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adieangel  asked:

You are such an amazing writer. And so I pose a challenge. Can you take an oft-(badly)used fanon trope and make it work? For example, M&S calling each other by their first names, Scully having strawberry shampoo, Mulder watching porn starring redheads, etc? I'm curious to see what you'd come up with. Thanks! :)

I LOVE this! It’s one of my favorite aspects of Iolokus! Here’s my best -sneaking-fic-in-at-work attempt.


“I always figured Skinner for a Justice of the Peace guy,” Mulder says. “But check this out, Scully. Engraved stationery. The honor of our presence is requested!”

She takes the invitation from him. “The wedding’s in Skaneateles. That where Kim’s from?”

“I guess. Hey, didn’t we have a case there once? Bunch of heads in the woods, right?”

“Schenectady,” she corrects. “God, the leaves were really beautiful that year.”


She’d wheedled and threatened, but the airline still couldn’t produce her luggage.

“Everything was in that bag, Mulder. I have my makeup in my purse but my dress, my shoes…”

“Pajamas too, I hope.”

She glares. “Not helpful.”

Mulder shrugs, pulling out of the rental car lot. “We’ll find some quaint boutique tomorrow morning. The wedding’s not until 5. The hotel will have toothpaste and shampoo and crap. It’ll be fine, Scully.”

“The gift was in there too, you know.”

His expression is appalled. “Dammit Scully, that was a really nice bottle of scotch.”


The gown fits like it was sewn for her. The bias-cut silk skims and flares, the hem barely brushing the floor. The color is nearly intolerable, a deep emerald which, coupled with her hair, makes her feel like Irish Barbie. Scully has always avoided it on principle.

But there’s no time for tailoring so it’s this or a daisy-embroidered junior bridesmaid frock. She has the salesgirl wrap it up to take back to the hotel where her underwear are drying on the towel rack. There’s a Payless next door, which hurts, but one does as one must.


The water pressure is good, at least, and the spray stings just enough. She opens the tiny bottle of hotel shampoo, squeezing it into her hand, and nearly gags. The shampoo is pearly pink and smells like the strawberry candies her mother keeps in a dish on the coffee table. It smells like a tea party hosted by an eight year old girl.

Scully, brimming with hatred for the airline, the hotel, and humanity in general, washes her hair with grim determination.


Skinner is beaming, his lovely bride on his arm. He is making his rounds, introducing her family to his nearest and dearest.

“Thanks again for coming up,” he says, shaking Mulder’s hand. He kisses Scully on the cheek.

Scully congratulates him, holding her hand out to his new mother in law. “Dana,” she says, then gestures to Mulder. “And this is Fox.”

“Fox,” Kim’s mother repeats. “How unusual. Are you a hippie?”

“Fox’s father was an Indian Guide,” Scully says, for her own amusement

“Indeed,” Mulder replies. “Dana, let’s not bore these nice people. Congrats again, sir.”

He steers Scully over to the bar. “I hate people,” he grouses.

Scully, feeling like a strawberry-scented leprechaun, orders them each a rum and Coke. “You do not get to complain.”

Mulder slides his hand over her back, leans down. “Put me in a good mood, then,” he murmurs in her ear.

“Once upon a time in Schenectady,” she begins, “Fox and Dana went for a nice walk in the forest…”


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