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“So I’ll see you next time right? No hard feelings on that whole wallet thing?”
        “Yeah, you’re all right, Skye. Take care of yourself out there.”
“Just so you know, ten out of ten would steal from again, though, not actually. Wow bad joke…”

Years before Ichabod crane arrived and Jenny was still working on her mission to acquire artifacts for Corbin, her wallet was stolen one day by Skye. Jenny followed the other woman back to her van where Skye started questioning her on what was obviously a fake ID and Jenny reluctantly told the other woman that she was looking for something and Skye, bored and curious, volunteered to help.

Since it couldn’t hurt knowing a hacker and just not telling her the real truth of the artifact Jenny was hunting down she let Skye tag along, even finding the artifact faster with her and parting ways on good terms.

Over the years until Skye joined the Rising Tide officially and then later SHIELD the two of them would meet up whenever Jenny was in the area trying to track something down and Skye’s vowed to find out Jenny’s secrets one of these days. She’s gotten a little sidetracked in the meanwhile with saving the world, but then again, so has Jenny.