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Congrats on 3000(+) 💕 off the prompt list I'd love to read 33 😊

Thanks beaut! Hope you like!

Prompt: Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?

The jet was quiet, the team each relaxing in their own way as they journeyed home from a long week in the field. Emily was reading paperwork, JJ was on her phone and Rossi had grabbed his usual tumbler of scotch. You, however, were sat at the back of the jet, staring at a chess board with all of your concentration. There was no opponent, only your urge to improve your game.

Engrossed in the game, you hadn’t even noticed Spencer stand up, let alone move over to you. An audible gasp dived from your lips as you looked up in shock, making him chuckle.

‘Who’s winning?’ Spencer asked, examining the board.

“Oh,” you started, looking down at the board again. “I guess I’m kicking my ass because I’m pretty stuck on both sides.”

“Mind if I join you? I finished my book.”

“Go right ahead,” you answered, gesturing to the seat opposite.

Spencer sat, his eyes scanning the board with as much concentration as you’d had when he interrupted. You watched as his gaze flicked from piece to piece, analysing possible moves and manoeuvres till finally his fingers plucked up a knight and moved to take a bishop.

“Your move,” he said, his smile almost taunting you.

You looked down to the board at the position of your remaining pieces. Perhaps your Rook could push him back? Maybe you could use your own knight to take his in retaliation?

Spencer watched closely as you delicately placed your finger onto the Rook, lifting it and placing it further up the board. Without lifting your finger from the piece, you scanned the board, making sure it was the right move to make.

“Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?” Spencer asked, a smirk growing on his lips.

Panic struck you, your eyes darting across the board at every piece, thinking of every counter you might make if you were Spencer. Nothing seemed out of place but he’d planted doubt in your mind. Was he messing with you? Should you call his bluff?

“Yes,” you answered confidently, removing your finger from the piece and smiling proudly as Spencer’s hand moved to the board.

“Checkmate,” said Spencer, a smug look on his face. “Finished you in two.”


Met by Accident (Shall We Skate?-YOIWeek2017) - paxton1976 - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Met by Accident - Get Leid

It’s finally posted!  I’m really surprised I got this done today.  I promised it tomorrow but really became engrossed when I started writing this morning. I had to finish it.

It’s the day Viktor and Yuuri flight to Hawaii and what a day it is!  I’ll let you read it, but here’s your favorite phrase (most anyway):


Yeah, I bumped it up a little bit.  This is the raunchiest thing I’ve ever written.  Not as wild as some writers, but pretty steamy for this fic.  

This is really NSFW.  Don’t ready this at work/school/around family members.  Seriously.

Hope you like it and thanks for reading!


Chapters: 46/70
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov, Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin & Yuri Plisetsky
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov’s Mother, Makkachin (Yuri!!! on Ice), Katsuki Hiroko, Katsuki Toshiya, Katsuki Mari, Okukawa Minako, Otabek Altin, Christophe Giacometti, Yakov Feltsman, Emil Nekola, Michele Crispino, Nishigori Yuuko, Nishigori Triplets, Nishigori Takeshi
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, First Meetings, Car Accidents, Attraction, Developing Friendships, Crush at First Sight, Viktor is an editor, Yuuri is a computer geek, Slow Build, Mild Language, Mutual Attraction, Slow Burn, Snark, Companionable Snark, Illnesses, Fluff, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Language, Angst, Homophobia, Rejection, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Male Homosexuality, Confessions, Love Confessions, Falling In Love, First Kiss, new family member, Surprises, Acceptance, Aftermath of Domestic Abuse, Drunkenness, Consent, Frottage, Past Child Abuse, Revelations, Past Suicide Attempt, Birthday Presents, Birthday, Blow Jobs, First Time Blow Jobs, Birthday Party, Gag Gift, Fluff and Smut, Lapdance, Drinking Games, Heavy Drinking, Regret, New Year’s Eve, Drinking to Cope, Intervention, Unconditional Love, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day Fluff, Sweet Sixteen, Brotherly Love, Brotherly Bonding, Custody Battle, Courtroom Drama, Fear, Panic Attacks, Anal Fingering, Sexual Tension, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Teasing, Teen Crush, Homecoming, Mutual Masturbation, Teaching, Homesickness, Vacation, Festivals, Minor Character Death, Family Member Death, Graduation, Courage, Anal Sex, First Time, Switching, Porn With Plot, Porn with Feelings, Anniversary, Loss of Virginity, Rimming, Sexual Experimentation, Sex Around The Condo, Multiple Orgasms, Hint of Kinks, vacation planning, Sleepovers, Decisions, Overhearing Declaration of Love, change of plans, Rough Sex, Kinks, Bathroom Sex, Semi-Public Sex


