Ruger Vaquero

Single-action revolver chambered in .45 Long Colt, or just Colt as some people prefer. Very simple and fun cowboy-style of firearm but heavily engraved to the point of being more of a collector’s piece than a range gun. The work was done by engravers Mike Dubber and Les Schowe with an asking price of $4,250. (GRH)



Maria Clara Eimmart - Antique Astronomical Illustrations, 1693.

1. Illustration of the Full Moon
2. Phase of the Moon observed
3. Second Phase of the Moon
4. Phase of Mercury observed by Johannes Hevelius
5. Phase of Venus
6. Aspect of Mars
7. Aspect of Jupiter
8. Aspect of Saturn
9. Comets
10. Paraselene and Parhelion


Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1672-1733): Physica Sacra

Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1672-1733) was a physician by training, with a strong interest in natural history and paleontology. Born in Switzerland, the son of a physician, he studied at University in Germany & later returned to Zurich to take a professorship in Mathematics. Like many scientists of the day, he considered the Old Testament a factual account of the history of the earth. In his extensive travels he amassed one of the largest fossil collections of the 18th century. He hypothesized that all plants had perished in the flood described in the bible, & discovered what he believed to be the fossil of a human flood victim. In his masterpiece, Physica Sacra, he details his theory at length, using references to the 1611 King James Bible. The book was a sensation & was published simultaneously in Latin, German & French, each issue with exactly the same plates. His theories were not disproved until the work of Cuvier.

The superbly powerful illustrations were by well known artists of the day including Corvinus, Sperling & Linz. They represent the pinnacle of copper plate engraving, as well as depicting many subjects for the first time.


Snake Slayer

An engraved Bond Arms Snake Slayer derringer with two sets of barrels; one in .45 LC & .410, the other in .357 Magnum. According to the owner/seller, the engraving work was done by Tony Lee Frost, a well known engraver for knives and firearms. Although a derringer is generally in the $400 or less range, the spare barrel and the professional engraving helped to snag a final selling price of $1,525.00. (GRH)