Chanyeol #3 Dry Humping

3. Dry Humping

You were laying on the couch while reading your favorite book. You were so engrossed with your book, you didn’t even notice your boyfriend, Chanyeol, take the seat at your feet. He grabbed them and placed them in his lap. He relaxed into the couch and turned the TV on. As he watched whatever was on, he started massaging your legs. This caught your attention and looked up from your book.

“Hi babe,” you said poking him.

“Oh, so now you notice me,” he joked. You sat up and grabbed his cheeks and kissed him. “Now I feel better.” He winked. You laid back onto the couch and continued reading while Chanyeol went back to massaging your legs. It didn’t last long until Chanyeol needed more attention. He slid down to lay next to you. You smirked, keeping your eyes on your book. Chanyeol draped his long leg around your waist and wrapped his arm around you.

“Does baby need his attention?” You teased.

“Yes,” he said frankly. He kissed your cheek down to your neck. You decided to give in and placed your book on the floor. As you went to turn to your boyfriend, he suddenly straddled your waist. His arms were caged around your head. You trailed your hands up and down his arms until he brought his face closer to yours and kissed you. You grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in deeper. The kiss was getting more and more steamy. His tongue tracing your mouth, squeezing your breast, causing you to moan.

Chanyeol knew what made you tick, what turned you on. He was feeling naughty tonight. Chanyeol dug his hips into yours and harder a second time. You moaned into his mouth. You took a second and turned your attention to his neck. As he rubbed his hard on onto you, you kissed and sucked on his neck. You both were a moaning mess. Chanyeol sat back as you tried to catch your breath. He stared down at you; at how good you looked.

“Well, I’m tired,” Chanyeol stood up and walked to the bedroom.

“What?! Yeah right!” You yelled running after him.

Hades Benjamin was engrossed in a book while sitting at the local park when he sensed another sit beside him on the park bench.  He glanced at the person, then at the empty benches around them and sighed audibly.  “Do you need something?”

concept: sendak playing horror video games. he gets through it without flinching at a single jumpscare, without crying, without screaming. he is engrossed in the game. he is determined to beat it.

also watches a horror movie. he never flinches or screams or cries. complains about how unscary it is. laughs at every single jumpscare



Day One - Favorite Episode

Episode 20 (Swift Hardhearted Stone) is the first time we begin to see the real man beneath the white lab coat. He is not a trained field agent but he is fearless in his defence of Maya. When Patterson’s life is threatened, he has no hesitation in killing to save her.

Part of Dr. Borden’s charm (as well as his obvious good looks) is his quiet, well-mannered Englishness. Here we see an excerpt from the Bound and Gag Reel, in which Ukweli Roach shows he is every bit as polite and self-effacing as the character he plays. Engrossed in the scene, he offers the sweetest of apologies when he belatedly realises they have all been waiting for him to say the next line.   

Sometimes Tim really should just give up and go to sleep.
It was during one of his sleepless bouts when Tim had an idea. He was working on his laptop in the den, Damian was watching Matilda (mainly because Dick was the one in charge of the remote).

Lazily glancing up, it hit Tim how similar Matilda was to Jason. Jason liked books. Jason gluing hats to people’s heads because someone said some misguided words about revenge to him seemed pretty accurate.
Closing his Laptop Tim suddenly became engrossed in the movie. Telekinesis was hardly a far flung idea in a world full of metahumans. Worrying his lip Tim wondered … If he pissed Jason off enough … Could he…?

It was the next week that Tim was mildly surprised to see that Jason was at the manor.
Flitting about the kitchen, Tim watched his brother grumble and frown at the TV. Dick had left a game show on. Jason hated game shows, just like Matilda!
Turning up the volume, Tim took his seat on the breakfast bar and munched his sandwich. Waiting to see if Jason would blow it up with his mind.

His brother twitched as the senseless laughter crawled up his spine, eyes narrowing at the large amounts of money being thrown about like it was nothing.
Eventually the TV did explode. Not because Jason blew it up with his mind, Jason shot it. Cue him and Bruce now having a row in front of Tim. Jason stropped out of the manor swearing to never return again. Tim felt just a little guilty when he saw Bruce’s crestfallen expression.

Guilt ridden or not, over the next few weeks,Tim tried to get Jason angry enough to develop telekinesis. All in all, he was only successful in getting Jason to damage Gotham, people and Tim himself, non of them due to the power of his mind.
In the end Tim gave up.