Viktor and Yuuri leave for Hawaii, the day filled with urgency neither had anticipated.

“Hey Yuuri?”

“Hey Viktor?”

“You’re wearing that cologne again, aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” the young man said, turning and grinning at his boyfriend.

“Did you do that on purpose?” Viktor asked.


“You’re a vixen, Yuuri,” Viktor said lowly into his boyfriend’s ear.

“I’m still turned on from this morning,” Yuuri whispered, grinning at the man when he faced him, “Maybe we can help each other when we reach Hawaii?”

If I make it to Hawaii…

As a kid I watched Beauty and the Beast so many times that I’m pretty sure I wore out the VHS. One time my parents dropped me off at my grandma’s and I didn’t even realize they’d left at the beginning because I was so engrossed in it. 

My general attitude is that a movie should not be remade unless there is a need for it, or a way to improve on the original, if only in some way.
For me, the movie met both criteria. Providing both characters with a more fleshed-out backstory and a deeper connection was such a nice thing to see. And Emma Watson made as perfect of a real-life Belle as we could get.

It may be the romantic sap in me talking, but I absolutely loved this magical film ❤ so happy to be their guest

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Yellow Diamond (my god :o) for the character ask

send me a character!

general opinion: like them! 
hotness level: theoretically hot but not my type 
hogwarts house: ravenclaw (i think, based on her values)
best quality: 

Originally posted by perilousie

general “oh you must be joking”-attitude 

worst quality: wants that planet to Die™, big fan of the caste system
ship them with: not like, passionately, but i could see her with blue diamond
brotp them with: the other diamonds, yellow pearl in a better world
needs to stay away from: …yellow pearl in this world : D
misc. thoughts: i can Relate to someone who wants to avoid things as much as she does, especially when they sort of engross themselves in their work. i also loved her song, it was a really good summary of her emotional state. 


Happy Birthday @mysaintsasinner. Hope you have a wonderful day!!! 

Slipping into your comfiest clothes, you grabbed your favorite  book, planning on doing nothing more than relaxing in one of the library arm chairs for the rest of the day. There were no new hunts to be found, and you were left on your own while Sam and Dean ran errands for the rest of the day.

Making a detour to the kitchen, you took your favorite snack from it’s hiding place behind the cans of vegetables you knew Dean wouldn’t look behind. With everything you needed for a relaxing day, you settled into your chair, enjoying your book.

Totally engrossed in your book, you didn’t hear the footsteps coming down the iron staircase, or the hushed whispers from Sam and Dean. It wasn’t until Sam was standing beside you, his head close to yours that you finally realized you were no longer alone. “Hey Y/N.” He announced, scaring you, and tossing the book at him, it took you a moment to realize it was him.

“Damn it Sam, you scared the shit out of me!” You exclaimed, pressing a hand to your fast beating heart.

“Sorry. I just figured you heard us coming down the stairs.” He explained, as he kept his hands behind his back.

Leaning down, you picked your book back up, wincing at the bent pages. “I didn’t expect you back until much later.” You answered, before looking at your phone. Surprised to see how much time had passed, you shrugged. “Or, maybe I should have paid more attention.”

“I’m glad you were able to relax, and read some. You don’t get to do that often enough.” He said, before moving his hands from behind his back. “And I thought maybe we could celebrate your birthday since we were busy on that hunt.”

In his hands was a small, on sale cake, along with a newspaper wrapped present and a small bouquet of flowers. It was more than you had ever been given for your birthday since you were a kid, and you were surprised he had even made the effort. “Really Sam? This is so sweet!”

