To babyshibe:

Let me start with a heartfelt apology. In no way was this post meant to offend you or anyone else for that matter. In deference to your feelings I will remove it immediately. Your feedback is vital to us. Your voice does matter and your point-of-view is needed so that all of us in the LGBT+ community can learn from your insights and experience. In truth, there is so much we don’t know or understand about each other. But our genuine ambition is to promote awareness and to encourage empathy for each other – to develop a virtual place where we can heal from our wounds. It is clear by now that each and every one of us has a story to tell…It stands to reason that pain and suffering is relative but ours is real.

What I know for sure is that psychologists and physicians still agree to disagree on what GID is and how it should be dealt with and/or treated. So, I could make an attempt to explain or defend my post by answering your questions. I could spar with you intellectually and endlessly debate our differences until we reach an impasse. Instead I would rather reflect on your words, your feelings, and your point-of-view. I will listen. I will consider.

The LGBT+ community faces so many challenges from within and without…and we are not the enemy. The journey towards self-realization and self-actualization is one that we may choose to postpone – but none of us can afford to refuse. In order to create a better world it starts with us.

In the spirit of true community may we suggest that you check out our vlog’s on   code…decoded  / youtube– there you will find out more about code decoded and what our dream is all about.     



enigmatised-deactivated20130213 asked:

Can you tell me what my team would be please? I do prefer earlier generations if possible but just tell me what fits best. :)

I will keep that in mind. For a team, I will pick a starter and various other Pokemon, only a brief description though as there are many Pokemon on a team. You are free to contact me about any choices if you desire more explanation about any of them. Rather cynical in nature, you prefer to be a more realistic individual. You are rather frank with matters, and will say whatever is on your mind, even though you might not feel the most confident at times. You also maintain strong beliefs. Your team would be Samurott, Spearow, Torkoal, Chatot, Mandibuzz, and Granbull. :)

For those who are curious, I currently have over 300 of these to complete! Never fear though, I know that there are some duplicates! Also, I will NOT include any gen 6 Pokemon in these until I have Pokedex entries to analyze them from.

enigmatised-deactivated20130213 asked:

not all trans people believe in the 'gender spectrum' idea and/or want to 'smash the binary/cisstem/whatever'. not all cis people will be transphobic bigots who rape and kill and attack.

omg stop with the ‘all cis people aren’t like that!’ shit.

when trans*/genderqueer people are attacked, it is 100% of the time a cis person who does it. Trans* people don’t hurt cis people and they don’t hurt other trans* people. You sound like radscum who would have us believe that all trans women are secretly just men who get off on wearing dresses and want to go into women’s bathroom to rape cis women.

enigmatised-deactivated20130213 asked:

Hiya, noticed you just started following me. Just by saying you're trans and asexual makes you cool in my book because I'm the same. :D Anyway, just thought I'd say hello. Feel free to talk if you want to. :)

Hiya! I actually got introduced to your blog by thisisarock, who sent me the link because she said you reminded her of me. XD Except the geology part, which is all her. But anyhow, going through your blog I really liked it and thought you seemed interesting and yeah. I’m bad with words.