Until one morning. Jason was inexplicably back at the manor again. Mumbling a hello Tim got out his mug and set about setting up the coffee machine. Turning he found that the mug had moved. Frowning he moved it back and went to the fridge for milk. His mug had moved again.
During the entire process of making his coffee his mug kept moving!
Grumbling to himself, Tim jolted in surprise when Jason walked past and slapped his shoulder.
‘See ya around kid. Keep an eye on that mug!’

and Jason was gone, humming ‘Itty Bitty Pretty One’ from Matilda.

Tim dropped the box of cereal, staring wide eyed after his wayward brother.

‘No! It couldn’t of been? Could it?’


Summary: When you are in trouble, four boys seem like the answer. But it’s not exactly a PG resolution…

masterlist - PART ONE

the response for this has been crazy amazing thank u guys… have some smut

You’d considered if this was one big hoax, a TV presenter would jump out at any given moment and declare you a fool - or if you’d shy up at the first moment of sensuality. What you didn’t consider, however, was how quickly you would adjust to your new role. The first day had been about bonding, learning about each other. It was very apparent to you that all the boys were close, you soon discovered they’d grown up together. Your first reaction to their closeness was that you were intruding, they quickly diminished that fear. They were eager to learn about you, engrossed in every silly story you told or photos you’d show them of friends and parties you’d been to.

Their personalities opposed each other, but still managed to mesh well. Michael often joked and spoke before he thought, sometimes drowning out the others but never with malicious intent. Ashton was calm; you suspected he meditated. He was the oldest of the four and it showed. Luke and Calum were equally quiet - but in different ways. Luke would listen, lean forward and made you feel like every word coming from your mouth was important. Calum, on the other hand, would observe, his eyes never leaving yours as if he was delving into your soul.

They let you try on the garments you’d loved in your wardrobe, applauding as you paraded around the room. Being in a new house and wearing these new clothes made you feel like a completely different person. This new girl was confident and sexy, she wasn’t afraid to show off how a corset would hug her figure and how stockings elongated her legs. You wound up giggling on a luxurious maroon velvet couch, watching Luke trying to interpret Ashton’s jarring movements in a game of ‘Charades’.

“Five words! First word!” Luke called, encouraged by Ashton’s nodding.

Calum walked into the room, making his presence known to you with a lingering stare and a devious smirk playing on his face. From one glance you could tell he was up to no good. He gestured to you, tilting his head to beckon you over to where he was standing in the doorway. You obliged, feeling drawn to his body. Once reaching him you stood beside him in an effort to act coy, despite your heart hammering away in your chest. He dragged his fingers up and down your exposed arm, the skin on skin contact causing you to gasp softly.

“Good to know you follow orders.” His breath tickled your ear.

Your lips parted, but you stopped yourself from retorting as it might result in some form of punishment later.

“Want to get outta here?” His voice was hypnotic.

You glimpsed at him, too nervous to keep eye contact, but just long enough to see his smug grin. Nodding, you let him take your hand and sneak out the room, leaving the other boys behind.

This was the first time you had been in one of the boys rooms. They’d made it very clear that their rooms were for intimacy only. All at once you felt overcome with exhilaration. This job - it was so unlike you.

Any doubts that you’d had dissipated instantly when Calum cradled your waist from behind and began kissing your neck. Your body was flushed with tingles at his touch.

“Want me to go easy on you?”

Calum flipped you around to face him, not an inch of space between your two bodies. You could barely tear your gaze from his curling lips that taunted you.

“Don’t you dare.”

Calum stifled a laugh at your enthusiasm, shrugging in surrender. He suddenly moved away from you and held his hands behind his back, his demeanor completely changing.

“I have one rule. You must follow it or face the consequences, understand?” You nodded, unsure if you were allowed to talk in response to him, “You have to refer to yourself as ‘pretty girl’. I want to hear it every time you cum, okay?”

A shiver ran down your spine, “Yes… Sir.”

He cracked a smile at your formality, “Good, turn around.”

You did as he said, the anticipation beginning to ache. It was laughable how much you were pining for him, how much you needed Calum’s touch after only a few minutes of being alone with him. You tensed as you felt soft restraints being put around your wrists, quickly realising that he was handcuffing you. You could feel the heat from his body, but he was deliberately denying you any sensual touch.