“It was the least I could do. I don’t get to tell you often enough how much I appreciate you. How much I love you.” He admitted, handing over the present. Still holding the flowers and the cake in his hands, he waited nervously for you to open your present.

Ripping open the paper, you saw the movie you had been wanting to see. “Thought maybe we could enjoy a night in, watch a movie. Eat the cake. Just do normal, everyday things that we don’t get to do very often.”

“That sounds great.” You answered, standing up and kissing his cheek. “Thank you so much Sam. You don’t know how much I appreciate it!”

Happy Birthday from @katymacsupernatural

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Hah. Instead of the jikook pencil one, I'll ask for a yoonseok fic. 1 punched 2 in the face and then felt bad, so he tries to kiss it better.

“What’s the hell, Hoseokie!”
There’s a blueish blemish blooming on Yoongi’s left cheek marring the skin and Hoseok would dare say it’s beautiful- the contrast of the rainbow liveliness of the bruise against the ghost pallor of the skin- if it wasn’t his doing.

Few minutes earlier, Yoongi creept up on him when he was engrossed in monitoring their dance moves and blew air on his neck. Hoseok got startled so bad and flailed his arms around, resulting in the new decoration on Yoongi’s face.

“Come on hyung, you know it wasn’t on purpose”
Yoongi turns his head away, arms crossed, and pouts. Freaking pouts. Hoseok knows Min Yoongi is a grumpy teddy, so he muses the idea to humor him.

“Should i kiss it better, hyung?” Amused laughter ensues at the dust of pink on the older’s face.
Yoongi feels buffs of air against his cheek and he thinks that maybe scaring Hoseok often wouldn’t be a bad idea.

send me a pairing + an Au setting and I’ll write u a three sentence fic

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Gummy bear for Leo

Leo’s most embarrassing moment? Oh this is gonna be good…


Leo’s had his fare share of embarrassing moments, ranging from attacking the toaster to losing a sparing match. However, there’s always one that trumps the others. When you found out he was a Space Heroes fanboy.

He wasn’t expecting to see you that day, since you’d messaged him saying you were on a family outing, and the Space Heroes marathon happens to be on TV that day. And so here he was, sat right in front of the television with a bowl of popcorn as he watched episode after episode of his favourite cartoon, becoming ever more engrossed in it. Too engrossed to hear your footsteps echoing through the sewers.

You’d come home from the outing earlier than planned, and decided to stop by and surprise Leo. However, once you walked into the lair and went to greet him, you paused upon finding him staring at the TV with the goofiest grin you’d ever seen. Stifling a giggle, you thought it beats to remain silent and watch him for a while, and that decision was one of the best you’d ever made.

Throughout the episode, which turned out to be episode 42, Leo’s personal favourite, you watched on as his facial expressions drastically changed from scared, to exited, to sad and so on. The whole thing was very entertaining. However, the show truly began when he started quoting the lines with the most over dramatic voice he could muster.

“Fear not citizen!” He exclaimed, along with Captain Ryan. “I, Captain Ryan, shall save you from the evil space robot! Get behind me!” You were forced to cover your moth with your hands as you let out a chuckle. “Be gone evil space robot! Before I banish you to the depths of space!”

“Oh Captain!” You heard one of the female characters swoon. “Your my hero!”

“All in a days work Ma'am!” Leo chimed, his chest puffed out in ‘pride’. “Now… perhaps you would care to accompany me to the captains quarters?” You couldn’t hold it in anymore, taking a deep breath, you let out the loudest laugh you’d experienced in weeks.

“HAHAHAHA, OH MY GOD LEO!” You yelled, causing the blue clad turtle to let out a squeak before turning towards you, his face putting Raph’s mask to shame. Before you could say anything else, he pulled his head and limbs into his shell, causing it to fall plastron-down onto the ground as you rushed over. “Leo! Leo, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it!”

“Go away!”

“Please don’t be mad at me!”

“Too late!”

“Aw come on! Your too cute to be mad! Leo…? I know you can here me!

I’ll by you merch if you come out.”

