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Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m so sorry to the anon who requested this because I would have posted this earlier but I kept procrastinating haha so here’s a long one and this is my first time writing smut soooo yeah, I hope it’s good? Well, its not exactly jealous smut per say but there is still smut. Anywaysss, I suck at describing clothing stuff so yeahh. Oh, and I wrote Bucky with short hair because why not haha. Enjoy!!

Request: Can I please request a Steve x reader where Steve pushes the reader away because he likes her and doesn’t want her to get hurt but he gets really jealous when the reader and Bucky have to go as an undercover couple and kiss? Followed my jealous Steve smut? 

Warnings: smut

“Are you ready?” Bucky asked from beside you.

Taking a deep breath, you nodded as he got off the back of the car and reached his hand out for you to take. You adjusted the mask over your face slightly before placing your hand in his and stepping out as well.

A group of you were instructed by Fury to infiltrate a party held by one of HYDRA’s partners, a scientist who has been kidnapping people for the sake of his experiments. You were supposed to find out what HYDRA’s next move would be as this scientist started appearing on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar more and more.

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inspired by @jollyroger-fr​‘s interactive plot, here are headcanons for common mask themes by flight.

earth: a heavily engraved, full-face mask. it is often beset with gemstones in many shades of a single colour. the colour of the gemstones usually say something about the wearer, but sometimes the specific kinds of gemstones give away the wearer’s clan. the latter occurs almost exclusively in earth flight masquerades, where all participants are expected to have a thorough knowledge of gemstone type and origin. these masks are often square jawed and foreheaded, and are quite heavy.

fire: fire masks cover the entire face and are thick, heavy, and plain. their colour ranges from dark grey to white. the eye area may be lightly engraved with flame patterns, but affluent clans use flashier designs in that area. feathers are stuck to the outer corners of the eyes, extending past the ear and some inches behind the wearer’s head. a mask from the fire flight with decorations outside of the eye area is almost unheard of. they are rounder than masks made in the earth flight.

wind: full-masks with so many feathers and baubles. dragons wearing masks originating from the wind flight have to be careful when they turn their head, or they might strike someone with all the tassels hanging from it. bells and chimes are sometimes threaded on and leather is often used as decoration. almost all masks crafted in the wind flight have an orange circle on the forehead. more traditional designs include the windbound mask, which is round with swirling red markings. half-face masks are gaining popularity and are almost more popular than full-face masks here.

water: round, full-face masks that have a cloth lining the eyes, ensuring anonymity. the mould gives the mask an expressionless mouth and a nose. it can be hard to understand a dragon wearing these masks because it fits close to the wearer’s face, so it’s best worn by a dragon who doesn’t plan to talk much. decoration is usually found around the sides of the mask where long trails of seaweed are threaded on. underwater, this gives the wearer the appearance of a sea-monster with an expressionless face. ribbons are used if the mask is intended to be worn on land. these masks are usually pearly white, but some come in pastel colours.

shadow: the shadow flight is the god of masks, but their favourite is the harlequin’s mask. it’s a full-face mask with a face, not quite unlike the water flight masks, but far more detailed and usually with an amused expression. these masks come with large collars and headpieces that dwarf the mask itself. they are skillfully painted and have complex decoration and designs, sometimes having false eyes that confuse others. it’s not uncommon for conversation partners to accidentally stare at a wearer’s forehead, thinking the false eyes are real.

ice: half-face masks with prominent noses and pale blue fur. there is almost no decoration on these masks and they all look the same. the fur captures scents easily and as a result it’s popular to spray perfume over the mask in lieu of decoration. 

lightning: half masks with very prominent brows, making it look angry. masks with noses are very rare given that ridgebacks have very long noses. copper wire is a favourite decoration material and they usually have light-up parts that make dark parties extra fun. often, masks will extend downward so that they cover the cheek in addition to the eyes, providing a little extra anonymity. decoration is concentrated mostly in the cheek covering.

light: so much glitter. they usually produce half-masks, but matching face glitter is applied to the wearer’s cheek to act as coverage. glowing baubles extend from between the eyes and soft silks hang from beneath the mask. the nose and mouth area are usually exposed and the masks themselves usually resemble their wearer to some extent, appropriate for a flight that focuses on truth. the flip side is that masks specifically from the hewn city resemble the face of an entirely different dragon than the wearer.

nature: the masks of the nature flight are among the most beautiful, with petals and the wings of bugs glued all around the eyes. these are usually half masks and carved from a light-weight wood. ‘true’ nature masks are kept alive with nature magic and have still-growing branches as decoration. duds are looked down on in the viridian labyrinth, but outside of that region no one cares if the mask is made from real leaves or not. wood stains mean that the masks come in varying shades of brown and patterns are carved or burned into the wood as decoration. 

plague: plague masks come in two flavors: plague doctor or cranium. the plague doctor masks started as bulky half-masks with prominent noses, but eventually trended toward smaller, more elegant frames. they have prominent hollow noses where things can be stored and large, circular eye holes for a mirror’s two pairs of eyes to look through. these are decorated with various painted scenes and pigments. cranium masks are made from the skulls of animals or other dragons. the cranium is used as the mask and the lower jaw is used as a necklace or collar. they are polished and treated so they are shiny and very clean. both types are primarily decorated with dyed leather and twine.

arcane: full-face masks with all sorts of decoration that they seem to swallow the wearer’s eyes. masks of this flight come in a wide array of shapes and usually resemble the mutated animals that inhabit starfall isles. imitation chalcedony is used as decoration around the forehead, giving most of them a wide crest. the mask is made to depict an intense emotion and some will have one emotion on one side and another on the other. catching a glimpse of one of these masks at a party can be mildly surreal.