“Lean over the bed, ass up.”

The tension was destroying you, almost pushing you to whine but you refrained and followed his demand, hoping you would be rewarded. His bed was similar to yours, with four posts, but the mattress rose higher, meaning once you assumed the position your body was at a ninety degree angle, balancing on your toes.

You flinched as you heard low vibrations from behind you, recognising the sound right away. In an instant Calum’s body was close to yours, his hand curling gently around your neck to tilt your head back, “Remember the rule?”
“Y-yes.” You stuttered, close to begging him for some sort of stimulation.

“Good.” He dragged his lips over your neck and one of your shoulders, then abruptly held the vibrator to your wet core over the thin underwear you were now silently cursing.

Your body jolted at the contact - a small whine escaping your mouth - much to the amusement of Calum, who enjoyed watching you squirm at his caress. You felt rope being tied around your legs, figuring that Calum must be tying the toy to you. You struggled against the restraints, feeling your stomach knot up and just wanting the freedom to escalate your orgasm. You were biting your lip, afraid that moaning was wrong. Calum noticed.

“Open your mouth, pretty girl. Don’t be shy.” He dragged his thumb over your lips prompting you to take his finger into your mouth and suck.

The vibrations were getting to be too much, your legs beginning to shake as you whimpered incessantly. Inwardly you were furious that Calum was letting a machine do the job and not even allowing you to see him from your position, but you had to admit the vibrations were affecting you greatly. You screwed your eyes shut and bucked your hips in an attempt to feel the friction more intensely. The vibrations struck through your clit, sending sparks coursing through your body and moans tumbling from your lips.

“Say it.” Calum reminded with a gruff voice.

“I’m a– I’m your pretty girl.” You practically screamed the words, the orgasm wracking your body - the vibrations not allowing you to come down off your high.

You expected Calum to turn off the vibrator now, but you had no such treatment, him deciding to lower a hand and rub over your sensitive folds. The persistent stimulation and your sensitivity was driving you insane, causing you to thrash against the handcuffs still binding your arms behind your back. Calum gave you no time to recover and only served to rile you up more, sinking a long finger into your centre and pumping slowly. You could feel his smug grin as you submitted to him on the bed, his hands alone working you better than any else you’d ever slept with.

You were muttering incoherently, the vibrations combined with Calum’s skilled digit bringing you to the edge again fast, you could feel your walls tightening around him. This time you could barely spit out the words to comply with Calum’s only request, moaning becoming the only thing your brain would allow you to do.

“Good girl,” Calum brushed his hand over your hair, soothing you as your moans were frantic, “Wanna get on your knees for me?”

In that moment, there was nothing else you could dream of doing. Calum helped you up off your torso and gently pushed you to your knees - you yelped as the new angle meant the vibrator pressed harder against your dripping core, continuing it’s sweet torture. You kept your eyes glued to Calum’s, hypnotised. His underwear was straining against his hard cock, the outline of it almost making your mouth water. Your chest was heaving, your lips parting already in desperate need for Calum. He wasted no time, ridding himself of the material and exposing himself to you finally. You subconsciously went to reach him with your hands, forgetting they were knotted behind your back and whining at the realisation.

Calum chuckled at you, shaking his head. He dragged his thumb over your cheek and lips, silently admiring you before using his other hand to stroke his member. He moved closer to you, putting his tip to your lips and allowed you to indulge yourself. His hands guided your movements, at first letting you tease him; dragging your tongue over his length and sucking lightly on his tip. But his patience wore thin fast, his hips began jerking forward and pushing his length to the back of your throat. You tried your best not to gag and just relished in the feeling of being Calum’s to fuck as he pleased. Saliva began dripping onto your chin, Calum and the vibrations becoming too much as you almost cried out around his cock, releasing for the third time.

“Pretty… g-girl.” You managed to choke out, your throat slightly sore.

Calum swiped his curling hair out of his eyes and pulled his member from your mouth, closely watching you gasp for air. He helped you stand on your feet, your vision slightly blurry from the orgasms. He spun you away from him, lightly spanking your ass in encouragement before he made his intentions clear and started untying the restraints around your thighs. You sighed as he lifted the handcuffs from your wrists, wiggling your fingers and stretching your arms.

