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i still dont get why they changed the cover of shak shaka but oh well

how’d they change it? it matches the cover to my copy of the first hardcover o:

i’ll just be interested to see if it’s going to be a 2-issue (53p each) or 4-issue series– 4 issues would mean they’d have to have a couple new/different pieces of cover art since there were only 2 hardcovers in french… 

if it’s only a 2-issue, 53 pages for $3.99 is a pretty great deal tho

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Hullo. I'm slowly getting to know Wakfu and Dofus and I find your posts quite satisfying to read when it comes to the less-known-but-all-the-more-mysterious lore of the Twelvians. And I have some questions I'm wondering. Does every Dofus bestows unique traits of powers or abilities to those who holds them? Or do the types of powers/abilities depends on the people using the Dofus? Thanks :>

Hola there! xD
Well, I’m glad you find it that way :)
One would think at first glance that the first idea should be the right one but I recall a Jiva’s quote about this topic. She said: http://imgur.com/ulVSUOd (Compendium here )
There could be more headcanon speculations like the power shown by Master Black Jack in Dofus manga 20 compared to the Minotoror’s powers (Dofus abilities in Dofus manga series are pretty odd actually xD) and the end of ‘Rushu’s Shushus’ comic but I’ll let the answer like this for now until I can expand it when I have access to my laptop.

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