Engro Corp is Pakistan’s very own and also the largest conglomerates. The esteemed organization has completed 50 wonderful years of success, pride and consistency of quality. The company celebrated its 50 years’ celebration on 29th September 2015 at one of the most famous restaurants of Karachi, Pakistan i.e. Pearl Continental.

Engro Corp needs no introduction Engro Corporation’s portfolio consists of 6 businesses, which include fertilizers, trading , chemical storage & handling, foods, energy and petrochemicals.

Not only leaders and teams of Engro Corp attended the celebrations but individuals from electronic media, social media and PR agencies also attended the auspicious event to rejoice the success of Pakistan’s one of the most reputed business name.


Khalid Siraj Subhani, CEO of Engro Corp addressed to the media and announced “Engro is one of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates and celebrating 50 years is a huge achievement for us”; he drew parallels between Engro Corp in 1965 and current position i.e. 2015. Moreover, Engro maintains a presence in over 300+ cities across Pakistan and beyond that’s the beauty of Engro Corp’s value chain. Mr. Subhani also stated “Thar coal is the solution to our energy crisis” and “Engro fertilizers reaches out to 1.5 million farmers through Farmers Connect”.

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Siraj Subhani – CEO Engro Corp

Engro is undeniably the chief leading group of Pakistan that is helping the agricultural and dairy division of the country. Engro Foods products nourish 12 million consumers every day. In comparison to 1965 (50 years ago) now Engro produces 1300% more urea.

Under the Engro Foods Tarang and Olpers are the flagship products and are doing exceptionally well in the market.

Naila Kassim, Corporate Communication and Human Resource Head, unveiled the first corporate Ad of Engro Corp. She also added that “We lit 700,000 households through Engro Powergen

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The Engro family

It’s great to see Pakistan’s leading organization’s journey right from its inception to the successful completion of 5 decades, that too with bravura achievements. I would like to thank Xenith PR for remembering me and inviting me at this amazing event.

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One most important element that needs to be discussed here is the support which social media brigade of Pakistan provided and helped the event to trend on Twitter within just mere 60 minutes. Hats off to the Twitter Fraternity of Pakistan for promoting #EngroTurns50 in a commendable way.


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Engro Corp Turns 50 – Celebration Engro Corp is Pakistan’s very own and also the largest conglomerates. The esteemed organization has completed 50 wonderful years of success, pride and consistency of quality.
Jobs in Engro Fertilizers

Jobs in Engro Fertilizers

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Jobs in Engro Fertilizers Jobs in Engro Fertilizers 1) Operations (Shift) Engineer Total Positions: 4 Job Type: Permanent Department: Production Job Location:Daharki Gender:Any Minimum Education:Bachelors Degree Title:BE Chemical Career Level:Junior-Mid Required Experience:4 to 5 years Apply By:2015-10-15 Posted On:2015-08-02 Job Description Ensure Safe , environment friendly, efficient & Smooth…

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On 10th January, 2015 Engro Pakistan launched their new campaign titled “I Am The Change” at The Patio in Karachi. The event included PR personnel, creative minds, bloggers, investors and corporate level professionals. The idea was encouraged and appreciated by each and every attendee. “It’s better to invest today for a prosperous tomorrow” said Naila Kassim (the head of corporate communications). She added “Our primary focus is to empower the unsung heroes of Pakistan so that they can raise the magnitude of their benefits to the groups and communities.”

Following are a few branding lessons which should be learned by other organizations to make their events and launches a success.

1 – Branded Storytelling; At IATC:

Engro’s “I Am The Change” campaign is amongst the finest examples of branded story telling. How? Following video is a great way to answer this particular question. Watch it…


2 – Don’t Wait To Be Reached – Initiate Yourself:

Some organizations do not understand the significance of taking initiatives. Thankfully, Engro is one of those organizations which have a definite understanding of not only running a powerful campaign i.e. IATC but also has guts to invite right personnel from professional fields. Whether they were investors, professionals, PR gurus or other relevant individuals from the corporate world, they were invited by the able team of Engro that was running the IATC campaign. Such particular initiatives add personal touch.

3 – Emphasize On UGC (User Generated Content):

User Generated Content (UGC) is the most powerful tool for great branding. At IATC campaign launch, bloggers and journalists were also invited by Engro’s team. This helped them to create a bang on multiple online platforms – particularly. Social media is a rage these days and sharing such events which highlight social responsibility and prosperous development on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help in increased virality and visibility.

4 – Don’t Be Afraid – Share It All

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During the presentation by Naila and Shamiqh from IATC (I am the change) campaign, the most interesting part was that they shared the real facts and figures without exaggerated numbers and hard-to-believe findings. This is the most authentic way of capturing the customers, clients and individuals’ interest who are directly and indirectly linked to a brand.

5 – Attractive Yet Focused Marketing Collateral

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The marketing and informative collateral handed over to the visitors at the IATC launch was genuinely artistic, catchy and showed every bit of vital information that needed to be shared with the attendees. This combination of great design along with qualitative information is deadly. Organizations should focus on such collaterals which can uplift the brands’ image and company’s repute to another level. Hats off, to the designing team which visualized, designed and produced the marketing collateral of IATC campaign.

