bts & got7 rehearsing for mama

taehyung: bear hugs bambam and doesn’t let go

bambam: screaming for help

jhope: screaming too because bambam is screaming

jaebum: judging them from a distance

jackson, rap mon: having a nice conversation with each other in english

youngjae: trying to join the conversation

jimin: (in english to youngjae) “youngjae no no rapmon and jackson englishu too hard. me you speake the englishu okei?”

yugyeom: giggling awkwardly by himself

jin: joins yugyeom and the both of them watch the others in a corner, smiling awkwardly

suga: sleeping because no one is rehearsing when they’re supposed to

junior: is thinking about waking him up

jungkook: stops him before it’s too late

mark: confused mark is confused