You turned to the boy, feeling overcome with desire to run your hands over his body, wanting to cherish your freedom. You moved closer to him, unsure if he had other ideas in mind but he grabbed your waist and pulled you flush against him. His eyes flicked between yours and your lips, driving you wild with lust. Finally unable to contain it you locked him in a kiss, moaning softly as his length pressed against you. He took control, deepening the kiss and moving you both to the bed. You fell onto the soft quilt, hooking a leg over his in an effort to bring him closer to you. His arm reached down to his member, stroking it a few times before angling it into you. You let out a small gasp as he buried himself inside you, pumping his hips slowly and finally giving you what you wanted.

You tilted your head back and let Calum control you. He held your hips tightly, bucking into you hard and fast. You had completely succumbed to him, letting him use you for his own pleasure as you could only moan at the over-sensitivity. It felt like you were on fire but you were addicted to the sensation, quietly begging Calum for more.

He flipped you on top of him, making you gasp. You were beyond wrecked - your eyelids fluttering and lips swollen - but you rotated your hips on Calum, grinning once he threw his head back. You continued the movement, leaning forward to teasingly ghost your lips over his. He growled and removed his hands from squeezing your ass to grab the back of your head and connect your lips. His taste drove you insane. Calum began thrusting deeper, hitting a spot within you that made you cry out and sit back up - hoping he’d keep reaching that place. You bounced to meet his hips, watching in awe as his face told you he was close. His eyes were scrunched up and his bottom lip was pulled between his teeth. You watched the veins in his tattooed arms pop, straining at the euphoria pumping through both of you. He gripped your hips once more, pulling you down onto him forcefully. You tangled one hand in his thick hair, tugging on it, whilst your other dragged fingernails down his chest.

Calum writhed underneath you, “Do that again, do it..” His voice was strained and his reaction to the pain almost made you orgasm right there.

“Like his?” You used both your hands this time and applied more force as you dragged your nails over his skin again, causing him to produce deep guttural groans.

He dug his fingers into your waist and gave one final whimper before releasing into you - the last push that you needed to let go. You couldn’t produce sounds, only feel hot all over and absolutely satisfied as you rolled off Calum, listening to your heartbeat and the sound of you both catching your breath.

I Think I Wanna Marry You (Jikook)

Wow it’s been forever hasn’t it? Well the fluff master is back and damn, I don’t even know how this happened but it did. Get ready for tooth-rotting sappiness. Inspired by Jungkook deciding Jimin’s couch was more comfortable then his bed in the most recent Bon Voyage. Please enjoy!

“I wanna marry you.” Jimin doesn’t register Jeongguk’s words at first. He hums in agreement, too engrossed in his book. The nudge of Jeongguk’s head brings him back to reality and Jimin’s head snaps up. He looks at Jeongguk with wide, disbelieving eyes.

“Wait, what?”  

“I think I wanna marry you.” Jeongguk speaks in a nonchalant tone, as if he’s commenting on the weather. His hair’s skewed to one side, a product of sleep, and he’s got one foot hanging off the edge of the couch. An arm holds his head up as he stares backwards, up at Jimin. Jimin peers down over him, lowering his book down.

I think you’re still half asleep. Go back to bed Jeongguk-ah,” Jimin giggles as he folds a bookmark into his book. He sets it down behind him on the couch and reaches over Jeongguk’s form to pull his blanket back up to his shoulders. Jeongguk curls his fingers around Jimin’s wrist as he sit’s back.

“I’m serious Jiminie.” Jeongguk turns over and sits up, bringing Jimin’s wrist to his mouth. Shivers run throughout Jimin’s body as Jeongguk’s lips touch his skin. Jimin just stares into Jeongguk’s dark eyes. He’s so distracted he forgets to remind Jeongguk who’s the older one here. Finally, his lips quirk up into a sad smile as he pulls Jeongguk closer to him, Jeongguk still hanging on to Jimin’s wrist.

“Even if we wanted to Gguk-ah, we can’t…” Jimin trails off and Jeongguk rolls his eyes. He sticks his feet over Jimin’s lap and smushes his face against Jimin’s shoulder.

“I don’t mean now…well, actually, it is legal here….” Jimin slaps Jeongguk’s shoulder lightly.

“Jeon Jeongguk my mother would kill me if I came back married and she didn’t even get to witness it.” There’s a few seconds of silence, Jimin’s hand finding it’s way into Jeongguk’s hair, before he’s suddenly shaking with laughter. Jeongguk lifts his head up to watch, mesmerized by the shapes of Jimin’s eyes, lips, cheeks…

“Do you even know how beautiful you are when you laugh?” Jimin slaps Jeongguk in the chest and laughs harder.