“I hate you.”

“Love you too Leo.”


It was weeks before Leo got over the incident, but he never really forgot about it. He’d never tell you, but he sometimes has nightmares reliving the whole experience!

Universe Falls Preview

Woo boy here we go! Our first preview of arc 4! I still can’t believe I’m actually in this arc personally like when the hell did this happen. But anyway, have some cute fluff between Steven and Greg because fuck god knows we’re gonna need it when I get to the intense as fuck later parts of this chapter. 

Steven let out a small gasp as the hero of the movie they were watching landed the finishing blow on the monster of the flick: a zombie. Greg couldn’t help but crack a small grin at how engrossed his son was with the film, even though it was quite old and rather cheesy. Still, the young Gem beamed in satisfaction as the protagonist embraced his love interest and kissed over their triumph as the credits began to roll.

“Oh man, that was the scariest movie we’ve watched tonight yet!” Steven exclaimed, propping himself up from his pillows a bit. “I wonder if real-life zombies would be as terrifying as that one.”

“Eh, probably not, kiddo,” Greg shrugged, smirking. “I mean, that zombie was pretty slow. The guys in the movie probably could’ve easily outran him if they had gone at more than a light jog.”

“Oh yeah? And how would you know?” Steven asked with a faux challenging chuckle. “Have you ever outran a zombie, Dad?”

“Can’t say that I have, Sto-ball,” the former Rockstar laughed. “And I can’t say that I’d really ever want to either.”

“Well what about any of the other monsters in here in Gravity Falls? You’ve lived here for a super long time-”

“I’ve only been here for 26 years, Steven. Then again, I guess that is kind of a long time…” Greg frowned. “Yikes. I’m getting old.”

“Yeah, but still,” Steven interjected. “You’ve been around long enough to see all the cool stuff here. Have you ever been chased by gnomes? Or have you ever high-fived a manotaur? Or hugged a werewolf?!”

“O-oh well, uh, I don’t know about all that…” Greg frowned apprehensively. “Your mom and the Gems usually would handle all that supernatural stuff. I’ve always figured it’s best not to get involved with it.”

“Aw, but you could have totally helped them, Dad!” the young Gem exclaimed enthusiastically. “It would be so cool to see you fighting alongside me and the Gems using—wait for it…” Steven paused, tapping the side of the van to create a dramatic drumroll. “The power of music!”

“Heh, well, I’m not really sure what good the ‘power of music’ would do against a werewolf or a zombie,” the former rock star chuckled. “Still, it’s good to know you still think your old man cool enough to keep up with the best of them.”

Steven laughed warmly as his father pulled him into an affectionate headlock and noogie. The playful moment was soon interrupted however, as a bright flash of light from outside flooded into the van through the windows. It only lasted a second, but that startling second was enough to catch both Steven and Greg completely off guard. “Whoa!” the young Gem exclaimed, breaking free from his father’s embrace as he ran to the back window, peeking out of it to find nothing but the Gem temple the van was parked in front of. “What was that?!”

“Eh, it must have just been a flash of heat lightning,” Greg shrugged with a casual grin, glancing out the front windows himself. His smile faded however, upon looking down the hill to the Mystery Shack, noticing as another sudden burst of blue light pulsated from the ramshackle building. The former rock star knew exactly what this meant, but even so, he had made a promise not to get involved in it. And that was a promise he was honor bound to uphold to his former boss. “U-uh, hey, Steven!” Greg quickly quipped, forcing a tight grin onto his face as he turned towards his unknowing son. “Hows about we pop another one of these movies in, huh? This next one has a mummified cow on the cover.”

“Oh! You mean The Cowwy!?” Steven grinned, plopping back down in his spot beside his father. “That’s one of my favorites! Put it in! Put it in!”

“Way ahead of you, kiddo,” Greg smirked, putting the tape in as Steven settled in to watch it. However, as he turned to sit down once more himself, he happened to steal another look at the shack, which was still lightly enveloped in an ominous pale cobalt glow. A years-old fear started to fill the former rock star, especially as his mind turned back to the warnings Rose had whispered to him long ago, warnings that even the Gems themselves no longer had. Greg had hoped that Stan would have given up on this risky pursuit by now, but if the conman was nothing else, he was persistent. But even so, one thing was clear: the once-forgotten ghosts of the past were still very much around. And given how much things had changed since then, getting rid of them would be far more difficult this time around.