                   ❛❛   i could rat you out to shigaraki, you know .   ❞   it wouldn’t be hard, he thinks. one sentence   —   give or   TAKE   . take to his phone, give a call to kurogiri and tell him about muscular’s location before he gets cracked over the skull.   (   he’d find a way to escape . it was one of his   GREATEST   talents   -   running away .   )

      —— however, he stops in his path   ;   hands nestle themselves within the pockets of his dress pants, the slightest cock of his head as he  
TOSSED   his thoughts around in his head before turning to look back up at the former member.   ❛❛   but that doesn’t sound right, it’s too   EASY   . it’s too   …   non beneficial .  ❞   it would be impossible to see under the refuge of his ceramic engraved mask but a smile crosses his features   —   crooked, cocksure, a bit too fox-like for his own good.   ❛❛   you could do   BETTER   if you made yourself comfortable with my family business . protecting people   …   ❞   his voice lowers by a note, leaning against the back of his heel.   ❛❛   KILLING   those who get in the way for a pretty decent pay .   ❞  

                                             ❛❛   what do you   SAY   —   ?   ❞

The Strange Case of Iker

“This masked spectre calls himself Iker. He’s lost a lot of his memories, and he’s definitely not as strong as he used to be. He seems pretty old- the ring in his mask is engraved, it’s from the 1920s. I can’t exactly tell what he wants. He’s definitely after someone, but he seems to be trying to protect someone as well. Someone called Heather.”

Tomas Munoz was born at the turn of the century a fair distance south of the Rio Grande. He was by no means wealthy, but his family had a strong heritage leading back to the Aztecs, and that drew the attention of historians and archaeologists. Namely, he was under the steady employ of one Richard Baxfield, who from time to time would bring his young daughter to see the excavation sites. Tomas was smitten with Heather from the moment he first saw her. She was sweet but strong, polite but independent, and above all, she seemed to respect him as a human being, even though his life’s savings were only a fraction of Heather’s family’s wealth. But her visits were seldom. Except for these rare trips out to the excavation site, Heather lived with her mother in New York, near Albany. So eventually, Tomas sold most of his things, packed up what he had left, and rode north the next time Mr. Baxfield departed.

Life was difficult for a while after that. Tomas still went south to do his job as a guide whenever Mr. Baxfield required his assistance„ but while in the States, Tomas struggled at first to make a name for himself. Still, he could read and write, and his grasp of English wasn’t too bad. After he accumulated a modest sum of money working various jobs, he experienced further success by investing what little he had in the swelling Stock Market. He still wasn’t wealthy, but he was comfortable, at the very least.

The engagement ring was a simple gold band, engraved with both their initials and the year. Though the Baxfields weren’t too keen on their daughter marrying a Mexican, it was clear that Heather reciprocated the boy’s feelings, and Tomas seemed to be moving up in the world. They only asked that the two be engaged for at least a year before the wedding proper, to be absolutely sure.

Two months later, after vanishing during a visit to the city, Heather Baxfield was found dead, with one foot cut off and the rest of her body severely beaten and bruised. Overcome with grief and rage, Tomas did all he could to find out who took his beloved away. When the truth came out, it only made things worse.

The Baxfields had been under the “protection” of a crime family for a good few years, trafficking artifacts to sell on the Black Market in exchange for a share of the profit. But something had gone wrong. Richard Baxfield  had found himself unable to deliver on a job, and the crime bosses figured that he was keeping the goods to himself. So, they took his daughter, sending her foot in the mail as a warning, along with the promise that unless Baxfield “reconsidered,” Heather would not be seen alive again. But the archaeologist could do nothing, and so the mobsters followed through with their threat.

With his father’s old revolver in hand, Tomas went after Heather’s killers blindly. It wasn’t long before he ended up riddled with lead. They fitted him for cement shoes and dumped his body in the river, and that was the last of that.

Or so they thought.

One by one, mobsters went missing without explanation.

It wasn’t enough.

Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, and Her Attendants

Georg Jacob Felsing, German, 1802 - 1883. After Hermann Anton Stilke, German, 1803 - 1860.

Made in Germany, Europe
Etching and engraving with masked plate tone (proof before letters)

Philadelphia Museum of Art

thexrealmtravelers  asked:

"May I have this dance?"

The thought of going to a Masquerade Ball had never crossed Bilba’s mind. But as she received an invitation, she decided to go. This ball was themed as to dress as an animal. Bilba chose a dragon, one of the only masks left that she found. She looked around at the other guests, seeing all sorts of animals, such as birds, deer, and even a seahorse. 

A tap to her shoulder and a smooth voice had her turning and looking at the man that stood before her, a beautiful black mask covering the top half of his face. He went as a wolf, the mask engraved with gears and clocks, making her interest peak ever so slightly. 

She also noticed that his left hand was hidden under a black glove. His voice made her shiver, and when she extended her hand to let him take it, he grinned. “Yes, you may.”

Elizabeth, Queen of Prussia
Elisabeth Königin von Preussen

Eduard Mandel, German, 1810 - 1882. After Joseph Karl Stieler, German, 1781 - 1858.

Made in Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany, Europe

1845 Medium:
Etching and engraving, with masked plate tone Philadelphia Museum of Art

Titian’s Mistress
La Maitresse du Titien

François Forster, Swiss, 1790 - 1872. After Titian (Tiziano Vecellio), Italian (active Venice), first securely documented 1508, died 1576.

Made in Paris, France, Europe

Early to mid- 19th century Medium:
Etching and engraving, with masked plate tone Philadelphia Museum of Art