I pulled a fucking long distance seal out of nowhere, it was the first non-mea-culpa craft ever and due to impulse nature of this decision and being totally unprepared I had to mine like 10k ores. I’m afraid it was more..

I helped Kj with leveling his cra from 0 to 45ish yesterday and from 90ish to 120ish today. (now he took his turn again, hehe.)

It all happened in two days of the bonus craft and fight xp. Kill me, because such a dedication is rather terrifying and shouldn’t exist.

“I didn’t intend to fall for Shiki. What was natural and expected in our situation is to become rivals and fight for Lust. I wasn’t supposed to feel any sympathy or make excuses for this guy. Yes, he might be hurt too, might be attached to Lust as just strongly as myself, might want me to vanish, so what? So do I, this’s the way I should’ve been feeling.

Right now I can fully admit that Shiki has more “rights” for Lust, meanwhile I don’t even deserve him anymore because I’ve fallen for someone else”

“Somehow I descended to yearning for Shiki’s love instead. How wrong it is and what a pitiful creature I am.“