Here’s a sneak peek of my piece for Artbook-S, an upcoming Supernatural-themed charity artbook that includes never-before-seen work from more than 30 incredible artists. All proceeds from the artbook will go to Action Against Hunger.

Keep an eye out for the kickstarter in early September!


Memories of Reach - Armor

Gamespot has done a preview of the upcoming armor being added into Memories of Reach and my god do they look nice. Also these images confirm Jorge’s chain gun.

Wrath (Emile)

  • Helmet Description: The Spartan branch contract for WRATH helmets was extremely precise and prescriptive regarding the pattern and method of reproduction for the death’s head engraving.
  • Armor Description: Formally an upgrade of existing Mark V EVA suits, the WRATH project was actually cover to develop a new Mjolnir variant specifically tailored to the needs of future Headhunter teams.

Indomitable (Jorge)

  • Helmet Description: The INDOMITABLE helmet is a rare sight on the battlefield, and is usually a sign the UNSC has authorized weapons of mass destruction.
  • Armor Description: Created to save lives and not to take them, the INDOMITABLE is an engineering and explosives ordnance disposal Mjolnir variant. Its combat effectiveness is simply fortuitous.

Intruder (Kat)

  • Helmet Description: The INTRUDER helmet features a full-featured Command Network Module and multi-channel drone controller. The drone controller interfaces directly with Unified Ground Command (UNICOM) kill box management and aerospace deconfliction systems.
  • Armor Description: INTRUDER armor was commissioned by Spartan branch as part of a research initiative seeking to leverage synergistic outcomes between specialized Mjolnir suits.

Vigilant (Jun)

  • Helmet Description: The full extent of the VIGILANT’s surveillance and stealth capabilities remain highly classified. Observers have speculated the suit includes a new reconnaissance and fire control system for directing orbital artillery strikes.
  • Armor Description: The VIGILANT was originally a one-off upgrade for an unnamed VIP within Spartan branch. Not intended for production, interest in the suit’s feature set among Spartan scout-snipers has led to several being assembled for full evaluation.