“Morning, Cas.” Dean stifled a yawn as he entered the kitchen, nodding at his friend who was enjoying his coffee while flipping through the pages of some book.

“Good morning, Dean,” Castiel replied pleasantly, blue eyes briefly blinking up to acknowledge Dean.

Dean affectionately ruffled the angel’s hair before making a beeline for the fridge, his growling stomach voting ’food’ rather than ’coffee’, at least for now. He scrunched his nose when all he found were some take out leftovers that were about as old and hairy as that witch that they hunted a couple of weeks ago. Coffee it was then. And a grocery run later today, Dean made a mental note.

Sitting down across from Cas at the kitchen table, Dean’s eyes fell on the book that Cas seemed to be engrossed in.

“What are you reading?” he asked as he took a sip of coffee, curious as to what could possibly be this interesting at eight in the morning.

Cas peeked up at him again through his lashes, and Dean could swear that he saw the hint of a blush spreading across his cheeks.

“Claire gave it to me, I have more of them,” he answered evasively.

Dean raised an eyebrow at him, gently reaching out to tilt the book so that he could see the cover, immediately groaning when he realized what it was.

“Seriously, Cas? Supernatural? You’re not honestly reading that bullshit, are you?”

The angel was looking a tad bashful, but that didn’t stop him from nonchalantly turning another page.

“It’s just… It’s nice to get a look inside your head, like this.” Cas explained quietly.

And okay, that made no sense to Dean.

“For real? Cas, we share a room, your tongue has been in my mouth! If there’s anything you want to know you can just ask me instead of turning to that garbage,” Dean scoffed, rolling his eyes, half amused, half annoyed. “Hell, you could literally read my mind if you chose to.”

“But I promised not to,” Castiel reminded him, at last putting down the book and giving Dean his full attention. “And most of these were from before we met… I was simply curious what you were up to, how you were feeling back then. For one thing, I found out that you easily believed in the existence of every supernatural creature possible, every single one except angels.”

Cas looked mildly affronted by that, but Dean snorted, shaking his head in disbelief. Silly angel, to be bothered by this after all these years. He reached over the table to lace his fingers through Cas’.

“For what it’s worth, I believe now,” Dean muttered, smiling at Cas.

Ever so slowly, Cas’ smile started mirroring Dean’s, and he eventually nodded in agreement.

“So… Will you stop reading those now?” Dean checked after a short silence, squeezing Cas’ hand.

Picking up the book again with his free hand, Cas grinned almost mischievously.

“Not a chance.”

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IDK if you saw the post about how, before the Death Star plans were captured, the asset Bail was sending was *Leia herself* to Obi-Wan. But I'd like an AU based on that. No Death Star Plans, only a 19-year-old-girl strong in the Force, trying to beat the Empire.

She didn’t—

Luke cocked his head, watching the girl in white move through the marketplace. He couldn’t figure out what it was about her, why one minute he had been engrossed in Waing’s new shipment of power converters and the next he was staring at her, totally unable to tear his eyes away. He wasn’t entirely sure how he’d gone from one to the other, except he had, and now he was watching her. It was important he watch her, he knew it was important, though he couldn’t figure out how he knew that, or why.

It wasn’t that she stood out—sure, no one wore robes of that clean white, not unless they had a lot of slaves or droids to do the laundry for them, and yeah, she was the sort of pale you generally only saw in traders, who spent more time in artificial grav than sunslight. But she could be a water merchant’s daughter slumming it in Toshe, or an off-worlder, taking in the sights. (Not that they had many sights to see in Toshe, Luke thought with a snort.) And nobody else seemed to notice her; she stopped at Kinqua’s stall and dipped her fingers into the bowl Kinqua left out for tasting, and lifted it to her lips, licked the droplets away.

Luke had seen Kinqua casually lop off a child’s hand for that.

