Finally got it done!!



E*ndog*enic systems are not systems. They got some shit going on and that’s their business but they do not belong in DID/osdd spaces and they need to stop using our terminology and they need to stop shitting on us to make themselves feel valid.

Bad blog alert.

Hey guys, there’s an ask blog that uses schizophrenia as a plot point, and the mods are completely disrespectful to those with mental illness-
The url is sch//izophr//enic-ew-au, and it would really mean a lot if you guys could reblog this post and report the blog!!
Thank you!

If you hate deitykin so much stop cluttering our tags. Just because you’re having a piss party about someone who interacted with you doesn’t mean you get a pass to take a shit on the rest of us too. Your redundant posts in our tags aren’t going to stop me from being an actual goddess, or anyone else. And just because I’m a “lesser known” deity doesn’t make it hunky dory for you to kick other deitykin in the teeth. 

Tbh it’d be easier to avoid us if you didn’t actively shit yourself in our spaces.

SO FINALLY THE BARREL IS FINISHED. I suppose I should share some more photos.

Not a lot of places make barrels anymore. Only one place I could find on the entire East Coast. FORTUNATELY IT WAS ON LONG ISLAND so perfect. We picked up a ‘spoiled barrel’. These were actually used but leaky barrels. The insides smelled like whiskey.2

I was working with my dad for most of the woodwork. Which mostly involved following his lead. I’ve made joysticks before but nothing quite this intense.

I helped him make the control console and showed him how to use a router. Not a tool you use a lot when you mostly repair stuff like he does, so it was the one thing I was able to teach him. Holes turned out a little crooked because he got a little gung ho, but th enice thing with a barrel is little defects kinda match with things.

The first testing fitting!

I did a mockup to test it. Originally the bezel was going to be blue but my sister thought it would clash too much. So after experimenting we came to this.

Then we sanded the piss out of it.

There was a lot of fighting about the stain. My dad got a more golden stain and my sister was like “LOWER SATURATION” so we brought it back. Putting on what we picked up was scary because well.. it literally looked like grey shit.

Once it dired it looked great. And adding clear coat to it helped a ton.

Then it was up to me to wire it up with an old Raspberry Pi 1 I had laying around.

It’s nice to do all your input sthrough the GPIO pins.

Made up the final bezel in illustrator. Got this printed out at a staples, 17x17/

My dad cut the circle out BY HAND, BY EYE. AND WAS PERFECT. Just with a pair of scissors.

The first full test assembly.

It’s first home. My mom loved it. She wanted to put it in the house so she can play during the winter. Where it is right now suffers from some crazy glare.

My mom, enjoying her new toy.

Not pictured is a ton of electrical issues that came and audio issues but it’s mostly squared way now. We have things we want to make better but it’s totally functional now.