“Jeongguk-ah! I can’t believe how calmly we’re talking about marriage, like we’re talking about what to have for dinner. You didn’t even ask me properly.” Jimin’s giggles slow as he pouts and points an accusing finger at Jeongguk. Jeongguk ignores Jimin in favor of pulling on his wrist again. He examines each of Jimin’s tiny fingers, the mood changing from humorous to serious. Until-

“I’m gonna marry you.” Jeongguk speaks quietly, with the same determined look on his face as he had when he spoke the first time. Jimin pulls his hand back and crosses his arms over his chest, this pout even more pronounced than the last one.

“You. Should. Ask.” Jimin forces his gaze away from Jeongguk, looking out across the room. He’s currently trying to ignore his heart pounding away in his chest. Marriage was only something he had dreamed about, far off in the distance. It didn’t seem like a reality to him, and yet here Jeongguk was, speaking about it seriously. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s one am, or that they’re away from home, or that, for the first time in a long time they didn’t feel the weight of their career pressing down so heavily on them, but Jimin can see it. He can see himself and Jeongguk, as a proper family. He wants it. He wants it so badly his chest aches and his hands tremble, stopped only by Jeongguk wrapping himself around Jimin once more.  

“Jimin,” He whispered in Jimin’s ear. Jimin’s heart stopped, then thudded back to life. “I don’t know how. I don’t know when, or where, but I want to marry you. Will you please do me the honor?” Jimin wraps his arms around Jeongguk and shudders against him. Jeongguk holds Jimin tightly, willing him silently to say yes.  

“You don’t even have a ring you brat,” Jimin whispers, but he whispers through tears. “But yes. Yes I will do you the honor of marrying your sorry ass you son of a-” Jimin is, of course, cut off by Jeongguk’s lips on his, and they stay that way for a long time. Jimin doesn’t know when they break apart, or when they lay back down, now tangled together on the already small couch. Every once in a while Jeongguk presses a light kiss into Jimin’s neck and Jimin grips Jeongguk’s bicep tighter.  

Pulling back, Jeongguk stares at Jimin until he opens his eyes again. When Jimin does he’s greeted with a wide bunny smile and a few tears of Jeongguk’s own. He reaches up to brush them away without a second thought.  

“Don’t worry hyung. I’m your secret Santa. You’ll get your ring, if you can even find a spot for it, that is.” Jimin snorts and pulls Jeongguk back to him.  

“I think I can make some room, just for you Gguk-ah.”

“Which Olympic sport would your favourite Hetalia character be best at?”

Whether it’s a particular event or a sport in general, what can you see your Hetalia favourite getting gold in? You can send us an ask telling us the sport in which they’d top the podium, or draw/write about them competing! We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Rick Flag x Reader: Jealousy


Notes: Some people wanted jealous Rick and smut and one very clever anon wanted Rick jealous of Floyd. So it’s mixed bag. Harley is here too because I love her so much it’s unreal. It all starts with her wanting a favour. Let’s face it, you should probably send her a gift bag after this.

P.S. Apologies for the lateness but I was offline for a while there and my internet is only just back. I honestly felt like a caveman without internet for a few hours. 

“Hey, so I kinda need you to do me a favour.”

Looking up from the book you’d been engrossed in, you eyed Harley Quinn who was seated across the room from you. Harley asking for a favour could never end well. Never did end well. But somehow, some way, you always seemed to be dragged kicking and screaming into her schemes anyway.

Setting your book down with a sigh you took the bait.

“What sort of favour? If it involves a reunion between you and a certain Clown Prince of Crime you can forget it,” you grumbled, not likely to forget your last meeting with her precious ‘Mista J’ any time soon. There was something about having a knife stuck into your belly that a girl just couldn’t forget.

Harley shook her head quickly, grinning now that you seemed at least partly on board. She crossed her legs and settled in against the back of the couch.

“It’s nothin’ shady, don’t worry,” she answered in what you thought was supposed to be her soothing, innocent voice. But it just seemed to make you antsy rather than take your nerves away. “All I need little old you to do is to seduce someone.” Your eyes shot to hers and she smiled. “That’s all.”

You gave her a dry look.

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