Skywalker,” Waing said, startling Luke out of his thoughts. “You made a decision? Or are you just going to keep feeling up my tech until it agrees to go home with you?”

“Cool your drives, Waing,” Luke said mildly, but he was still staring at the girl in white. She had two droids trundling after her, he realized belatedly—an astromech and a protocol droid, though he couldn’t make out what they were saying at this distance. Their lights were flashing, though, and he wished he could read visual binary.

“Oh, I see,” Waing said after a minute, and Luke could hear them smirking. “My tech isn’t all you’re hoping to take back to the Whitesun-Lars homestead.”

Luke felt his face go hot, and he forced himself to look back at Waing. They were smirking. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said coolly, but he couldn’t focus on the power converters anymore. The girl in white, had she—

“Pardon me.”

This close it was abundantly obvious that she wasn’t from Tatooine—no one from this planet carried that air of interestingness with them, like they had a secret that might change the whole course of your life. She must be an off-worlder. “I’m looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Do you know where I might find him? I was told he lives near here—”

“Old Ben?” Luke cut in, before Waing could answer. “Do you mean Old Ben?”

The girl in white looked at him for a long moment, and Luke felt the back of his neck heating up. “I don’t know,” she finally said. “Is he near here?”

“Oh, sure,” Luke laughed, more out of relief than anything else. “Old Ben’s just a few klicks from here, he lives near the western gorge—I could take you, if you want,” Luke said quickly, because she looked increasingly put-out, and he felt something in his chest twinge in answer to it.

But she shook her head. “Thank you for the offer, but this is a personal matter.”

“It’ll cost you serious credits if you charter a speeder,” Luke said. “I’m headed that way anyway, let me take you. And your droids. Really,” he said, because she still looked uncertain. “It’s no trouble.”

She looked at him for a long moment, and her dark eyes were very serious. (He liked her eyes, for no particular reason he could figure out.) “My name is Leia,” she finally said, sticking her hand out. 

“Luke,” Luke laughed, taking it and shaking it. It was cool and smooth, and if he’d needed any confirmation she was from off-world, that was it. “Skywalker. My uncle owns a moisture farm in the eastern hemisphere.”

“I’m—not from around here,” she said, and Luke almost laughed because—well, obviously.

“Consider yourself lucky,” Luke said, and something of her tiredness and tightness (why did he know she was tired, down to her bones?) eased. She smiled back, a small smile. Luke counted it as a victory.

“I am C-3PO,” the protocol droid cut in, sticking his head between them as though it would stop them from looking at one another. He was burnished gold, and in the high sunslight it hurt to look at him. “And this is my companion, R2-D2.”

The astromech whistled a greeting, and Luke laughed. “Pleasure to meet—all of you. My speeder’s docked by the Ithorian, if you want…?”

“Hey, Skywalker, aren’t you going to buy anything?” Waing interrupted, and Luke winced, barely managing to tear his eyes away from Leia, who was still smiling, very slightly.

“Sorry, uh—maybe next week?” Luke offered lamely, but he was already ushering Leia and her droids away, and he could hear her laugh, very softly. (His chest fell too full, hearing it.)

It felt strange, formal and right, to help her into the speeder. Her hand in his was a kind of symmetry, inexplicable, the way he knew how a speeder was supposed to fit together, how a full tank of moisture sounded when you rapped it with a knuckle. Organic and totally without reason, their hands fitting together. She still hadn’t told him her surname, if she had a surname. Where she was from. What she was doing here. What her droids were doing here.

Luke couldn’t help but trust her utterly. Otherwise, why did her hand feel like that, resting in his?

What do you need to see Old Ben for?” Luke shouted over the rush of air around the speeder.

I told you,” Leia shouted back. The white hood she wore had fallen back, and her hair was dark. Even carefully styled, those loops over her ears, strands came loose, whipping around her face. “It’s personal!”