Bonus: Goodies Is What Everyone Love!

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Finally, at the end of the day it’s about bringing smiles on attendees face and providing them something which can make them recall the event with good memories. What’s better than giving goodies away that are practical and readily usable in professional environment?

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Hashtags used for this event included #IATC, #IATCBloggersMeet2015, #IAmTheChange

Images Source: Xenith Public Relations (Pvt.) Limited

5 Branding Lessons To Learn From Engro Pakistan’s IATC Campaign On 10th January, 2015 Engro Pakistan launched their new campaign titled “I Am The Change…
Karachi stocks soars 90.85pts as Engro, Dewan Motors decline

Karachi stocks soars 90.85pts as Engro, Dewan Motors decline

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100-index 90.85 points to reach 30204.09 points and volume of 81,187,130 shares on Thursday.

Benchmark KSE 100-index gained 133.43 points to reach 30246.67 points with the total volume of 42,072,860 shares till midday.

Earlier, the country’s biggest stock market started with positive note, recouping two days losses and gained 74.38 points to reach…

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Engro initiates reading program
KARACHI: Engro Foundation, upon receiving a grant of Rs22 million from USAID Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program, initiated a reading program in their 13 adopted schools of Qadirpur and Daharki, a statement said on Tuesday. Titled the…
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Engro initiates reading program
Graduate Trainee Engineer - Engro

Graduate Trainee Engineer – Engro

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Graduate Trainee Engineer – Engro Job description Graduate Trainee Engineer – Engro For more information and to apply click HERE Engro’s idea is to build a world class talent of engineers. With this in mind, a rigorous drive is conducted to identify the most promising candidates for the future of Engineering in Pakistan. The identification process aims to get the best candidates with leadership…

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New Release - The Green Man by Garry Judd
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The Green Man is an orchestral suite inspired by a visit to Highworth in Wiltshire to see the Jack-in-the-Green Mayday celebrations. This is an ancient tradition where Jack (wearing a frame woven with branches and looking rather like an animated Christmas tree) parades around the town square with his cohorts (Sap-Engro, Copperface and others). The Green Man suite is joined on this album by a solo piano arrangement of one of the orchestral series, Multiple Field Sketches, Elegies (and Energies). A large orchestral version of this will be released by Compendium Recordings in the Summer of 2016.
The Green Man 1. Mayday Sunrise 2. Sap-Engro 3. Lord and Lady of the May 4. Copperface 5. Maid Marion 6. Beating the Bounds (Highworth 2015) 7. Highworth Jack-in-the-Green Multiple Field Sketches 8. Elegies (and Energies) arranged for solo piano
Fauji, Engro biggest gainers as KSE crosses 30,000 barrier

Fauji, Engro biggest gainers as KSE crosses 30,000 barrier

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100-index continued its bullish trend to cross 30,000 barrier on Thursday and gained 84.74 points to reach 30025.13 points with a volume of 108,461,400 shares.

KSE made a good start in the first session and kept this bullish note till midday, crossing psychological barrier of 30,000 and gained 108.83 points to reach 30049.22 points with total volume of…

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Engro Powergen Qadirpur?s profit drops
KARACHI: The profit of Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited dropped 11 percent to Rs1.79 million for the year ended December 31, 2015, a bourse filing said on Wednesday, as its cost sales of increased and other incomes decreased.  The company…
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Engro Powergen Qadirpur?s profit drops

<匯港通訊> 中國機械工程(01829)宣布,集團將以最高代價810萬美元認購採礦項目公司4%的普通股,目前已完成認購採礦項目公司2.8%的普通股;另根據對電力項目公司的股權注資協議承諾最高總額為1.522億美元;此外,公司於電力項目發起人支持協議下的最高責任金額為2908.5萬美元;即集團承擔的金額共計為1.89億美元。

採礦項目公司於巴基斯坦註冊成立,主要從事煤礦開發、建設及營運業務,目前由 GoS、Engro、Thal、Habib Bank、Hubco 及 集團擁有55.58%、19.8%、8.39%、7.83%、5.6%及2.8%權益。電力項目公司於巴基斯坦註冊成立,並從事發電及售電業務,目前由 Engro 及集團擁有64.3%及35.7%。

集團指出,採礦項目及電力項目已被列入「一帶一路」戰略框架下「中巴經濟走廊首批優先實施項目」,得到兩國政府的大力支持。 (ST)

Strong cement, Engro rally leads KSE gain 246 points

Strong cement, Engro rally leads KSE gain 246 points

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100-index bounced back strongly on Wednesday and soared by 246.12 points to reach 29940.39 points with a volume of 110,960,050 shares as political tension soothe after the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief ended sit-ins in Islamabad after 67 days.

Bullish trend in international markets, Wall Street and Tokyo stocks also helped traders gain confidence.…

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