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- Manly Finland
- Iceland as it country it self
- Iceland x Everyone (especially DenIce, but HKIL not my cup of tea thou…)
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- Swiss x Everyone (especially if there’s the neutrality pair (if you know what I mean) in Europe)
- PruMano, GerMano, RomaLiech, RomaBel and EngMano
- NedPan and NedCan
- AmeCan
- DenEst, RusEst, UkrEst and Estfin
- fragrant kimchi (HKSK)
- SuNor and SuDen(?) DenSu(?)
- PolUkr, PolHun, LietPol and PrusPol
- Tomato gang
- The Nordics

A drabble a day; Beggining


Seated on a bench in the airport, the Brit was so lost in his book that he failed to notice the person sitting down next to him. 

“Ah, I’ve read that one, the ending is horrible.” A slight Italian accent graced his ears. He closed the book and raised a bushy eyebrow in annoyance.

“Pardon me?" 

The brunette shrugged and leaned back on the bench. "I’m just saying; if you have to kill of a main character, at least make it heartbreaking or interesting.” He glanced at the other. “Just simply killing them off like that is just stupid.”

The Brit scowled. “Thank you, for ruining the ending, of a perfectly interesting book.”

He rolled his eyes in respond. “Please, I bet you’ve already read it 10 times or something.”

“So?” The blonde placed his book on his lap and the scowl was now accompanied with a glare. “That is still an awfully rude thing to do.”

The Italian snorted. “Not when you know they’ve already read.”


“The way you hold it; like it’s really old and delicate. You have just bought it from at a market or something, but you don’t seem like the type to buy used stuff unless it’s antique, and that book isn’t antique at all, so naturally you must have read it quite the few times.” He sat up straight and glanced at the people walking by.

The blonde stared at him for a moment before opening and then closing his mouth again, not able to say anything.

The brunette shifted his gaze to him. “I like people-watching.” He answered the non-spoken question nonchalantly.


The two of them sat there for a while, before the Brit broke the silence. “Arthur Kirkland, I am waiting for the 4 o'clock plane back to London, England.” He pulled out the ticket from his pocket and held it up.

“Lovino Vargas, seems like we’ll be spending some more time together.” The Italian held up his own ticket, which showed the number of the seat next to his.

“I will be looking forward to flying with you then, if you will stop ruining the end of my books that is.” Arthur said in a joking way while giving him a not so serious glare.

A smirk tucked in the corner of Lovino’s mouth. “Won’t make any promises.”

EngMano. Why?


Why do I ship EngMano so hard, you ask?

There’s a wee space in my head that tells me that they are wonderful together. Why?

Their fate are melted together.

There’s the Black sheep of Europe.

Then, there’s the one boy who has always been ignored and neglected.

But the other became an empire.

The other did not, although he has the Mafia.

Both has the most dangerous barks but has the bites to prove it.

Both has the most annoying person in their life but love them regardless.

Both has brothers that annoys the living hell out of them but still care for them.

They understand each other.


England/Romano/France - Rump Roast

Title: Rump Roast

Hopefully the first in a series of three stories featuring this threesome.

Rate: M for cocks and rumps

Pairings: Engmano, Framano, FrUK  

Notes/Summary: Francis only wanted to come home to a pleasant evening joined by his boyfriends, with a nice dinner and maybe a little wine. However, that’s not the case, and he comes home to the aftermath of Romano and Arthur’s bickering. I’m sure you know what that really means, so please continue on. Also I’d just like to thank Teza for helping me with the lovely title, and for reading it over for mistakes. 

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