They stopped at the farm first, just to refuel and drop off the handful of things Luke did buy—rations, holonews downloads, some sucrose-candies for Aunt Beru. But when they touched down, Owen went white beneath his sunsburn, staring at Leia like she was a creature from another galaxy. “Your Highness,” he breathed, and Luke had to correct him, just an off-worlder looking for Old Ben; don’t pay her any mind. Look, Uncle Owen, I brought you your Almanac—

Leia was silent; picking at a loose thread in her white, white robes.

(Afterwards, she was silent, her arms crossed over her waist. They sped across the desert, which was gathering dark by the armful. “Sorry,” Luke said, trying to keep himself from shivering, “I know it gets cold at night.”

“It’s all right,” Leia said. “On—my planet, it snowed. We had mountains, and we would build whole castles out if it, out of snow. It was beautiful.”

“I’d like to see snow,” Luke said, but he thought it was lost in the sound of the speeder, because she didn’t reply.)

By the time they reached Old Ben’s place, it was dark enough for a lamp to be burning, the light spilling beneath the door and out the window. Luke watched as Leia knocked on the daub doorframe, shivering.

Still, it was worth staying just to watch the flicker of Old Ben’s expression from surprise to shock when he greeted her. He called her by a name that was definitely not ‘leia’ and Luke watched her shoulders hitch. “No,” Leia said finally. “I am Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan. I am the daughter of Queen Breha Organa and Viceroy Bail Organa, and I am—I am here to beg your aid for the rebellion.”

Luke wasn’t so surprised that he didn’t notice Ben’s eyes cut to him, and then away.

“Princess,” Ben said finally, with an awful heaviness. Luke had brought him ration packs and listened to his stories he had never sounded like that before, like it was something awful and deep beyond saying. “If they sent you to find me, they must be very desperate.”

“No,” she said quickly, and Luke knew she was lying. “No, but—we need Jedi. We cannot go forward, we cannot fight, if the Force is not with us.”

This time, Old Ben’s stare lingered on Leia, then on Luke. He seemed to be making up his mind about something, though Luke couldn’t say what. Old Ben had always struck him as a sort of harmless religious sort; in another world he might have been a Jedi like in the stories, but instead he was a desert madman, talking to the air and clutching at a bit of carbon tubing like it was a lightsaber.

There was nothing harmless about the way he was looking at them now.

“I’ve been happy here,” Old Ben muttered, quietly, like an apology.

“Fine,” Leia said, almost a snarl. Luke could only see her in silhouette, against the light from Old Ben’s hut. He thought suddenly of a predator, something that could leap on the unsuspecting. “But no one ever promised us happiness.”

Luke could see Old Ben’s throat work. “Come in,” he said at last. His gaze darted to Luke, and Luke caught his breath. “What I have to say is—for both of you, now.”

Luke shut off the speeder.

(He had followed Leia into Old Ben’s hut, and didn’t come out the same man. No, not the same man at all.)


Once when my parents were visiting her, I became bored with the adult conversation and found myself wondering through the other empty rooms. As I passed Marilyn’s bedroom, a large box on the table by the window caught my eye. It looked like a huge metal tackle box.  In a moment of curiosity (and bad manners) I lifted the lid and peered inside. It was filled with cosmetics of every description: lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, brushes, sticks of what must have been stage make up. I was fascinated by the array of hundreds of little jars, bottles and compacts.  So engrossed was I in the exploring this unusual and interesting find that I didn’t hear the sound of footsteps coming down the carpeted hallway. Marilyn  discovered me knows deep in her make-up box. She acted like it was the most natural thing in the world to find me there and before I could even feel embarrassed, she had plugged me down at her vanity mirror and said that since I was so intrigued by the art of make-up she would show me how to do the job right. The next 20 minutes or so I was in a kind of dream as I watched her skillful hands transfer all my unremarkable kid’s face into something that even I might have called glamorous. My eyelids glimmered, my cheekbones were highlighted, my mouth was rosy with color - why (I thought exultantly), I could pass for 17! Not content with doing a partial make-up on this willing pupil, she also did my hair (which usually fell every which way around my shoulders) up in an elegant French twist. Then, oh so proud of her handiwork, she happily took me by the hand back to the living room to show me off to the grown-ups" . - Patricia Shaw (daughter of Sam Shaw, friend of Marilyn Monroe)