english: hair

i laughed so much at these three asks being one after the other BUT IM SO GLAD WE ALL AGREE THAT GUAN SHAN’S HAIR IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING

i love how it looks all slicked back like that, it really gives him a more mature and confident look, but im also so happy that he still has his undercut!!!! i know some people would like to see him with longer hair, but i feel like the undercut is such a characteristic part of his design that i would have been really sad to see it gone, but thankfully it’s still there!!

on another note, all i can imagine right now is he tian helping guan shan styling his hair by running his own fingers through it, but somehow it always ends up with he tian tagging at it slightly to raise guan shan’s head so he can kiss him, and by the time they pull back from each other guan shan’s hair has become a mess all over again

Another of the requests: Jake English in a waistcoat thing