all. You’re welcome to continue, if you like.”

Now it’s Grantaire’s turn to stare. Did Enjolras just… give him permission to flirt with him? That can’t be right, Grantaire’s ears must be broken. Can ears break? He’ll have to as Joly later.

“I- What?”

“Maybe it’ll give me a chance to get better at it, too.” Enjolras’ face is as stoic as ever but there’s a spark in his eyes different from the usual Revolutionary Fervor, and Grantaire is so fucked.

“Sure.” Grantaire says. His brain is only capable of monosyllables at the minute.

The barest hint of a smile makes itself known on Enjolras’ lips. “See you around, R.” he says, leaning forward and pressing them against the stubble of Grantaire’s cheek.

It takes a second for Grantaire’s brain to register the use of his nickname, and another few to register the kiss. By the time he’s caught up with his body’s reactions, Enjolras is on the other side of the room, casually chatting with Combeferre.

Far from killing him, Grantaire decides he’s going to send Courfeyrac the biggest flower arrangement he’s ever seen.

send me prompts!!!

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Enjolras in #57? ;v; (i love ur art 💕)

Omg thanks for the compliments!! Sorry if I made you wait so long ;;

Here he is!!! Fierce revolutionary with a smoke bomb
thanks for requesting and thanks even more for waiting so patiently <3

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For the Les Mis HC - what are your HCs for the Amis' morning routines? :)

Enj: coffe first and above all. Takes a shower and gives himself a peptalk in the mirror when he’s doing his hair like “u r the manliest man everyone loves to talk to you and listen to you and people love you because you are the snazziest dude”. It helps with his anxiety.

Ferre: has the same cereal every morning. Wakes up at like 6am. Reads the newspaper with his cereal before making sure his bag is packed before heading to work by bus.

Courf: it involves a lot of showtunes but the actual pysical routine changes everyday.

R: since being sober they found having a set wake up time. Theyve actually become quite a morning person. They like to drink black coffee on the balcony and watch Paris wake up.

Joly: their OCD means they have an incredibly important morning routine. They make cereal. They pack a lunch. They brush their teeth for exactly 2 minutes. They have to kiss Bossuet’s bald head 3 times for good luck. (once Boss had to go on a business trip and he made Joly an egg with his face on it that Joly could kiss)

Boss: Boss works from home so doesn’t really have a morning routine. He doesn’t want to freak Joly out either so he just chills in bed and ponders how much he loves Joly and admittedly… Worries a little bit.

Jehan: yoga every morning. A simple sun salutation. They water all their plants and and say good morning to them. Picks a tea to go with their mood and qatches the news on tv.

Bahorel: i know it’s cliche but he does push ups and sit ups every morning. It makes him happy that. He makes breakfast for him and Fee. Frilly pink apron absolutely included.

Feuilly: wakes up as feasibly late as possible. There is always breakfast waiting for him. Always checks his emails just before he leaves.


Marius: he is trying to recover from his OCD so he tries to shake up his morning routine to avoid a serious relapse. Also always wears odd socks!

Cosette: doesn’t eat breakfast but does drink about a pint of tea. Not much else routine-wise

Eponine: wakes up to make breakfast for Zelma and Gav every morning. Brings them to school before driving straight to work.

Chetta: “I don’t have a routine it’s not in my star sign”

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okkk... HC about jehan and R's friendship!


I mean everyone at this point knows i believe they dated so im just gonna skip to some of my more obscure ones.

Jehan draws constellations using Rs freckles, names them, and then R makes up the mythology behind them.

They get stoned together at least once a month.

Jehan always has waffles at their house despite being gluten intolerant bc they know waffles are Rs comfort food.

Jehan taught R how to braid hair bc R wanted to braid Enjs hair.

When R first met Jehan they only just realised they were NB and didnt have the self confidence to dress how they wanted.

Jehan took them on a shopping spree and R slowly gained the confidence to wear dresses and skirts bc Jehan just radiated confidence and clearly it was contagious???

Courfeyrac is forever mourning that he wasnt there to take R shopping bc “you could have picked up JEHANS fashion sense oh R im so sorry”

smth that annoys me about e/r fics is that grantaire will inevitably heckle enjolras at a meeting, he’ll retaliate, yet the narrative almost always portrays enjolras as being in the wrong. like… he’d have every right to defend himself and their causes, especially when grantaire’s criticisms come across as petty (which they often do in these fics)

I know people like to make Enjolras taller than R because it makes him intimidating and literally unreachable

but consider

Enjolras is short and just the personification of this