“The twelfth finger of the left hand but one” is an “extravagant and hyperbolical declamation” that is deliberately enigmatical so as to “stimulate curiousity, quicken the reflective faculties, and provide the studious public with fresh materials for innocent conjecture.”  A spoof of a poem by Swinburne is offered as explanation:

Before the beginning of years,
   There came to the making of Fun,
Jest, with its jocund jeers,
   Pleasure and pointed Pun;
Quip and Conundrum quaint;
   Cheerful and jubilant Chaff;
Humour, to tickle a saint
   With her lisping lyrical laugh;
And they worked at the woof and the weft,
   And they pointed, when all was done,
With a Finger—the Twelfth—of the Left,
   Of the Left, Left Hand—but One!

(From an 1865 issue of Fun magazine.)

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Ok but I totally feel you like I'm always like omg I want cal to be my sugar daddy that buys me all the expensive things I want but if I was actually out shopping with him and he pulled out money or his card I'd be like boy put that back

It’s just…the way I was raised was to always offer to pay or to always insist to pay for myself, you know? I like making other people happy but it’s also just that…I work hard to have my own money and to be able to use it. And then there’s also the issue that I wouldn’t want it to come off like I’m with him for the money. Pay for my $3 cup of coffee? Sure. I probably wouldn’t even let him pay for dinner. 

Like Water, Like the Sky (V x MC)


Rika hated to see suffering because she felt so powerless to change destiny for what they were, but (Name) chose to accept suffering and was able to look beyond her pain to bring forth happiness. V had been so stubborn to cling onto Rika despite her distorted obsessions to end suffering that he ended up hurting everyone in the process. Truly, he was not one to deserve any forgiveness from the people he cherished and thought fondly of.

Warning: There is character death and several heavy plot spoilers from Seven’s secret routes so be warned!

Inspired by musical pieces “Enigma (Two Steps from Hell)”, “Pavane for a Dead Princess (Maurice Ravel)”, and some of the feels-worthy Mysme soundtracks that lovely @doodlesloth graciously shared.

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Oh, I don't know if I want to see Rhaegar on the show.. He's such an enigma, I fear he's impossible to bring to the screen? I'm sure IF they decide to cast him they'll do a very good job, but I think I actually prefer never to see him and just hear about him from different people, you know?

true but because he’s such an enigma i WANT to see him :0 that’d be a wow factor for me. my bbhero’s daddy. imagine that.

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Ancora una volta torno da te. Arrivo stanca, del tutto sola. Porto la mia borsa piena di pena, traboccante di pena infinita, di dolore. Vengo dai deserti con le labbra bruciate e lo sguardo accecato dal vento sferzante e dalla sabbia dura. Fervendo di sete, vengo a bere dalle tue profonde sorgenti, a sprofondare tra le tue braccia, braccia profonde di madre, e nel tuo petto di amante, misterioso, dove batte il tuo cuore come un enigma. Adesso che riposo al bordo della strada, ti vedo apparire in ogni cosa: nell’umile carro in cui più verde è il verde dei cavoli, e nell’azzurro in cui esplode il pomeriggio. Umile torno da te con l’anima nuda a cercare il riflesso del mio volto, il mio vero volto ,,tra le tue acque

Piedad Bonnett (Amalfi, Antioquia, 1951

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I'm just now checking tumblr and finding photos from the game and I was actually shocked how different he looked today. He looks more mature. It reminds me of how he looked during filming of the long home but with a little bit of facial hair.

Yeah, he looked really great today! Those jerseys they had were such an improvement from last year. He looked super buff too. Those arms? AYEEEEE

Josh’s body is such an enigma to me…he can transform it in like a matter of days it’s crazy.

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